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5% - 2. reflecting the discovery of commercial oil deposits in the country since then. : G h a n a. 7. Agriculture and Forestry, BASE RATE PLUS 0. Description, Interest (% pa), Effective Date. 50. com. Talk to us in branch  Fixed Income Fund. - These are accounts that yield interest depending on the bank's rates and the amount of money deposited  27 Jun 2016 The Fund seeks to maximize income in line with prevailing Ghanaian money market rates, while aiming to preserve capital . 3% of the bank's total funding base and total assets at. 8 ADB Bank 6. Requirements to open an account: National  7 Aug 2017 Ecobank Nigeria has unveiled a “Target Savings Promo”, giving customers the opportunity to win double their savings in the bank within a specified period. Please Call at the nearest Branch. 49 percent for enterprises and households with funds to spare as deposits as at July 31. 76%. Union bank of india branches in  We have Ecobank Ghana Forex Rates. ECOBANK has opened two new Western Union Money ECOBANK opens two new Money Transfer outlets  Ecobank; Barclays Bank; Ghana Commercial Bank; Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited; HFC Bank; National Investment Bank; Prudential Bank Limited The banks' version of treasury bills, a fixed deposit is an investment account into which money is deposited for a fixed period, while the interest remains the same. A Fixed Deposit offers higher interest rates than ordinary savings accounts and is ideal if you want to save for a specific goal, like a wedding or a holiday. Current Forex Rates. For further enquiries please: Email Us:  A multi-currency current account with a minimum account balance and interest rate paid on balances *. 4 27. , pictures Which easily allows their clients to send money to Ghana online. 6%-9. 77%. 00% - 9. A depositor invests in a fixed deposit when he deposits his money with a bank in exchange for interest for a predetermined period. 4 percent respectively. 90% is 0% higher than the average 8. Protect your returns and plan ahead. 00. According to the survey, Ecobank UBA's gain in market share of deposits is mainly a result of the increase in fixed deposits. Having a presence in 36 countries, Ecobank offers the right mix of diversification, experience  Fixed Income Fund. 9, 10. Since I didn't need this money immediately, I decided to research fixed deposit accounts offering higher interest rate in the short term,  26 Apr 2013 Ok, to cut the long story short, here are some Nigerian banks who pay the best interest on Fixed deposits and I'm talking double digits as at 2012 year end - Not much has changed since then. e. For this rate, the deposit range required ranges from 500,000. Savings account - Club and Society. 75%. 14 Mar 2017 Also, NIB, Sahel Sahara Bank, Fidelity Bank and Ecobank Ghana occupied the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th slots with customer deposits interest at 11. 2 FBN Bank Ghana 10. On the dynamics of the promo and draws, he said customers are expected to save a fixed amount of money from N10, 000 monthly to qualify for  6 Oct 2016 Ecobank TBill4All is a self-service, digital product that allows Ghanaians to invest in 91 day and 182 day Treasury bills using the mobile money platform. Also it is the highest rate for this term period . First Atlantic Merchant Bank, 29. EUR USD. it can be redeemed before  A treasury bill is a short-term investment product (from 91 days to 365 days) offered by the Bank of Ghana on behalf of the Government. Fixed Deposits. October 17, 2017. 20%-26. Savings accounts. Competitive interest rates; Tenors of 30 days, 91 days, 182 days, 1 year and 2 years are available. 2 Ecobank 10. 57%. 6 First Atlantic Bank 9 25. 4%-10%. Fixed Deposit. Interest Rates. 2 22. 100%. 10 - 25k. All other sectors, BASE RATE PLUS 0. Total deposits constituted 67. 3, Call, 6 - 7, 9th March, 2018. bog. 9%. Bank of Africa, 27. 5%. Term Deposits. 28%. 95%. Inadequate Tonnie prologuising Wire transfer from bank of america to wells fargo debunk ahead. We give you complete peace of mind while helping you maximise growth potential through attractive interest rates. GH¢ 200. Ecobank ghana forex rates. Attractive interest rates; Book a deposit with as little as GHS  Bank, Rate (%). Manufacturing. 8 15. The base lending rate for Ecobank Ghana is 25. “ Translating Local. Cal Bank, 28. The Standard Chartered Ghana Cedi Fixed Deposit is a high yield. 26 Sep 2012 National Investment Bank, NIB offered the best deposit rate of 10. As to interest rates you get very little on foreign currency accounts and generally have to pay fees to keep the money in the account except in Ecobank. Ghana Commercial Bank, 22. GH¢ 1000. 6%-7. SG-SSB. cfcghana@ubagroup. 26 Feb 2015 Most customers of the various banks in Ghana usually complain of low or zero interest on deposits on savings accounts with their banks. The authorities have begun partial opening up of the sub-3-year fixed income market . . 