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This metric shows the percentage For instance, YouTube prioritizes videos with higher watch times in its algorithm for suggesting videos. Facebook videos are autoplayed in news feeds and all views are counted, including those that come to life as  7 Feb 2017 Minutes viewed; Unique viewers; Video views; 10-Second views; Video average watch time; Audience and engagement (People Reached, Post Engagement, Top Audience, and Top Location); Facebook also provides a bunch of other metrics for the Facebook post with the video such as reactions,  Lots of video marketers and advertisers are infuriated by Facebook's supposed Average Watch Time “Controversy. Strengths: Indicates audience size. On average people watch live videos longer than videos on demand. 28 Sep 2017 facebook live. In our example post, the Total Views  19 Oct 2017 5) Average Watch Time. Weaknesses: Mainly a product of ad spend. Some platforms like Facebook and YouTube even calculate this for you. This is a great thing to track. First, for the Video Average Watch Time of some re-shared videos, we were displaying a zero value in video insights to the re-sharers instead of the correct value. To the right of your video, you'll also see the average view duration, the total video views for the first 28 days of your  3 Oct 2016 Then Facebook crunches the numbers. Square video  25 Feb 2016 The chart below for Facebook video view campaigns in Q4 2015 shows the percentage of video view completed by users who began watching your video. To make it easier for users to  With respect to watch time, subscribers tend to have a higher minutes watched than an average user. While YouTube still uses this term, Facebook recently replaced its troubled average view duration metric  Is it the Video Average Watch Time metric included in the metrics for the Facebook Ads? 2 Jun 2017 Total Video Views is the number of times your video has been viewed for 3 seconds or more. facebook live. How can average view duration become a useful metric for your business? If you find that your audience consistently watches your 30  5 Dec 2017 While YouTube's watch time has been growing 60 percent year over year , Facebook doubled its daily video views from four billion to eight billion within just why Facebook-owned properties — Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp — account for 21. The key take-away: The subscriber metric may be the most familiar key performance indicator for those new to video  23 Sep 2016 So here's a funny thing about Facebook videos: it turns out people actually weren't watching the ads on them nearly as much as the social network said. Here are 8 trends to watch out for  6 Oct 2017 Up until recently, Facebook defined individual video views as someone having watched a video for at least three seconds. In April 2017, Fidji Simo, Facebook's head of video, announced that 20% of all Facebook videos are broadcast live and that the daily watch time for live videos had  The average view duration indicates the amount of time an average user spends watching your online video content. 36%) error in reporting the metric was a result of only counting views of three seconds or longer when it calculated its “average duration of  6 Oct 2017 Video Views. This metric does not count those who watched your video for fewer than 3 seconds. Facebook also provides breakdowns of Total Video Views into Paid and Organic segments. What is the new metric and what  8 Mar 2016 2) Average Completion Rate. Facebook has put a lot faith in its live video platform Facebook Live and its algorithm prioritizes live videos. The Wall Street Journal reports that since it introduced video ads in 2014, the company miscalculated average viewing time because it didn't include  5 Oct 2017 Average viewing time for content on Facebook's newfangled Watch tab for premium video is 23 seconds, according to a study by the social video analytics company Delmondo reported on by Digiday. Facebook stressed that the bugs only impacted video reshares in Page Insights, with  11 Jan 2018 Publishers have seen an even bigger increase, with the number of videos posted up by 2,900% during the same time period. 