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This Pin was discovered by Isaac Blake. I was an avid keeper of Janssens and Catrysse when I was a boy, but you know, I'm sure its a combination of factors rather than just breeding. Vandebussche =  Cattrysse: anyone keep these birds now? John Draper "Hatford Lofts" advertises regulary in the BHW and has Cattryse for sale. 79: 0. The late Oscar and Gerard Cattrysse founded a strain of racing pigeons which can in the minds of the experts be compared with any other of the Following this purchase the brothers based upon a newspaper report visited the loft of Pierre Deknop and for a large sum bought a pair of squeakers from the latter. Jansen, Cattryse, Ducheyne, Huysken van Riel Jansen, Cattryse, Ducheyne, Huysken van Riel, Old Puttrie are Chris Smith Blues. Cobut = Bricoux x Catrysse x Commine Mr. 8 Feb 2018 An elite group of Chinese pigeon fanciers have pushed the prices of racing birds to record highs, reflecting a mood of exuberance among China's wealthy following a pick-up in economic growth and asset prices that has buoyed luxury spending. We now have 50 ads from 4 sites for Racing pigeons for sale, under pets & animals. Cattrysse Won; 1st Section 1st Open Pau Grand National Flying Club & King George V Challenge Cup 550 miles near 4,515b. Les McCormick. As we already told, Roger Vereecke didn't buy top pigeons anymore, but he was always looking out for together breeding or switch to get the best fond blood in the colony. These pigeons were kept for breeding, and later on it turned out that Jan had made the purchase of his The “Dolle” NL-67-2052951. Very intelligent and strong pigeons with a fantastic turn of I was also able to buy the parents of this amazing bird. A photo of this hen is on  This Pin was discovered by Isaac Blake. I believe 666 was  21 Jul 2010 A full brother to Grenville Evan's Braveheart and other Honeysuckle. Jansen, Cattryse, Ducheyne, Huysken van Riel, Old Puttrie are Chris Smith Blues. co. Keyword: Volume: CPC($): Competition. Janssens. uk  Then he decided he simply wasn't well enough to race at all this year, and the birds had to be dispersed. A. Race program 2018. racing pigeons for sale. 5 miesięcy temu. P. 17 Jan. vel. All remaining stock. Before a pigeon leaves the Breeding Station it is severely tested for possible physical . contact busecandacian@yahoo. Kader Ahmed the champion of the Stellenbosch. • A small group of 2009 latebreds that represent the pigeons that are racing at the top of the CCF in Sydney now. 1188 ypm. C ZA 2008/00485 PURE LIMBOURG 5X WINNER— LOT 32. Sale Birds. 26. Pigeon Sales. Contact for Price. One of the problems with buying racing pigeons is trusting the seller. EMPIRE FARM (Jim McInnes) We have been racing pigeons for approximately 56 years and over that period we have amassed a tremendous racing record, one of the best in Canada and perhaps the USA. (after clock reading for Roma). OSCAR 2x WINNER. • A number of direct children of Young Wittenbuik, Lot 132 Lu Bros Sale. toys X Racing pigeons R150ea 2 Racing pigeons(2017 birds) @ 100ea. Homing Union. The Breeding. The number of dishonest pigeon fanciers out there is enormous with the worst being Belgian fancier's treatment of English fanciers/buyers. Gerhard and Oscar Catrysse and André Van Bruanne, with a touch of Michael Van Hee's Motta line and an injection of a few long distance pigeons from older European strains, such as the Rik Van Looy  This family of pigeons is a blend of the finest Dutch long distance blood of the last 50 years, Jan Aarden, Van Geels, Delbar, Cattrysse etc. R. H ZA WRPU 2002/2637 'QUEENY' CATI'RYSSE/VAN RIJN-KLOECK the dam of 'GOLDSPOT' — LOT 9. The worst was the Cattrysse Brothers and a man called George Busschaert. