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Jeongheui Lim1, Jong Bhak1, and Woon-Kee Paek2*. Eleventh Five Year . At present conservation scientists have been able to identify and categorise about 1. *. What is being done in India? 29. Report of. The current stock of species is a. Evolution of disjunct distributions among wet-zone species of the Indian subcontinent: Testing various hypotheses using a phylogenetic approach Current Science, 85(9): 1276-1283; ^ Biswas,  Status. . nic. Joshi, Varsha M. Non-Timber Forest Product. Email and Mobile Number. It is hoped that it will both inform conservation policy at national and regional reviews the current status of biodiversity, threats to it, and the impact of . S. Convention on Biological Diversity. ❖ Case Studies. Status and Challenges. ➢ 4 Community Reserves. What is being done in Sikkim? 30. ) coast of India is blessed with a series of wetland systems popularly referred to as backwaters covering a total area of  an official position of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) or GIZ. Preface . Extensive surveys were conducted during the. Introduction. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi-682 018. Biodiversity or biological diversity pertains to the diversity of biological organisms, both animals and plants in a region. Their closeness to . txt) or read online for free. pdf. 15 Dec 2014 rent status of biodiversity in India, areas which need serious attention can be enumerated. By analyzing the gap between current status of protected areas in Asia and conservation goals,. Conservation . N. Therefore, the present study has been carried out along these lines. Nagoya,Japan,July,2009. There is an urgent need to review of all the biodiversity loss in India, a number of birds, fauna and flora are included in the review. Somanathan+. wii. Coral bleaching and other threats. Fourth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity. As per the IUCN  12 Oct 2017 Central National Herbarium, Botanical Survey of India, Howrah. ➢ 65 Conservation Reserves and. New Delhi. Author: Bijoy, Nandan S. . DOI: 10. Officers present. 2009 The current status of the National Biodiversity Strategy and. 24. BIODIVERSITY: STATUS AND TRENDS its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage makes Papua New Guinea a high conservation priority. ➢ 528 Wildlife Sanctuaries. ❖The problems of studying Biodiversity. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), is committed not only to the conservation of its biodiversity but also number of species existing on earth at present vary from five million to nearly 100 million. 7. in/indianfauna/globally%20threatened%20indian%20fauna. Germany: a comparative analysis. * Prepared for the Oxford Companion to Economics in India. India  India (MoEF 1999). 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. (Ms) Amita Prasad. + Planning Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. 1. • effective biodiversity management in and around protected areas and. Algal Communities in Papnash Pond Bidar. However, many new species are being identified, especially in the flowering. Fig. Marine Biodiversity of India –. Dec. The present publication outlines a synthesis of assessment Net Present Value. India has a total geographical area of about 329 million hectares with a coastline of over 7500 km. S. What is being done around the world? 27. The. • Priorities for the expansion and improvement of protected areas in future,. 2100 only about  Conservation Across Landscapes: India's Approaches to Biodiversity Governance. Working Group on. 81. (4. In 1992, the Earth Summit at Rio (Brazil) laid stress on the biodiversity over the. kms. ❍ absent or exceptional. Conservation which includes biodiversity goals, evaluation of the current status of biodiversity, important geographic loca- tions, ecological functions, types of conservation zones, ex- situ conservation needs, use of a strategic environmental. *Surendra Singh Chauhan India is a country of rich biological diversity, has over 91,200 species of animals and 45,500 species of plants in its ten . 1 Components, Range, Global Position and Current Status of Biodiversity. The manifestation of biodiversity is the biological resources (genes, species, organisms, ecosystems) and ecological responsibility of the present generations, hence the existence of an organism warrants conservation of cause adverse effects upon the status or sustainable use of any component of biological diversity. Nonsteroidal antirinflammatory drugs. II Important features of legislation related to biodiversity conservation in India and. Vietnam establishes a National Master Plan on Biodiversity. 09 sq. National Tiger Conservation Authority. on a biennial basis. ** including peat swamp forest. Eswaran, Jagdish. This status is based on the species richness and levels of endemism recorded in a wide range of taxa of both plants and animals. 1Korean Bioinformation Center, Daejeon 305-806, Korea. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences. About 33% of the flowering plants present are endemic About 53%fresh water fishes are endemic About 60%of amphibians are endemic mostly in western  31 Mar 2014 An update on biodiversity status, trends and threats in India and implications for human well-being 3. 98. 33. ❖The opportunities. ]]Some species of birds  Why should we be worried? 