8 percent of the total time that the average  31 Jul 2017 In addition, during our review of re-share metrics, we found two bugs impacting re-shares. However, the report did not include survey results for average time spent viewing Facebook Watch,  8 Jun 2017 Over the last month, the FP1 digital team tested 3, 6, 15 and 30 second Facebook video ads to gauge the most effective video length for completed views and user engagement. Click the Post tab to see data about interactions  26 Feb 2018 How do you track you Facebook video completion rate? Within Post Details, you can see whether people are watching your entire video by tracking average watch time and 10-second views: the number of times your video was watched for at least 10 seconds, or nearly its total length (whichever comes first)  14 Jul 2015 The average number of views per video was 38,113 and this was 7. measuring video marketing success on facebook. Video Average Watch Time is the average amount of time viewers spent watching your video. Video Average Watch Time. That's a lot, but it's nowhere near the kind of watch time YouTube logs. Second, this same metric for video re-shares was  23 Sep 2016 Advertisers and media buyers are distressed after Facebook revealed that it had been overestimating the average time users spent watching videos. Use this metric to assess how long your audience is watching your videos. This new measurement tool is in response to a faulty metric that previously overstated the average viewing time for Facebook videos. What It Measures: The number of times a video was watched for at least three seconds. The 3-second views are interesting because  15 Jun 2017 The revelation that Facebook had inflated average video watch time by 60% to 80% for two years set off a firestorm among agencies and brands. (Average No. But Facebook still has a long way to go to achieve the levels of retention that top video creators and publishers can get on YouTube. 5x more likely to watch video on a smartphone instead of a desktop. of Videos per Facebook Page) With so many videos, the biggest challenge for publishers is how to capture your audience's attention. The youngest age group  23 Jan 2018 Current users may be exposed to more Watch videos with Facebook's News Feed tweaks. Minutes viewed, 10 Seconds Views and sound metrics will also be removed. 85% of People are 1. Hovering over the graph captures what frame in your video corresponds to a specific time and retention percentage. Page owners  20 Dec 2016 That's because it's a very easy metric to conceptualize- it's the number of time your video has been watched, right? means you really have to take your view count with a grain of salt, especially when Facebook uses this method of view counting to mess with their other metrics, like average view duration. Most video platforms let you track your video's watch time (the average amount of time viewers spend watching your video) or at least, whether or not viewers finished watching your video. The study looked at 46 videos on 15 Watch pages, including pages from publishers and video creators  18 Aug 2017 Both YouTube and Facebook let you track this metric (although Facebook now calls it “video average watch time”). 23 Aug 2017 After 90 seconds average engagement fell as the video length increased, until around 6 minutes when engagement remained constant. This means that certain detailed information such as average watch time, 30 sec views etc. Facebook Live. In fact, a 2017 study discovered Facebook videos on average receive a 477% higher share rate  11 Dec 2017 Discover how to set up a Facebook ad campaign that generates longer Facebook video watch times. This metrics is the total view time divided by the total number of views(including replays). Video Retention. It gives you the average time a viewer spent on your video. Given that a view of a video on Facebook is counted as 3 seconds of view-time (even though a recent update means you can now look at the number of views over 10 seconds), completion rates can count for a lot. And its percentage watched metric — a video's average watch time divided by its actual length — is 100 percent, even though the video was only watched to completion once. This can  11 Oct 2017 For the Facebook Live Video we see these stats: Minutes Viewed: 121; Video Views: 516; 10-Second Views: 149; Video Average Watch Time: 7 seconds (the video was 2 minutes 48 seconds long); Peak Live Viewers: 3. Therefore, to increase your session times it is important to attract, acquire and maintain subscribers. You can bet Facebook  2 May 2017 Video length on the way up, but time watched is down. 31 Jul 2017 Facebook also detailed two bugs related to video reshares that were corrected. This metric tells you how engaging your video is. e. Make sure you're focused on the right metrics -- and not just vanity metrics -- when  6 Dec 2017 While it seems intuitive, posting a video to Facebook via the site's native uploader (instead of, for example, posting a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video) will encourage more engagement and organic shares. Unlike cost-per and rate metrics, total views measure the scope of how many eyes you got on your content. 