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Why is the blob fish skin jelly? The blob fish has really jelly skin because that helps it live in the high pressure of the deep ocean and  12 Sep 2013 Twelve scientists and comedians created YouTube videos to champion their ugly animal of choice -- but after careful deliberation, and thousands of votes from the public, the blobfish reigned supreme. I like to draw | I LOVE BLOBFISH | i:@kawanocy Programming student | https://ko-fi. When deep-sea trawling nets threatened the species in 2010, few people took notice. Link. Here are 20 other animals so ugly they're cute. Some are downright ugly, but they deserve love too. Take the blobfish for instance,  12 Jan 2018 Jan 13 @ 12:10am. youtube. " Too bloody right. He was named the World's Ugliest Animal and he's facing extinction, but now you can make him your very own! An amazingly adorable stuffed blobfish. The blobfish, which lives off the coast of south-eastern Australia and Tasmania at depths of between 600 and 1,200m, won the  23 Dec 2015 Most of the weird animals I normally feature are at least a little bit cute but today's is a little different; it's often described as the world's ugliest animal but it's also been said to have 'kind, and very wise' eyes meet the Blobfish! Quick Facts Class: Actinopterygii Conservation Status: Endangered Found: Deep  12 Sep 2013 Editorial: For too long, the way we relate to animals has been determined by how cute and cuddly they look. in: Clothing & Accessories. To that end, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society set out looking to pick a new mascot. The Penultimate Loser Owl · View Profile View Posts. Monday, September 16, 2013. 2018 01:06. Originally posted by fluffyparfait: Originally posted by Hex: Both ugly. 07. Results 1 - 108 of 165 High quality Blobfish inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The blob fish is so funny I think all the animals are funny and cute. All of our items are designed by our own team of designers and printed in the USA. ” The contest  Sun Caps Athletic UV Sun Protection Embroidered Cute Blobfish Caps for Women Velcro (Pink): Amazon. If you have, it's probably because it was chosen as the world's ugliest animal in 2013, beating other bizarre creatures such as the axolotl, the naked mole rat, the  Of course not. patreon. Some advice for everyone in a grind! finals week · school · blobfish · axolotl · shark · finals · cute · illustration · Dec 12th, 2017 · 274 notes. pink is my favorite color. com /upload) Overview. "The Blobfish is so ugly that is actually cute, I want one!" One YouTube user said. Monsters and Strange Fish. Is this comment inappropriate? Report it? Yes. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. There's even a word for it: kimo-kawaii. This fits your . You might have heard of it, or you might not. The Society was looking for a mascot, an ugly mascot, a champion for all the animals out there whose unappealing visages garner them less support then their cute and cuddly brethren. A dying/dead blobfish having been brought to the surface looks like this. " 22 Jun 2015 A researcher in California is brainstorming names for a cute species of octopus, but there are lots of other aptly named animals out there already. Ouch. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Not so the cosmetically challenged blobfish. You can check out  27 May 2015 Named the world's ugliest animal, the blobfish actually looks kind of adorable and cute. I like the baby hippopotamuses it is so cute . “We only protect the animals that we relate to because they're cute, like pandas. 01. be/-VTae8hVceo. I really really really love the blobfish. 14 Aug 2015 It has adopted the blobfish as its mascot, and raises money for charities like the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the World Land Trust with a travelling standup comedy show themed around ugly creatures. Laneycat11. Living blobfish look like this. 99  He was named the World's Ugliest Animal and he's facing extinction, but now you can make him your very own! An amazingly adorable stuffed blobfish Super-soft synthetic plush with polyester stuffing 12" X 20" Ships within 2 days. 13 Sep 2013 the blobfish was deemed the world's ugliest animal. "He is the ugliest of them  Save the Blobfish! 5 Ugly Endangered Animals That Need Our Love. 18 Mar 2017 Blobfish, aye-ayes and jumping spiders all have a little something that makes us go "aww. No. I love blob fishes they are so cute 2 Apr 2016 - 11 sec - Uploaded by Sans CoolguyI created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www. 26 Sep 2013 In the end, the question of whether the blobfish is cute or not just begs another question. 19 Mar 2015 - 39 sec - Uploaded by Qawaii KweenThis fish is beautiful and it should be accepted and loved. 9 Nov 2016 Smitten scientists gave the blobfish his endearing nickname and snapped his now iconic picture, perfected by a mucousy parasite (a copepod) dangling from the corner of his mouth. But let's be completely honest – even human babies can look a bit freaky. Open in app; Facebook · Tweet · Mail. 12 Sep 2013 Not all animals are cute and fuzzy. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Bob the blobfish has made his new home in Aquamarine Fukushima, after he was accidentally trapped in May in a gill net set off the coast of Rausu, Hokkaido, at a . According to the institution, the preservation process has shrunk his nose, so he no longer looks as “cute” as he used to. " He thinks the blobfish will make people remember the uglier animals. Sure, there's somebody in Cambridge, Mass. Blobfish live in the deepest parts of the ocean. It is extremely rare, after all. Axolotl is hitting the slopes this winter! What about you? winter · skiiing · winter sports · axolot · cute · illustration · Dec 15th, 2017 · 38 notes. 5 Jun 2017 A wonderful example of the fish voted the world's ugliest animal is on display at an aquarium in Japan, and we actually think he's adorable. Simon Watt wouldn't stand for it. I think “so ugly it's cute” is the PERFECT way to describe the blobfish, which was recently awarded the title of “ugliest animal" by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (which actually sounds like somewhere I would really love working). 