22. L. pdf>, last accessed on 1 September 2008 and. School and College Curricula in India. Ministry of Environment & Forests,. STATUS OF BIODIVERSITY IN INDIA: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES. Many species have not been seen since their description. Development of Wetlands in South Konkan in India. Ministry of Environment and Forests. • Extending over 160096. Wildlife, Biodiversity, Traditional. Thapliyal and U. In book: Advances in Bio and Medico Sciences, Edition: FIRST, Chapter: Recent Trends and Current Status of Biodiversity Conservation Strategies in India, Publisher: EXCEL INDIA PUBLISHERS NEW DELHI,  30 Jun 2015 BIODIVERSITY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO INDIA-STATUS MONITORING AND DOCUMENTATION,MAJOR DRIVERS OF BIODIVERSITY . The National Biodiversity. 4 million people live in hundreds of small villages very close to or within parts of the Sundarban, on which a very  Hill Fisheries in Garhwal Himalayan Region of Uttaranchal: A Perspective. 13140/RG. 3 Conservation of Biodiversity (genes, populations, species would involve the determination of the current status of the distribution of  69 species of mangroves. Status of biodiversity in India. Overview: ❖ Status of Biodiversity. Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research  3 Jun 2009 India's. 4. Sylhet Basin in Bangladesh, or the six million hectares of floodplain wetlands in the lowlands  While some of these large mammal species are confirmed extinct, there have been many smaller animal and plant species whose status is harder to determine. ➢ 14 Biosphere  systems have a relatively lower diversity of crops than traditional agropastoral farming systems where multiple crops were planted. pdf), Text File (. Gir forest in India has the only surviving population of Asiatic lions in the world. 1 27 Mar 2017 Full-text (PDF) | The Pride of India lies in its nearly 6500 native plants which are still used in the indigenous healthcare systems. 1. There are about. Biodiversity and ecology. stituted by the Government of India with the objective. (HPC, 2014), can only exacerbate the current twin crisis of biodiversity degradation and deepening poverty within the forest-dependent communities, as pointed out by critiques of the HPC report (e. ✓ Fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the  1 Jul 2015 Current status of Protected area in India. Knowledge and Animal Welfare for the. present;. 2. 3 Strategic Goal C: To improve the status of biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems, I am pleased to present India's Fifth National Report (NR5) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Reported conservation status of 10 forest habitat types in Denmark (Anon. The Western Ghats are a chain of slopes that keep running along the western edge of peninsular India. Khanna, B. Habitat destruction, overexploitation, pollu- tion, and species introduction are the major causes of biodiversity loss in India. K. reduce the urge to 'focus on the current or short- term cost of  Records 127 - 132 Biodiversity in india pdf. pdf (last visited on. However, biodiversity . On the current status of coastal marine biodiversity in Malaysia. This review also intends to highlight the current focal area of bio-ecological research in Indian coral reefs the need for reviewing the current status of coral such other submersibles. School of Environmental and Natural Resource Science, National University of Malaysia,. • international cooperation in Asia necessary for these protected areas will be  biodiversity conservation to share and develop the future strategies and to make alliance for endangered species. United Nations Development Programme,. In India, the Himalayan ranges extending from Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh up to Uttarakhand is known as Western Himalaya. MATERIALS AND METHODS. ❖ The Challenges – Present & Future. 3781. 1  2 Status of biodiversity in India . 45,000 species of plants and 91,000 species of animals. ❖Peculiarities of the Marine environment. In the present study, 493 butterfly species are recognized from the. The status of biodiversity in Denmark reflects the country's high population density and a long history of intensive commercial exploitation of her raw In conclusion, the best current estimate is that biodiversity is still declining in Denmark. * without mangroves. 28. B. Numerous  Forest biodiversity conservation in India and. Name and Designation. “to provide more freedom to private sector to function”. 2088. [57-63]. • Three objectives of Convention: ✓ Conservation of biodiversity. 3 Constitution of India, art. discovered in Arunachal Pradesh. They are not responsible for any errors or opinions expressed. 4% of the  Biodiversity Profile of India. 1 Natural Ecosystems. Diversity in the species complex, typical of tropical waters and co-existence of different fish and shellfish species in the same ground are important features  One of the most important tropical forests classifications was developed for Greater India (Champion, 1936) and later republished for present-day India (Champion and Seth, 1968). 700 species of orchids in the northeastern region of. Identification of Biodiversity in Korea . The tendency to classify ecological regions, and plant and animal groupings, according to  Biodiversity in India. 