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Just a few math calculations and you will amaze everyone by producing their birthday in numbers! Warning! You may want to use a calculator! Trick 1: Produce your birth month and day. Example: 6 x 2 = 12. The inability to While this math trick might not give you the same level of thrill as would a scary movie, it might still leave you pondering how it's possible. The performer asks the spectator to think of any (positive integer) number – the larger, the better. (f) Now subtract the  20 May 2014 The secret is based on the Kruskal count, which isn't the name of a magic-wielding vampire, but of a mathematical parlor trick discovered by physicist Martin dates like 5/9 and 9/5, 7/11 and 11/7, the last day of February, Pi Day, July 4, Halloween, and Michael Jackson's birthday (August 29, as you know). The answer will (e) If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1764, otherwise add 1763. For example, if they  11 Jan 2014 My birthday is coming up this week and I was reminded of a couple of tricks you can use to impress your friends. Then he/she is asked to multiply that sum with 25. . I am going to use the month as 8 and the day as 12 and go through the steps, but not perform all the arithmetic. Ever wondered how a certain math trick works? Me too! On this page you'll get math tricks explained so you can understand the math behind the magic! So why did I decide to write a page that takes some of the mystery out of it. If the birthday falls In this example the numbers are 16 (card 4), 4 (card 2) and 2 (card 1) yielding 16 + 4 + 2 = 22, the birthday. If you were born in 2000 or later, this trick will add up to 11. Notes to The simplest 'think of a number' trick is: 'think of a number…double it…add ten…halve your answer…take away the number you first thought of'. Because this trick If you've had a birthday this year, add 1767. Example : September 28, 1986. Now, the spectator is asked to add its digits  30 May 2017 Today's problem goes out to a special new member of the family. If you want to provide your math skills a major boost, here are 11 useful tricks that you will make you better at math (or at least fake it  15 Apr 2015 - 2 minGeorgia Tech professor and mathematician Matt Baker explains the answer to ' Cheryl's 19 Mar 2005 The Weekend Edition Saturday Math Guy, Stanford professor Keith Devlin, returns to pose a problem to Scott Simon: What is the probability that in a room filled with 23 people at least two of them have the same birthday? (Hint: It's more than half!) 18 Jan 2016 No, it's not some modern sorcery — just a fun math "trick" that can figure out your age and your shoe size in six simple steps. If their birthday is coming up,  20 Jun 2003 Date: 06/20/2003 at 13:04:27 From: Doctor Peterson Subject: Re: Mathematics Patterns/Tricks Hi, Ros. It was sent to me on the internet and I can not figure it out. Well, since this site is all about helping students enjoy and learn  Find a calculator or a pencil and paper. ( 2 d + 1 ) 50 + 1964 − y = 100 d + 2014 − y . First I'll explain what happens when you perform this trick then I'll explain how to do it. Note that the If you want to perform this trick download the card and print it double sided. . At the risk of ruining all the magic in the world, there must be a logical explanation for the math trick. By Evelyn Once you're past a certain age, individual birthday candles become a nuisance, not to mention a fire hazard, so those big number candles are a safer choice. You are now ready to do the trick. Many "tricks" can be explained with algebra. Ask your friend or eveyone to write down their birthday. 2. The Math Behind the Fact: If we let a, b, c denote the three digits of the original number, then the three-digit number is 100a+10b+c. INVESTIGATE. 14 Apr 2015 From there, people around the world have been trying to figure out Cheryl's birthday, or at least wondering why she couldn't just save everyone a lot of trouble and be more direct with (Once you think you have figured it out — or if you don't know where to start — here is the answer and an explanation. 15 Jan 2016 Before I delve into this little math trick, though, I should mention that it isn't an entirely new phenomenon. If you were born between 1900 - 1999 (majority of us), this trick will add up to 111. We'll now go through the complete details of a birthday calculation, using the great boxer Muhammad Ali as our example. Take your age  Hi I am trying to explain to my children how this problem works. In 1999, just add 1 to these two numbers (so add 1749 if you already had your birthday, and add 1748 if you haven't). Let me to try to explain how it works with a specific example. This web page is devoted to the incredibly boffo idea that math can be fun! Try these tricks: Easy Magic Addition; Magic Square #15 A Trick for This Year; Where is the String? . org/library/drmath/view/61702. 5 × 8/ 5 × 8 + 17/ 2(5 × 8 + 17) = 10 x 8 + 34/ 10 × 8 + 34 - 13 = 10 × 8 + 21/ 5(10 × 8 + 21) = 50 × 8 + 105/ 50 × 8 + 105 - 8 = 50 × 8 + 97/ 2(50 × 8 + 97)  7 Feb 2014 It seems to me that the reason it works is because the year of my last birthday (2013) is the answer after adding 1763 except for the hundredths place. Then you divine their birthday almost magically from the answer. Use a calculator and follow along Enter the month of your birthday. *The one caveat is the trick will not work if you've already had your birthday this year. As I describe what happens imagine you're witnessing it being performed on you. Double the answer. Tip: if you want  1 Feb 2016 Here we present five of such tricks. "The Math Behind the Magic". All you need for this trick is a Then, ask them if they've had their birthday yet this year. Add 13 36 + 13 = 49 19 Sep 2015 - 2 min - Uploaded by tricks4funGuess someone's birthday and really amaze him! Cool Magic Trick! calculator: http://www If d is the last digit and y your birth year, you are computing. So here it is: a special math problem  Math Tricks for All Ages. 28 Oct 2014 The trick also does not work if you are 100 years old or older. Wonderfuls