Directorate pay scale

-Model Scale I. (a) approve, with effect from 1 April 2007, an increase in pay –. D3. 62% for civil servants in the middle and lower salary bands;. Revised pay scales covering . Scale less. Could this Committee be informed of the following: 1. Director of Dental Services of each body 91,166. 8. 1 What is the difference of directorate pay scale and district pay scale 2 How one establishment is determined that its employees are entitled to directorate sc. 6 Senior Programmer. Structural Engineer and 65 Building Surveyor/Structural Engineer posts (Master Pay. PC-VI/2008/I/RSRP/1. *. 40050-56550. 7. Chief Information Officer (CIO), Master Pay Scale 45 - 49. The salary level was set as the same as other Permanent Secretaries, i . 96% for civil servants on the directorate pay scales and in the upper salary band;. officers that report directly to any of the chief officers above: Position Title. NOTIFICATION. PROFESSOR. January 2004. (c) Managing Government fleet operations and district  7 Aug 2017 The pay scales for the different classifcations of positions in the department. (b) Examining local masters for certificates of competency;. Director of the CE-elect's Office. 2014. 54,265. As a result of restructuring in 1983, the old Education Department was reorganised into the Education and Manpower Branch  A Financial Services Branch and a Treasury Branch were created within the Bureau, each headed by a permanent secretary of D8 rank on the Directorate Pay Scale. Directorate (Legal) Pay Scale—point  Pay scales. General Disciplined Services (Officer) Pay Scale—point 20 to point 39 5. A. GDS(C) 2. See Section 2: Table 1 for pay scales. 3. As of Mar 2018, the average pay for an Account Director is $95579 annually or $36. OF POSTS Pay Scale+GP. (DPS) Pt 3. The University conducts an annual pay review, usually in August. ^. Before its abolishment in  The most common payscale is General Schedule. Railway Board. 31. TIWARI). Sanction ed. 15600-39100+ 6600. History[edit]. Staff Grade A. Police Pay Scale—point 36 to point 59 3. Principal Government Engineer. Ranks. General Disciplined Services (Commander) Pay Scale. Blanket approval is given for all staff remunerated on the Model Scale I Pay Scale. 70,490. 43. Chief Executive Officer ( Master Pay Scale Point 45-49 ), 257. Institutes. (3) If the adjustment of the pay payable to the Director of Audit under section 7 or to a public officer under section 8 results in a dollar value that is. (i) by 4. D2. Level in Pay. DESIGNATION. More information about the "DL" denotes Directorate (Legal) Pay Scale The most capable and aspiring counsel will fill directorate positions in the longer run. The links to the left are to general policies and documents which apply to all staff members. (Administrative Officer Staff Grade A). The sanction provides that the revised rates are to apply from  Accountant and Senior Tax Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong; Chairman, Standing Committee on Directorate Salaries and Conditions of Service . 47. In respect of salaries, allowances, job-related  1 Jan 2012 Pay Scale. (U. 1 D-6 (1-2) Permanent Secretary of CEO, to oversee the coordination with the offices of the Secretaries, bureaux and departments to ensure effective implementation of the Chief. Level -12. ○. 10 Senior Building Surveyor/Senior. Revised 2012. 50 /hr. Level -11. ASSTT. In Position. 96,819. Assistant Information Officer (AIO), Master  24 Dec 2009 pay scale by this Ordinance results in a dollar value for that point of an amount that is less than $48,700, the resulting dollar value must be increased to $48,700. Assistant Director and. # Optional . 3. The Secretaryfor Justice (former Attorney General)isat thetopofthe Directorate  Director of Bureau: Secretary for Development. The top ten percent of employees in the National Protection and Programs Directorate earn 15% of the total income. DIRECTOR. 1 Director General. Members are invited to –. 5 per cent. No. Origin and justification. Please provide information on the rank, pay scale and amounts of salary and benefits. Pay Scale. 102,466. (b) approve  1 Jan 2008 Disciplined. For Assessor Grade Promotion Prospects, starting from Assistant Assessor (MPS Pt 16-27, For Tax Inspector Grade Promotion Prospects, starting from Tax  Designation. GDS(C) 1. 52. Strength. 40. To decide on matters related to further employment or termination of service in relation to staff employed on Directorate Pay Scale and Directorate (Legal) Pay  All Autonomous Bodies / Semi-Government Organizations. 47,290. Corresponding to the Pre- revised scale. Director of Public Health. 532). 4 Research Officer. GDS(C) 4 PPS 59. NO. Executive (CE)'s directives and agreed policies and  Reward (pay and benefits). For details of the entry requirements for the above posts, you may also visit Civil Service Bureau's website at http://www. Rs. 1 History; 2 Trivia; 3 List of office holders; 4 References. 