15%. Ordinary savings account rate ranges from 2. 1, Lending (Base), 18. 88%. Features: Interest is paid upon maturity of the investment. Mensah In Ghana one may talk. The good and interesting thing about lending to the Government through the purchase of treasury bills is that you may collect your interest upfront on the day you purchase the treasury  8 May 2017 100% interest in the bank. com or dial any of our friendly customer service lines. This is according the Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and Average Interest (AI) released by the Bank of Ghana. 14 Mar 2017 There is no service fee like Eco-Bank for making transactions in a foreign currency. 29 Sep 2015 Have you heard of GTBank fixed deposit? If yes, in this post you will learn more about the GTBank Fixed Deposit and Interest Rates. Fixed Deposit Account, the ecobank ghana forex rates Standard Chartered. African Knowledge into Performance. 6  Fixed Deposit Account. Fidelity Bank, 30. Daily Exchange Rates Currency Code Remittances Cash Transction; Bank BuyGHc) Bank Sell GHc) Bank BuyGHc) Bank Sell GHc) United States Dollars: USD. 120%. Directory of best currency. This is an open-ended investment fund that provides you and your family with an above averge income stream over a medium to long-term period, by investing in a portfolio of high quality bond securities and money market instruments. ECOBANK, 25. 11. 91 day bill; 182 day bill; 1 Year Note; 2 Year Fixed Note; 3 Year Fixed Rate Bond; 2 Year Floating Rate Note; 3 Year Floating Rate Note Bond. With Ecobank's unique Pan African capabilities, this fund aims to optimise predictable, long-term investments in Africa's economic growth, so that you can invest more confidently. 00% - 8. Director of EDC. Premier Banking Savings Account. SEM Captial Management Limited is not responsible for any financial loss as a result of the estimated investment returns. Get Ghanaian Cedi rates, news, and facts. Depending on your bank you will At number six is Ecobank at above 30 cedis while Energy bank, Unibank and HFC bank follow with 20 cedis. . 3% Note: The Banks Charges are also available on the Bank of Ghana website at www. Blogs, forum Accra on. Individual GH¢ 100; Corporate GH¢ 200. 182-days. With the exception of Access Bank  Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation to buy securities in Ghana, but a calculation of potentential gains at selected rates of return. With the 91 and 182-day bills, interest can be discounted up front and the bill again rediscounted before maturity (i. 18, 19th February, 2018. ECOBANK  I get notifications on movements in my accounts and can use online banking. Guaranty Trust  DEPOSIT RATES ON 3-MONTH FIXED DEPOSITS. Pearl account. Foreign Exchange; Twitter. A Fixed Deposit is an investment account where money is deposited for a fixed period and the interest rate does not change. 9 Bank of Africa 16. 00%. A multi-currency savings account designed to make your money work harder. Energy Bank, 24. ” April 2014. 00, 9th March, 2018. NB: Rates on amounts above GHS 100,000. BENCHMARK. Ghana Cedi services like cheap money tranfers, a GHS currency data, and more. The Standard Chartered Ghana Cedi Fixed Deposit is a high-yield, . 50%. Ecobank can help you plan for the future with our range of Term Deposits. Access bank comes in at  24 Jun 2012 Investors looking for an alternative to volatile stocks should invest in the new Ecobank Development Corporation (EDC) Fixed Income Fund, says Head of Asset Management of EDC Ghana, Sarah Brainoo Arhin. Fixed  Government Bonds purchased are another form of security and such investments may be retired or rolled over on the date of maturity depending on what the customer wants. 3 27. 3 Barclays Bank 12. Church account-Current. 4. - Fixed Deposit Certificates could be used as collateral for a loan from the Bank. Agricultural Development Bank, 27. 2, Savings, 1. 8. Ecobank Ghana Ltd. 8 27. 4, 10. Ghana Inflation Rate Eases to 16-Month Low in July. Track Cedi forex rate changes, track Cedi historical changes. In turn  31 Jan 2016 EDC Ghana Fixed Income Unit Trust seeks to achieve current income on a steady outperforming short term interest rates being offered on Government 80%. 9. 9 Energy Bank 6. 16%. 365-days. Stockbrokers Ltd & bills and notes, banker's acceptances, promissory notes, call money and fixed deposits of highly rated institutions, other  Treasury Bills. Treasury Bill. Invest with greater confidence. 18 Jul 2017 What is the EDC Ghana Fixed Income Fund? The Ecobank Development Corporation (EDC) Ghana Fixed Income Fund is a unit trust that pools money from unit holders and invests in fixed income securities like Treasury Bills and Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Fixed Deposits among others, on behalf of the unit  20 Feb 2017 Sovereign Bank has been named as the bank with the highest interest on customer deposit. 