4 Oct 2017 Early data suggests that Facebook's Watch is getting viewers to spend more time watching videos. The audience retention graph shows your video's retention over time. will always return '0' for re-shared videos. . Video is still one of the best ways to increase organic reach on Facebook—but only if you know how to measure your audience. Since Facebook is a different platform compared to YouTube. What's more, Facebook cares about this metric and provides greater organic reach for more engaging videos in the News Feed. Showing stats like peak live viewers, minutes viewed video likes, 10-second views, video average watch time, audience and engagement. See the definition and get more information about video average watch time for Facebook advertising. 18 Sep 2017 Every Facebook user has more than 1,500 stories competing for a spot in their newsfeed at any given time. Based on these two viewers alone, the 30-second video's average watch time clocks in at 30 seconds. Facebook's (fb, +0. Since then, Facebook has made several updates to its metrics and announced new partnerships with third-party verification providers in an effort to provide more  21 Sep 2017 As of August 2017, Facebook began limiting available data concerning re-shared videos, i. Videos that are live streaming appear higher in users' News Feed than videos that are no longer live. 11 Jul 2017 10-Second Views is the number of times your video was watched for at least 10 seconds. 6 Nov 2017 4. " But should they be? Get the facts here. While conducting this test, we found a strong correlation between age and average video watch time. However, only about The average person only watched a Facebook video for10 seconds. If you currently make 45 second videos and discover that the average view time is only 30 seconds, this is a great indication that your audience is interested in your  7 Nov 2016 Facebook recently announced a new metric to measure how much time viewers spent, on average, watching organic videos and video ads. An analysis of 46 videos on 15 different Watch pages — including pages  6 Feb 2018 If you want a better view of how interested your audience really is with your content, skip “10-second views” for average percentage completion. There are a lot of different types of Facebook video—from  24 Oct 2017 Facebook analytics are found in the insights on your page. Video live streaming is an excellent way to engage your audience. Here are the similar stats for the Uploaded Video (minus the Peak Live Viewers):. Brands may be on board with Facebook's messaging about the importance of video, and it's the right move as the average reach and engagement for videos are higher than other content formats, but users seem to be less convinced. Even though the 2 minute and 45 second video had an average view duration of 23 seconds, this campaign resulted in a six point lift in ad recall and  26 Jul 2017 Over 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook, yet organic reach on Facebook has declined. Morgan Stanley's survey didn't include data on average time spent viewing Facebook Watch, but Watch video engagement could increase as Facebook prioritizes longer serialized content in the News Feed. video posts that a page shares from another page. Remember that a “video view” on Facebook is defined as a view of three seconds or more. The social network has recently launched a new time metric called  19 Jan 2018 According to the Morgan Stanley report, survey respondents were shown screenshots of Facebook Watch and other features to help participants identify the exact feature they were being asked about. A zero value was being displayed in the average watch time for some reshared, and resharing pages were also receiving that incorrect data. There is red “LIVE”  9 Mar 2017 Given the assumption of linear growth, if Facebook Video's current daily views are around 32 billion per day, Facebook would be generating over 3,000 years' worth of watch time every day if every view was only about 3 seconds. YouTube and Facebook's metrics go more in depth and let you see your viewer's average engagement throughout the length of your  1 Aug 2017 Retention graph, average watch time, 30 Seconds Views and detailed breakdown of views (autoplay/click to play, unique/repeat) will no longer be available to re-sharers. The average  13 Mar 2017 Unlike watch time, which indicates the total amount of time all users have spent watching your video, average view duration indicates the amount of time the average viewer spends watching the video. Now, a recent announcement has revealed the new average watch time metric video marketers will inevitably be looking toward. These insights will be limited to the creators. So, there you have it. Facebook live In the last year, the amount of time people spend watching live video on Facebook has grown four-fold. They often over calculated the watch time, and it really wasn't as helpful as it could have been. Facebook's average completion measurement shows the  1 Mar 2017 Video views; 10-second views; Video average watch time. Organic reach is  9 Oct 2016 Facebook's calculations concerning how much time people spend watching a particular video that you post have always been rather confusing. 8% of the total page audience