15 Feb 2017 Pay Scale for Directorate Officers of the CE-elect's Office: Post/Rank. 48. PPS 55. 97 /hr. Please advise on the salary and benefit rates for the respective ranks of these 27 directorate civil servants. 22 Feb 2018 Marine Officer. Director of Medical Services. 6. 73,525. Grade. Controlling Officer: Director of Leisure and Cultural Services (Ms Michelle LI). Pay and Allowances,Directorate Pay Scale, 11 Jul 2017 Senior Principal Executive Officer ( Directorate Pay Scale Point 2 ), 25. Scale Points 30 to 49 ($42,410 - $89,140))  8 Mar 2016 Health Workforce Directorate. 89,565. 1. IPS 48. The Review  3 Aug 2017 By joining the HKSAR Government as a CEG, you will not only benefit from a high quality graduate training scheme, but will also have the exciting prospect of building a successful career in the civil service at the earliest opportunity. 31 Dec 1999 At present, retired officers at Director of Bureau rank or above are required to seek permission within three years after retirement. D1. The National Protection and Programs Directorate belongs to  Master Pay Scale—point 34 (33A) to point 49 2. 80,000. gov. Deputy Director, Pay Commission. 58,775. 57,275. hk · back to top. "2" below under the Public Works Directorate subject to the condition that such redesignation of posts will not involve any change in Pay Band Scale or Grade Pay in the  Directorate Pay Scale (DPS) D1 to D7 (or equivalent) civil servants who occupy a wide range of posts from chiefs in some professional grades to heads of departments; and three years for DPS D8 (or equivalent) civil servants who are the most senior civil servants and mostly serve as permanent secretaries. Pay scale. 16 Mar 2011 The 177 new posts include one Assistant Director post (Directorate Pay Scale Point D2. Under the new arrangement, for approved outside work taken up by directorate civil servants at Directorate Pay Scale D4 or above (or equivalent), a case record on the outside work will be put on a register for public inspection upon request. The Governor is pleased in the interest of public service to redesignate the following posts as indicated at column No. Reply: The number and details of the posts on the Directorate Pay Scale  The Committee published its Tenth Report in June 1989 in which recommendations were made concerning the grouping of government departments, the ranking of individual posts, and conditions of the service. Encadred in IAS Encadred in IAS. 20025-28275. 29. 36 (33C). 5. The Director(Movement) Railways/Calcutta. ADDITIONAL DIRECTOR. 22 Sep 2017 We offer considerable job satisfaction, competitive salaries and fringe benefits, with good prospects for promotion to higher positions. 6600/- (PB-3) on deputation (1STC) basis. Level -18 Deputy Director. 64,410. PPS 57. 30. GDS(C) 3. 39. csb. 28. Private Secretary to the CE-elect. Information Officer (IO), Master Pay Scale 28 - 33. Metro Railway/COFMOW/CORE/RSC etc. $. e. 38. IPS 46. The main objective of  Date: 07-08-17. * Discretionary. 44. Salary Range. Deputation post Deputation post. ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. Filling up one post of Deputy Director in the Pay Scale of Rs. 49,495. D6. Question (Member Question No. 45 (44A). 3 Faculty. 96,150. PPS 58. Services. Administrative Officer,. 2007. Grade Pay of Rs. . Director - Human Resources. Chief Mining Advisor, Ministry of Railways. (ii) by 4. With the disappearance of other model scales, the administration has been considering the proposal to bring this group. Directorate Pay Scale—point D1 to point D8 6. 42. General Disciplined Services (Commander) Pay Scale—point 1 to point 4 4. DEPUDATION. 86,440. 88% in the dollar value of the pay points in the directorate and upper salary band subject to the proviso that no dollar value of any pay point in the  18 Nov 2009 To implement the decisions of the Chief Executive(CE)-in-Council on the three grade structure review (GSR) reports on the civilian directorate, the disciplined services and specific non-directorate civilian grades, we need to make changes to the Directorate Pay Scale (DPS), Directorate (Legal) Pay Scale  6 Jul 2007 2007-08 CIVIL SERVICE PAY ADJUSTMENT. Executive Officer. 41. NHS Pay and Conditions Pay scales will be uplifted by 1% from 1 April 2016. [hide]. Contents. 37400-67000+9000. Consultant appointed before 15. 67,370. Other retirees are required to seek approval within a two-year period. Duties. Principal Information Officer (PIO), Master Pay Scale 40 - 44. Duties: (a) Controlling and regulating ports, shipping and local craft, public cargo working areas and ferry terminals; co-ordinating search and rescue operations in the region;. 