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30V6 36V6 MLB. I am used to doing 2 step on a Cobb access port but i had jon fasking set it up and i can hold the gas and it holds the limiter and then 2 mins later i do it again and it bounces  1 Jan 2008 General Engine Management / Tuning Forum - Access Port and 2-step - I've started looking at possibly getting a ap for my evo 9. 6. The system does not require you to depress the throttle, and does this automatically. let go of clutch? I tried and it didn't work. maybe because I was  evil03. Stage 1, Stage 2, etc. Launch control is available on all Subaru models supported by the Accessport and flat foot shifting is available on all drive-by-wire (DBW) Subaru models supported by the Accessport. don't do not listen to this :D get the AP and a good turbo back exhaust. We then did the same process for the dyno pulls aiming to be as consistent as possible. 5. You can also add short-ram/cold-air intake at this point. they are generic tunes that aren't made specifically for your car. jordan. Monitor There is no guarantee expressed or implied by COBB Tuning or any of its affiliates for the use of the Accessport. com) for its AccessPort, which can completely revise the engine software. 13 Jul 2016 - 15 sec - Uploaded by TechTomicsThis video is a very short sound clip of a 2004 Subaru impreza wrx sti testing out cobb 10 May 2011 - 2 min - Uploaded by COBB TuningThe AccessPORT now supports Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting for all factory 6 Apr 2014 - 3 min - Uploaded by Guns & GearsCobb Accessport Launch Control. 4. Grayslake, IL. Guns & Gears. 0. gtc-r. Instantly, the car became much easier to drive. cobbtuning. The user . porsche-911. ) and then plug the accessport cable in. DSC_0430. I currently have a Cobb access port on a stage 2 tune. I would like this on my car. All cars will build. Please be sure Example: Stage 1 can be flashed directly on a bone stock vehicle with the option to have a Cobb intake and/or a catback exhaust. Flat Foot Shift Both RMW and Mynes are testing the Cobb AccessPort now. . wampole is offline, Quick reply to this message  We called Cobb Tuning (801-713-0035; www. i believe I've read on here that you can load a 2step onto your AP ? i can't seem to find the thread again though, so can anyone tell me if thats possible? and if so, who can do it? 17 Jul 2014 So, who has the easiest, cheapest add-on for 2-step for COBB. I do not believe that your ecu or clutch sensors can do anit-lag. Firmware 1. 24psi is still around the same peak boost target as Stage 1+ but with a higher target as the turbo begins to lose  7 May 2015 The complete air intake system from intercooler to the piping along with the tune round out the Stage 2 modifications. 2. Enable Transbrake / Transbrake 2-Step. COBB offers their power-aiding components for the Fiesta ST in three kits. Cobb Accesport Porsche Macan S / GTS / Turbo + Quick Shop. This is a  31 Jul 2016 We then reflashed the car using the COBB AccessPORT and the COBB OTS Stage 1 map. but, i would say get the car handling better and stopping better before . Make sure you follow all directions on the screen and don't shut your car off halfway through install. Originally Posted by timb Haha, nope but i do. 10 Nov 2011 Step 2. 4. Results 1 - 7 of 7 A Rev limiter, LC or any type of 2 step is NOT used and still functions as normal. This ensures you have the most current Please be patient as this process involves Cobb to add teh vehicle to the ECU database and sometimes create new maps and tuning software. Loading Unsubscribe from Guns i go 28 Jun 2015 - 57 sec - Uploaded by zzobeyyzzHey guys the mods I have are -Cobb sf -Cobb air box -Cobb access port v3 - Megan racing oe WTF is 2 step? If you want to show off what your car sounds like sitting at 2500 RPM, why not learn to, I dunno, hold your foot on the throttle at around maybe 2400-2600 RPM. Cobb Accesport Porsche Macan S / GTS / Turbo $1,295. 7 Aug 2013 But I see a MUCH greater benefit in combining 2-Step and antilag. These are the  Launch Control/2 step - I would like to know if this is something that can be tuned for without getting a WOT BOX. This method works with both AP and Open Source and delivers the exact result you're looking for, what's more is it builds significanly more boost than a 2step alone (even without using . this will make a lot of power. Subaru STI. Run this map when you have a minimum of a Cobb Tuning SF Intake System (Cobb recommended) and an upgraded Front Mount Intercooler (Cobb suggests AMS). 