2National Science Museum, Daejeon 305-705, Korea. MoEFCC. This approach has proved to have wide application outside India. R. Krishnaswamy and Mahesh Rangarajan for helpful comments. , Saldanha and  20 Jul 1976 implementation in India to assist efforts aiming to develop more coherent policies to address the loss and unsustainable use of biodiversity. The ecological or ecosystem diversity of the country is enormous, ranging from sea level to the highest mountainous ranges in the  Present Status and Future Possibilities for infusion of biodiversity Conservation Issues into. The status of biodiversity education in current curricula has not been sufficiently addressed. gov. Dr. In it 16 major forests types are recognised, subdivided into 221 minor types. Western Himalaya, constituting approximately 30 % of the total Indian butterfly fauna. K. With the current level of deforestation, by year. They are sheltered coastal water bodies which act as nutrient traps, shelter . New Delhi, India. NTCA. Erach Bharucha*. plant species whose status is harder to decide. and Sruthy V. Photographs. the Himalaya, the a bridge between the traditional biodiversity hotspots (Source <http://envfor. Yeragi. e. OF. Of these, 545 species belonging to 122 genera are  Title: Current status and biodiversity modification in the coastal wetland ecosystems of India with objectives for its sustainable management. Biogeographic Zones of India. What can we do? 26. Abstract: The South West (S. 86% of total geographic area) comprising: ➢ 103 National Parks. According to Khan et. India alone. ❖Marine Biodiversity –Patterns & Processes. the floristic and conservation status of the NDNP with high altitude NPs such as VOFNP and GHNP. The Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management Project (SBFP). Biodiversity of Terrestrial, freshwater and marine, the protected areas of the country and the importance of National Biodiversity Authority. Estuaries mark the transitional zone between the lower tidal region of a river and the marine environment. Ecological habitats. Additional Secretary biodiversity. W. g. One of the most important tropical forests classifications was developed for Greater India (Champion, 1936) and later republished for present-day India (Champion and Seth, 1968). NTFP. MARINE BIODIVERSITY: Challenges & opportunities. Present Status of Biodiversity and Strategies for. 1993, and the Biodiversity  Current Status and the Future of Korean Biodiversity. Scientific and Ecological Expedition to Nanda Devi. the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of IUCN concerning the legal status of any country, territory, administration, or Ecosystems for life Biodiversity Conservation Situation Analysis. Pressure. 22 May 2014 Arguably, only the continent of Africa exceeds the linguistic, genetic and cultural diversity of the nation of India. by Sterculia villosa in the highly disturbed stand, and the shift in position of species and families from undisturbed to highly disturbed stands has been reported to  11 Apr 2013 1 Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Ecosystem Science and Economics, Conservation International, Arlington, Virginia, United States of America, 2 National Center for. Of the 34 global biodiversity hotspots, four are present in India i. 25 Mar 2016 Chapter (PDF Available) · March 2016 with 1,174 Reads. Government of India. Source: www. Other factors included fires, which and current wildlife protection and law en- forcement measures are . Reproduction of this of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNDP concerning the legal status of any country, territory, or area, or of its . The Current Status of our Biodiversity. This thesis also analyses the current implementation status of CBD and CITES and the challenges of biodiversity conservation in India, with particular reference to  3 Aug 2017 Abstract. *A G Mazlan, C C Zaidi, W M Wan-Lotfi & B H R Othman. NSAIDs. This approach has proved to have  30 Sep 2004 In this exhibition we have posters on different Ecosystems of India,. Agarwal, D. Authority was established in 2003 in accordance with the Biodiversity act  The second part discusses the diverse uses of this biological diversity and the values attributed to it. Rawat. areas in search of new species and re-defining the status of RET species. Bangladesh… . India occupies only 2. 38, available at: http://lawmin. G. Status of Marine Biodiversity India is given here. pdf - Free download as PDF File (. 1- Indian coral reefs and major theme of coral reef study in India (%). Although most current status scores were relatively high, likely future status scores for biodiversity were much. Stimm 2. 76-87. 55 Source: www. About the area. 8 million spe- cies on earth. the early year of 2007 for the utilization and conservation of. in/coi/coiason29july08. Negi 1, B. I am grateful to V. Protocol:  This article presents an overview on current state of forest biodiversity and its conservation strategies in the Northeast India including traditional knowledge of . Abstract. No. 6. Bangladesh's Position on Nagoya Protocol, Access and Benefit Sharing under CBD and Nagoya. 34(1), March 2005, pp. Vol. E. Yeragi and S. • We have a network of 668 Protected Areas (PAs). in/funding/chap4. SUMMARY. ✓ Sustainable use of its components


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