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Published in: Birds , Port Elizabeth. Cattrysse-pigeons are the basis of a large number of present-day champion's colonies in long-distance racing and still appeal to. Synonymous to the highest quality in long distance pigeon sport. Cette épingle a été découverte par Santiago Lluch. Obbligato. This hen bred winners for myself and other fanciers of which one was a Sale race winner for  All these pigeons for sale! In our loft there are high genealogy pigeons with pedigree from Belgium (Janssen, Cattrysse, Bostijn, Sion, De Smet-Matthysse, Vandenheede), Netherland (Van De Merwe, Racing pigeon for sale - Inbred Red Jan Aarden !Dacian Busecan. The sale of  The Cattrysse brothers (Moere, BE) as recorded in 1951 – Part III | Pigeon… From the start he used a scientific approach to pigeon racing: he read every piece of information on pigeons he could get his hands on: not only the different such as Stichelbaut (through Frans Cloot of Lauwe), Descamps-Van Hasten, Emiel Dupondt, Gentiel Depoorter, Albert Gorin, Gilbert Vandenweghe, Cattrysse,  21 Nov 2010 Ordinary tradesmen but when it came to the sport of distance pigeon racing they possessed… The Cattrysse genes are also there especially that of the latter strain's great racer and producer De 45. South Africa. 14833 is a star  Results 1 - 6 of 6 2 S. toys (both hens)@ R150ea 2 S. 78  Find local racing pigeons in birds for sale and rehoming in London. . Feeding Racing Pigeons To Win: 100+: 0. Also Louwwouter and Manders. Location: St Georges, South  As birds are sold and the transaction is completed between the seller and the buyer they will be moved to the Archive section of the site. Carteus = Bricoux x Horemans Mr. LlMBOURG/CATTRYSSE/VAN RIJN-KLOECK. Racing Pigeon Studs Uk: 10+: 0. My Racing Pigeons do not fly  In different countries, different pigeon breeds formed the base from which the fanciers worked to develop their homing pigeons to lesser or greater degrees of the more recent great Belgian strains were derived from the inbred pigeons of Chas Wegge; these include Janssens, Stassart, Sion, Bricoux, Delbar, and Catrysse. 20 Jul 2014 This time it will be the long distance, just the same distance raced by champions such as Cattrysse, Descamps¬Van Hasten … . 2016 BIRDS FOR SALE. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. 14 May 2011 The father-of-five has been racing pigeons for 30 years and knows that the very best can attract big prices. A-Z Keywords. Genuine Sale . This family of pigeons is a blend of the finest Dutch long distance blood of the last 50 years, Jan Aarden, Van Geels, Delbar, Cattrysse etc. com/  Louella Pigeon World - Money Back Guarantee International Breeding Station Piet Lazeroms Jan Aarden Racing pigeons pigeon lofts pigeon breeding birds for sale homing pigeons top racing pigeons pigeon races winning races pigeon fancier racing pigeon fancier direct imports The International Breeding. G. Perhaps the greatest racing pigeon ever in 28 Jan 2017 - 2 min - Uploaded by Familia RodriguesCattrysse pigeons in Madeira Island (Familia Rodrigues) Twelve pairs were originally imported and dad slowly managed to buy these original birds and eventually ended up with eight of the twelve pairs. Now in a high profile and historic dispersal sale: the totality of the breeding and racing team of. H. Never be- fore had someone built so many pigeon lofts in a single place: 55 lofts with a width of 25 metres each, featuring 660 sections in to- tal. Myself holding 1st club 1st sect Whitley Bay 2003 & Federation Winner 2006. you name it. North Section After 53 years racing pigeons , Les McCormick has decided to call it a day and sell his remaining seven Sire: 1559976 NL 91 Blue Bar (Imported Cattrysse ). Debou = Bricoux x Vandevelde Mr. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Along with the Gurnay's Rob also had Janssens, Cattrysse, Van De Wegen, Delbar, Van Wanroy, Busschaert, Jan Aarden, Bricoux, Desmet Matthyy and the  largest breeding station for racing birds worldwide in no time, proved an enormous challenge. racing pigeon web site,birds of war, breeding  pigeon auctions, race pigeon auctions, pigeons, buy pigeons, pigeons for sale, pigeon sale, auction, online auction, online pigeon auction, pigeon news, pigeon articles, news and articles, gauteng, south africa. The tool uses intelligent algorithm analysis to explore "Cattrysse Racing Pigeons For Sale"-related keywords from the massive keyword data, sorted alphabetically and user-friendly. North Section After 53 years racing pigeons, Les McCormick has decided to call it a day and sell his remaining seven Sire: 1559976 NL 91 Blue Bar (Imported Cattrysse). E. In fact in 1989 out of 41 pairs of Kuyper Bros' best pigeons, 20 pairs were descendants of De 45. D2246 was bred for stock out of my 'Royal click pair' which I sold to Mr. with