19 May 2017 - 11 sec - Uploaded by kitten7779REALLY CUTE BLOBFISH. 17 Sep 2013 He wanted people to know that not-so-cute animals are also in danger. sandwiclh. I love his little eyes. Super adorable! 12" tall, and 20" long; Watch the video: http://youtu. Mr Watt said: "We've needed an ugly face for endangered animals for a long time…For too long the cute and fluffy animals have taken the limelight. I like the pink Amazon river dolphin because it is so cute. This Pin was discovered by Katie Jossi. Candy land. As well as that, their jelly-like flesh is slightly lighter than water, so they don't need to expend energy or scarce oxygen to stop themselves from sinking towards  1 Apr 2014 The scary thing is that the Australian blobfish is facing the threat of extinction from being caught up in fishing trawler nets. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. “Our traditional approach to conservation is egotistical,” Foot told BBC News. Report. Share using Facebook · Share using Twitter · Share using Pinterest · Share using Tumblr  22 Mar 2017 There's psychology behind why you think the gross-looking blobfish is actually kinda cute. Nobody needs to be reminded how much the internet loves a cute  The ugly fish in the middle, the blobfish, has won a public vote to become the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, giving the fish the unofficial title of world's ugliest animal. I love the book because all of the animals . What's this fascination with ugly animals really about, anyway? The ugly-animal contest champions the world's less biophilic endangered creatures with the premise that “the panda gets too much attention. The Society is running this campaign  hard to say,blob fish aren't reallycute,but this one is kinda cute so *thumbs up* good job. Open in  Illustration of cute blob fish - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images. Thank you! Yaay ^o^. Living on this planet can sometimes blur that difference, which makes it difficult to decide which one is which. 2 new from $44. #ditto#pokemon#kirby#nintendo#blobfish · 9,603 notes · koreinkorein · #phan#phanart#phanterart#my art#blobfish#im sry#blobobobob#dat case too tho#its so glittery and v dan#no but really the blobfish is so cute#so so cute#its also a meme#like danyul#nice#truly a gift from the heart#I SHOULD BE DOING MY  12 Jun 2006 Blobfish (Psychrolutes species) don't need muscles – they have a feeding strategy that consists of sitting and waiting for something edible to go by. The run-off was led by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. He founded the  This Pin was discovered by Emily Pursel. Out of 12 contenders, the blobfish emerged the winner, with more than 800 likes on YouTube. co. Pulled from the depths of the sea, the blobfish is considered to be one of the ugliest known animal species on the planet. Sure, the panda is cute and cuddly, but what about other endangered species — the ones who are "aesthetically challenged"? In September 2013 the humble Blobfish was named the "World's Ugliest Animal" by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. What is being bandied about on the Internet is a dead fish after having been brought up to the surface. Their spokesperson commented that "for too long the cute and fluffy animals have taken the limelight, but now the Blobfish will be a voice for the mingers who always get forgotten. But when it's re-created as a super-soft plush pal, the blobfish transforms from comically grotesque to downright cuddly. Thepapersandwich[OP]. 25 Oct 2015 3D design 'THE CUTE-OFF! BLOB FISH!' created by iHasawand! with Tinkercad. The blobfish. 26 Jan 2016 How dose the blob fish reproduce? The female blob fish lays thousand of eggs but unlike other fish they will stay with there eggs and will nest close to other female blob fish. #11. Blobfish — 10 Facts about the Kings and Queens of Ugly… by IP Factly. 19 May 2017 Or maybe, just maybe, your favorite fish in the whole ocean is a gelatinous, amorphous lump that's so ugly it's cute, with pasty flesh the color, perhaps, of a sweet pea petal or Benedict Cumberbatch in the wintertime. This clip art set includes: 9 x Blob fish Clip arts are saved separately in 6 on its longest side and 300 dpi PNG files with transparent background and 6 on its longest side and 300 dpi JPG files with white background. Joined April 2013  13 Sep 2013 Of the 88,000 viewers who voted, the blobfish trumped its competition. Enter your model number to make sure this fits. We may be ugly But we are cute. No watermarks will appear on purchased items ***** INSTANT. Jan 13 @ 12:10am. 10 Oct 2014 Outrage often accompanies news of endangered animals harmed by humans, particularly if the critters are cute and cuddly. Both ugly. Sure, the panda is cute and cuddly, but what about other endangered species — the ones who are "aesthetically challenged"? This pressure can  1 Feb 2018 Kane · @Kanekiru. 11 Jan 2016 There is a difference between what we define as unbearably cute and unbelievably ugly. The Blobfish plush is available in two sizes: hugely huggable and cute  A little blobfish card that I designed because well blobfish just don't get enough love, now, do they? Just as you shouldn't judge a person by their looks (even if some of them do match up to Disney villains), neither should you judge a blobfish because they were just born that way! A fish out of water. Originally posted by Hex: Originally posted by Owlalicous: Not as cute as owls. com/kaneblob. com/A154XZ4 | Kanekiru/Kaneblob@Fb/dA/IG/pixiv vivtran25@gmail. com. Free UK Shipping and Free 30-Day Returns on Eligible Shoes & Bags Orders Sold or Fulfilled by Amazon. VOTE! 23 Sep 2013 ANYWAY. uk. If extinction threats are as bad as they seem, then focusing just on very  Browse our selection of Cute Blobfish apparel, mugs and other home goods. I think the pictures are most of the animals interesting because they all look so cool