0 includes the following enhancements: Federal and California models now treated as one model; DTC P0421 defeated in all Stage 2 and Stage 2+ maps; Expanded MS6  20 Jan 2016 Has any one tried or thought of doing the 2 step I seen a couple of videos of different car doing it and even the FoST. or how can u setup an antilag system on my 2005 evo 8. COBB TUNING SF INTAKE. I have an Accessport, and I have Cobb Stage 1 93 flashed. carstreetjournal. What maps come pre downloaded on the accessport? A: Yes. You will need further tuning or an ECU reflash to realize the gains from these modifications, and many  -stage 1 aggressive + -stage 2 sport -stage 2 aggressive -valet mode. Im asking if all 2 steps are bad for the car, or if there  20 Jan 2018 2 months ago; Updated. tune can be more aggresive but for a ots map its great i back fire once in a while spike at 22 psi on cold nights other then that right now is 85 degrees and i spike at 19 - 20 psi and settle at 17 - 18 psi  30 Nov 2017 Although I don't vape and my hats aren't flat-brimmed, a Cobb Accessport was the first modification I made to my WRX. can't figure out how to do this. The Sytem uses The COBB Access Port version 2 or 3. , b_code, e_code  The COBB Tuning Accessport is the first and easiest modification you can make to your car to see instant results. INTAKE. These connectors MUST be disconnected before operating the vehicle. (see modification requirements) dyno developed and rigorously tested in multiple COBB Tuning facilities across the country These tests cover the  18 Jun 2014 Stage 2: The next step is to replace the restrictive stock exhaust with a larger 3-4” exhaust from the turbo to the rear bumper (Turboback Exhaust). We'll be working  12 Jun 2014 If applicable, disconnect the Test Mode connectors (green) you connected in Step 2 and the Initialization Connector you connected in Step 3. how do I do launch control? is it like: clutch in put in first gear hold down ON on cruise control push gas down. I may be mixing up some of the names of the tunes but you can find all of the correct information on the Cobb website if you are interested. I did not say to cut spark, just retard it. 25 Jun 2016 You can pick up a ECU upgrade such as the COBB Access Port, though the Access Port is not necessarily an ECU, but more a portal, it is a great addition to your WRX. 5%) drop compared to stock. I just want a tuner to make me a file that has 2-step built in to COBB's stage 3 map. Obviously I drove a Cobb tuned ST2 last night with "launch control" definitely takes some clutch slipping to get er goin but whoooo thats alot of fun! I'll be doing that. If you need a computer to help you do that, you may want to see a neurosurgeon or doctor because you don't have much fine  I have the access race tuner and i am new when it comes to tuning, but i was wondering if anyone can help me set up my 2 step on my car. Throttle Kick is adjustable to produce more or less boost when Anti-lag is turned on. The jumpiness  24 Apr 2013 Default. I'm looking to get a 2-step launch control for my 2004 wrx. You can customize features like a shift light, launch control, and flat-foot shifting, run performance tests, diagnose and clear OBD2  This Beast is hopped up with Cold Air Intake, 3" turbo back Invidia exhaust, 3" up-pipe and tuned with a Cobb Accessport running a Stage 2 Map. 23 Jul 2009 AccessPORT Firmware 1. I have the cobb AP and want to download a map for 2step on my 2010 x. Cobb Tuning. A Rev limiter, LC or any type of 2 step is NOT used and still functions as normal. Step 2: Tell it to install. My Question is, do i just  Cobb AccessPort for stage one tuning of ECU. Snowperformance stage 2 boost cooler, And take it and get it custom tuned with a cobb AP. no. Cobb is releasing via Alta with the AccessPort, Jan and others are licensing via Alta, but providing custom tuning on that platform. The Accessport is now fully installed and ready for use and the vehicle's ECU is programmed  16 Mar 2017 For example, a Stage 1 tune works with an otherwise stock car, while a Stage 2 tune for my WRX requires an aftermarket J-pipe, a popular and effective power adding mod. The first two tunes are for a relatively stock car with/without the exception of the exhaust and intake. I also know that everyone who knows about these cars say that the launch control is very bad for the car, and that it has a lot of potential for doing irreversible harm to the engine. An aftermarket intake allows your car to  21 Mar 2016 In addition, I'm sure everyone will be excited about the custom features and flexibility that Cobb can/has integrated into the MK6 GTI tuning suite, such as boost by gear, modifying program code to remove load & torque limitations, and inevitably things like Flat Foot Shifting, 2-step, etc. The standard MAP's are preloaded on there. I have stage 1 93 stock map and i am happy with this map for. 2- Step launch system, builds boost with the clutch in so you launch in boost. 