vandenbrookes spelling from wilson and mc shane from eastkilbride also cracking pigeons they also had cattrysse pigeons that flew well louella still has them im sure. Buyers should note that John's son David also maintains a loft of racing pigeons, and has spent many thousands of dollars purchasing birds whenever he wished to buy them John has borrowed birds from David, and . Jaak NOUWEN-PAESEN and Son. Station already invested over €1 million in the purchase of pigeons. A. 11 Jan. Pigeon Fanciers win on all levels with our pigeons, locally as well as internationally. N. Xing Wei, a property tycoon, paid €400,000 ($490,000) to  In 1989 Rob and his wife Margie moved back to Adelaide and purchased the property in East Gawler that became the home of the Gurnayville Pigeon Stud. Rehome buy and sell, and give an animal a forever home with Preloved! 'QUEENY' CATTRYSSE/VAN RIJN-KLOECK. Saturday evening 16 th. H ZA WRPU 2007/2714. "When I 100  This Pin was discovered by Santiago Lluch. 3 beautiful 2017 racing pigeons for sale 1 grizzle 1 blue bar And 1 red check R300 for the 3. 1 Mar 2005 After trying different crossings, they finally met with complete success through their purchase of a blue hen from Ernest Casteleyn, a blacksmith in Gistel, . Rehome buy and sell, and give an animal a forever home with Preloved! Racing pigeons for sale for around £12. In 1950 the Cattrysse brothers were champions of the Colombophile Belge long-distance and in the National from Carassone,with an entry of 1003 racing pigeons the brothers were again on top with  Results 1 - 20 of 33 29 Dec 2013 - 1 min - Uploaded by HomingPigeonsforSalehttp://www. Racing Pigeons by Russell Hayes. R 300. June 2001. The late bred blue male had the ring B 3442324-67. You can view a Cattrysse, Stichbelhaut family acquired directly from ROGER VEREECKE. NOUWEN-PAESEN. Jaak Nouwen ended after the active pigeon racing: 45 years top-sport on the long distance, 45 years building of a globally popular line breeding, 45 years refining and improving the old Catrysse lines… Herbots - First for quality pigeons  Mr. The end of a world famous racing pigeons brand. 26 Oct 2012 De Rauw-Sablon and Marcel Aelbrecht are the new big names in pigeon racing, says Thomas Smit. South African Pigeon Mailing List for Oct 2000. The Cattrysse  Anyone who could not show such a bill of sale should never say that he had in his loft, a truly "Made in Arendonk" pigeon! . Peiren = Vanspitael x Debou x Vanderespt x Horemans Mr. STOP PRESS - STOP PRESS - STOP PRESS - STOP Video 340: Gary Wood of Ruislip: Premier Pigeon Racer Gary has won his very first entered race with a Russell Hayes bred Cattrysse hen. We offer a few for sale each year to help defer cost but it is our passion, not a pigeon farm. V. We include herewith, an incredible number of race-winners and breeders of note, that kept the loft of the Brothers at the very top of the Belgian Pigeon  1 Dec 2004 The late Oscar and Gerard Cattrysse founded a strain of racing pigeons which can in the minds of the experts be compared with any other of the great Following this purchase the brothers based up on a newspaper report visited the loft of Pierre Deknop and for a large sum bought a pair of squeakers from  matt rakes, long distance, racing pigeons. Racing Pigeon Auction. BB PlED H ZA 2010/14833 'QUEEN OF THE LOFT' 2 X WINNER & SALE RACE WINNER. Petri gave the pigeon to his friend  Racing pigeons for sale for around £12. At the time he also had Janssen's, Catrysse, After spending quite a lot of money on buying in pigeons it was decided that he should try and recoup some of the expense by selling  Cattrysse. Vermote = Vanderespt Mr. In 1968, at an auction of Gerard Catrysse, one of the famous brothers of Moere, Guillaume Petri bought no 4, an inbred male out of the lines of Oude Cesar (a grandson of the 45) and Blauwentik Barcelona (another grandson of the 45). Deweerdt = Vanderespt x Héctor Desmet Mr. The best Vandenabeele in Australia. 163 miles further ! 13 x's over the Channel always in race time to Pau 732 miles a total of 9,600 miles racing ! Barcelona 590 miles. Genuine Sale. Cattrysse. Brockamp = Carteus x Vanbruaene Mr. And never before did one sin- gle place populate so many birds from the most  2 Jan 2015 champions Cattrysse Bros. He said: 'Pigeon Paradise, which is