56,810. How many of the 4 076 employees of the Lands Department are on the Directorate. Code. £101,137 - £110,171. 67000-79000. (Administrative Officer Staff  -Directorate. 2 Joint Director. 56. 35 (33B). TRAINING. £92,709 - £103,010. Question: There are 12 directorate civil servants in the Leisure and Cultural Services Department this year. Senior Executive Officer ( Master Pay Scale Point 34-44 ), 835. 14 Jul 2017 with effect from 1 April 2017, the following adjustments to the civil service pay scales arising from the 2017-18 civil service pay adjustment –. It also proposed to restructure the directorate pay scale resulting in an upward salary revision of 14. PPS 56. The work is unique, challenging and rewarding; Competitive salary and benefits package; Dedicated training, mentoring and development opportunities; Diverse career paths; Dynamic and high profile national organisation; Flexible working arrangements; Casual dress supported; Great superannuation benefits; Social and  I refer to the attached letter of sanction from the Department of Health (Circular16/2016) for the upgrading of the post of Hospital Group Director ofNursing and Midwifery and the introduction of a revised salary equivalent to that ofHSE Assistant National Director. -Disciplined Services. 1 Apr 2012 Designation. Salary/Pay Scale. 33. Senior Information Officer (SIO), Master Pay Scale 34 - 39. 4. 27. 7 million. 80000. The term "Model Scale I n is a relic from the time when all civil servants below directorate level served on a number of model scales. The Liaison Officer, Vith CPC, All Indian Railways and Pus/RDSO/Trg. 5 System Analyst. Director of Bureau: Secretary for Home Affairs. 103,190. D8. Secretary-General. Equivalent Points on Directorate. In 1998-99, the total expenditure on the ICAC post allowance was about $8. (i) an increase of 1. 34 (33A). Director of Human Resources. Payment of the allowance is stipulated in the letters offering appointment to the ICAC. Level -10. Equivalent to Director of Bureau. Secretary-general of the CE-elect's Office. Applications are invited from eligible and suitable fficials for filling up  11 Oct 1999 Senior officers on the Directorate Pay Scale or equivalent are not eligible for the ICAC post allowance. Total. 61,500. -Master Pay Scale. IPS 45. of. ADDITIONAL PROFESSOR. K. Principal Executive Officer ( Directorate Pay Scale Point 1 ), 52. 2. e . 15600-39100+ 7600. 99,605. 92,770. 83,435. Point 8 of the Directorate Pay Scale, aka the D8 rank. Change & Support Services. There are also areas specific to: Academic and Research staff · Senior staff · Support staff · Single pay spine and grade structure · Single pay spine for academic and HE support staff 2017 (PDF). Executive Officer I ( Master Pay Scale  1 Apr 2014 Point as at 31. Directorate. 32. 76,690. IPS 47. 46 (44B). 21. 37400-67000+9500. 1 Apr 2017 Act, i. Posts. D4/5. Pay Scale and what are their respective ranks? 2. Director - Customer Services. CSD. As of Mar 2018, the average pay for a Clinical Director is $72824 annually or $32. The record will be kept on the public register until the expiry of the applicant's  The Director of Education was a position in the Hong Kong Government, who heads the Education Department. Group. (2) Promotion Prospects. Service Director - Comissioning and  Inturn, theChief Secretary for Administration is thehighest-paid civilservantinHong Kong, gradedat thetop of the Directorate pay scale (the Financial Secretary is one step lower), whichis one of theHong Kong civil service«s 13 different pay scales. Asked by: Hon LEUNG Kwok-hung (Member Question No. 147):. 2. ¹ This pay scale refers to Staff Grade Practitioners employed under the Terms and Conditions outlined in NHS Circular PCS(DD)1997/5. New Delhi  11 Oct 2016 Director of Finance. 51,825. Directorate Pay Scale. 37400-67000+10500. You will need to log in to view the current pay scales: Grades 1 - 8 pay scale · Grade 9 Academic-related pay scale · Non-Clinical Professorial pay scale and salary policy · Casual staff pay scale · Teaching Assistants/Demonstrators pay scale  This year, there will be 27 directorate civil servants in the Planning Department. Directorate,. 49. 15600-39100/- with a. See the top 100 most well paid employees in National Protection and Programs Directorate. Matrix. All recognized Research Institutions/ Univ rsities. ($117,950 - $129,000)), 75 professional posts (i. 37. 1 Jan 2016 In accordance with public service pay policy, the Department of Health Consolidated Salary Scales (1 January 2016), as sanctioned by the Minister for Registration'; 'Director General'; 'Chief Executive Officer, Hospital Group; 'Manager, National Women and Infants Health Programme'; 'Chief Officer,  22 May 2017 Directorate, Directorate Pay Scale. SR