00. The AccessPort connects to the OBD II plug and automatically saves the factory engine  21 Jul 2014 It can be changed from these values if need be and this can be discussed with your tuner. Launch Control: When activated this limiter is always on at Without lifting your foot step on the clutch, the revs will drop to the FFS limiter value as you select the next gear. Unlock power hidden within the ECU by Stage 2: +19% HP and +35% TQ. And to further free up the exhaust, we threw in a Cobb downpipe with a high-flow catalytic converter. 14 Fist OW | 2j Catless Downpipe | 2j Cowl Intake | Res/Muff Delete | Cobb AP Stage 2 | Cobb RMM |  I know about the ins and outs of launch control/ffs with the COBB Accessport. ug. This would not really be noticeable  9 Apr 2014 Step 1: Find the OBD II port on your Mazdaspeed 3 (located on the left side of the dash above the hood lever, below the traction control switches. Cobb Tuning (AP3-SUB-004) Accessport V3. 01-18-2011, 02:59 PM. Tyler A. i am on the cobb ap with stage 2 map love it. 21 Jul 2010 im not the greatest at launching and want to be careful with my clutch so when i got my cobb AP i found out that it has a two step mode im not too. This beastly STI is equipped  16 Mar 2017 STAGE 2 91oct / 93oct - RED. 9 months ago. Update Your AccessPORT: Update your AccessPORT BEFORE you load maps or try to install to vehicle. I also wondering how or where i can find other downloadable maps? Thanks. This wrx is sitting on D2 Coilovers and Enkei tenjins to give it an aggressive stance! Follow it on Instagram @jae4u2nv. what I'd really like to see is flat foot  submitted 2 years ago by Icefalcon96. The first of which includes a COBB Accessport (which is at the  The AccessPORT is theindustry leading OEM ECU flashing, managing and monitoring assistant. Firmware must be updated to latest revision to take advantage of all enhancements. v300 and greater OTS maps are LC and FFS enabled and custom maps made on current  2. com  I have a 2003 wrx with a 3in invidia catted down pipe, to a 3in catted exhaust, stock upipe, it also has an sti timac and aftermarket intake, I was wondering if i could run an access port v3 with a stage 2 map? A: Cobb's OTS maps are designed specifically for their parts, so we can only confirm compatibility for Cobb brand  Answer. The car made 224WHP and 283lb-ft which is actually a 1HP (-. Follow this link to the COBB website. Our engineers With these results, COBB is able to create the Upgrade Path of Staged Packages that have all the necessary parts to upgrade your car. http://www. I was wondering if the pro tuners have been able to get into the stock launch control using the ap? Contact Cobb or your tuner and they should help anwser your question. you will either need to have your car tuned with a launch control rom programmed in, or buy a cobb access port and you can initiate the launch control yourself. The downpipe and full exhaust will come as part 3. In this video we STEP 2: STAGE POWER PACKAGE. 16 Oct 2017 Order a COBB Stage 2 Power Package with a V3 Accessport for your 2015-2017 EcoBoost Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today! This package includes a wide assortment of upgrades that bring your engine and exhaust performance to another level! 22 Aug 2014 (Also associated with 2-step) 6) Be careful with Cobb Accessport Off The Shelf (OTS) maps. 28 May 2015 - 32 sec - Uploaded by Blare MarketingMy friend wanted to feel the power of the rolling antilag, This was performed with the Cobb AP 13  This is on a 1jzgte vvti I just want to make sure this is how aem 2 step works or am I actually doing anti lag and gonna tear it up fast. A basic Stage 1 tune requires absolutely no physical modifications to the car, so I installed that off-the-shelf tune immediately. 0 0 MS 1x Perrin Cold Air Intake Red 1x COBB Tuning AccessPORT V3 So i ordered the stuff above for my 2013 WRX HATCHBACK. 4 days ago Reprogram the factory engine control unit (ECU) with improved tuning parameters through the on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) port. Follow. 3