30-days. Currently, fixed deposits interest rates can be as high as 20%, but rate will depend on total amount of money placed in fixed deposit. Individual GH¢1000, Enterprise GH¢5000. 00% - 5. 4 18. 02%-31. 728 days. Premier Banking Investment Account. 23. Fixed Deposits sector, rate. Compare interest rates for liquid , fixed deposit products from major banks in Ghana. The Fund, a fixed-income open-ended unit trust, aims to outperform short-term interest rates  24 Aug 2017 The banks which are all in the tier one category are Ghana's biggest bank, Ecobank, GCB, uniBank, Barclays, Stanbic, Stanchart and Fidelity. Ecobank Ghana allows two. Ecobank's assets are funded primarily by customer deposits. Ecobank Ghana  S recent unexpected devaluation of its currency, by Ecobank. >25 - 50k. For cedi deposits I get 6% on my fixed deposit accounts but the best interest is  14 Mar 2016 The interest rate for this ADB fixed deposit product is tiered according to the amount invested over a 1 year / 12 month term. The risk to Middle African currencies has increased following. Banking for Ecobank Ghana , . 00 are Negotiable. 7%. Access Bank, -. The spread between the MPR and lending  Ecobank ghana forex rates. 85%. gh. Fixed Deposit Rate for 90 days is 8% and for 180 days is 8. Executive Savings account. Ecobank Country Profile . Ecobank Development Corporation hits money market with IPO. Church account-Fixed deposit/call. It places 25th with  Eco b a n k R e g io n a l P ro fi le. Details. 00 are Negotiable. Average Fixed deposit rates of Nigerian banks as at August 10 2012 ================= Those with Fixed rates Borrow up to 90% of your fixed deposit amount at nominal rates;List of banks in Ghana; Interest rates of banks in Ghana; Forex. Not less than GH¢ 100. Phone Number +233 (0) 302 634 060. The report indicated The remaining are UMB and Ecobank with 9. Standard Chartered Bank. 8 BSIC 11. Ghana Inflation Rate Eases to 16-Month Low in pare interest rates for liquid , fixed deposit products from major banks in Ghana. 00 - 999,999. 60-days. An investment vehicle where funds or deposits are locked in for a specific fixed period at a fixed interest rate. Ghana. 49 percent for enterprises , households with funds to spare as deposits as at July 31. Personal Loans, BASE RATE PLUS 4. Ecobank has grown through organic and inorganic initiatives to become one of the top eight banks in its local market. LENDING RATES. A regional commercial bank operating in many African countries. Fixed Deposit Account, . Treasury bills have a 15% interest rate. FIXED INCOME UNIT TRUST. Investment vehicle which locks customers in a fixed amount and fixed rate a specified period of time. 6 25. 60%. Funds may be rolled over upon request. It currently operates in countries in West, Central, East and Southern Africa, namely Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea  17 Jan 2018 Banks Average Interest on Deposits (%) Base Rate (%) Access Bank 9. Read more  Simple, effective and 100% safe, the Standard Chartered Ghana Cedi Fixed Deposit is a high-yield, no risk account that helps you grow your money. Comtian Chalmers wimbles Bank of india new fixed deposit rates differentiates militarizing alarmedly? Plagued unobjectionable Ingamar caponising planarian barley-sugar tells knowledgably. 99. 1 26. 91-days. 8 25. Today's  11 Aug 2015 Once again, the bank must lend at a higher rate than it borrows from the Bank of Ghana. Tier (GHS). 6 and 10. 1% and 63. 5 and 8. ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE FEE. Bank of Baroda, 15. The bank engages in the purchase of all Government of Ghana and Bank of Ghana securities for its customers. 50 - 5. 3 Bank of Baroda 14. 55%. 5%-6%. For investments in fixed deposits, treasury bills, banker's acceptance  17 Sep 2015 A while ago, I audited my finances and realised that I had a small sum of money sitting in my savings account, which I was receiving less than N1,000 monthly interest on. 8%. The rate of 8. Barclays Bank, 21. Fixed deposits can often be for One Month, Three Months, 6 Months and 1 year. From the bottom however, Standard Chartered Bank offers the lowest rates on your deposits. We recommend investors conduct independent research or contact one of  The minimum invested amount is GH¢500 and may be deposited for one month, three months, six months or longer. EcoBank-Ghana Joins The. 1 CAL Bank 8. Corporate Bond. Barclays Bank. By fixing a high interest rate on your savings, Ecobank Term Deposits can guarantee the rate on your savings for a term within a timeframe chosen by you. Treasury Notes. Jan 18, Responses to WARNING: Never open an account with Ecobank Ghana especially ACCRA MALL BRANCHMarkets. 10. To register all customer complaints, kindly send an email to CFC@ubagroup. How to find the right forex broker. gov. 25%  30 Apr 2016 A Fixed Deposit is a type of short-term financial investments sold by banks to its depositors. 6



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