other mind- reading tricks involves birthdays. html As you'll see there, you can see how the trick works by doing it not with a specific  16 Jan 2016 The answer you come up with should be your shoe size (first two digits) and your age. I wanted to share this trick and explain why it works. Mental Math - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks  There are lots of number tricks you can do by using math. Study the sequence of expressions and then explain how place value helps to explain how this "magic number trick" works. To start  The last digit of your phone number is easy to figure out because you have used it in all the calculations upto this point; and because the values differ by a factor of 100,the number comes up in the hundreds column of calculation. Since the digits  If you have already had your birthday this year add 1768*. )  So if you were born between 1800 - 1899, this trick will add up to 211. You can give someone a particular set Explain to your friend that they must hit the equal (=) button after each instruction you give. There are tons of practical, real-world applications of math—building skyscrapers, launching satellites, programming video games and movie special effects, and running banks and stock markets. edit on 21-1-2011 by OutKast Searcher because: (no reason  MATHEMATICAL MAGIC. You should also know that if your birthday has already occurred this year, well, happy birthday. Subtract: (100a+10b+c)-(100c+10b+a) to get 99(a-c). The missing digit. Ask your friend to add 18 to his/her birthday. If you haven't, add 1767* This is a variation on the old "Think of a Number" trick which can be explained with algebra. In base 10  Mind reading games are often based on some mathematical process that always produces a predictable result. General MacArthur's Favorite Number Game · Phone Number Trick · Your Age by Eating Out · What's Your Favorite Class? Guess a Birthday · Brothers and Sisters Trick · Some Number Tricks · Number Trick · Age Trick  In this math trick, you get your friend to do a sequence of arithmetic steps. Dr. What is the first thing that comes in your mind, when you hear the word “Math” ? If you just said “BORING”, then I can share with you some amazing mind boggling tricks, that may help you realise that vedic mathematics can be a lot of fun too. You'll have to increment the constant 1964 every year, and the trick won't work for centenarians  Birthday Numbers and Tricks. You might ask your students to see if they can explain this magic trick using a little algebra. The magician uses his or her showmanship to keep the audience engaged in the trick and misdirection to keep the audience from figuring out how the trick works. If they say no, ask them to add  14 Mar 2017 Everyone likes to be shocked or surprised. This is a actually a great trick you can do with your iPhones calculator app. Example : 9 (born in September) Multiply the month by 4 9 x 4 = 36. But it is not that easy as it seems, for it involves some calculations Thanks God, you don't have to do them, your friends will do them for you. 23 Mar 2014 The volunteer calls out numbers of the cards containing their birthday. This trick is a . Mental Math. There are also tons of applications of math that aren't  This again is an old party trick; to surprise you friends by predicting their birthdays. If their birthday has passed already, then tell them to add 1767 to the prior result. Multiply by 5. By the pigeonhole principle, the probability reaches 100% when the number of people reaches 367 (since there are only 366 possible birthdays,  1 Jan 2018 A couple of years ago this math trick got circulated and even got coverage in places like The Telegraph. The reverse is 100c+10b+a. Give the 5 cards to a friend, and ask them to pick a secret number between 1 and 31, and to give you back all the cards that have their number on it. However, it won't work for someone who has already had their birthday this year, or who is more than 100 years old. Here is an example of such a trick: Birthday Number Puzzle Variations http://mathforum. If you were born in 1914 and wear a size 10 shoe, the trick would conclude that your shoe size is 11 and that you were 0 years old. 17 Aug 2012 How to Amaze Your Friends With Number Tricks. Explain  7 Sep 2016 Save money and be the life of the next party with this one weird trick. It's also very easy to do. When we're met with something we can't explain, even a math trick, our brain goes into thrill mode. Here are several that can be used in your classroom. Wonderful's direction. All it takes is some simple math and If, however, you memorize this math-based trick, you will actually be able to tell anyone their age. So, if you want to impress people with a math trick this Halloween, just be sure their birthday is sometime before  7 Jul 2015 Vedic Math Trick: How To Predict A Person's Birthday. So how does it work? You can see how the trick works using some basic algebra: I came across this nice maths trick 1. 13 Apr 2015 For all of you who have been trying to figure this out today, here's my solution (with workings!) 18 Aug 2014 "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas," said Albert Einstein. You can figure out their secret number by adding together all of the first numbers on the cards they gave back to you. 16 Jan 2016 The trick works regardless of whether you use UK, European or American shoe measurements. Try it for someone born in or before 1915 for funny results. So learning some basic and impressive math must at least be the limericks of logical ideas. Ask your friend (or everyone in the room) to write down the number of the month he/she/they were born. Carol Vorderman – the former Countdown maths whizz – welcomed the popularity of the trick. Make magic with maths. First of all, when we As for the age, all the trick does is subtract your year of birth from this year, but it does it in a disguised way. They keep asking me how it works and I can not tell them. The number in the I received this trick via email from my mom and in the email chain underneath the forward there were a lot of surprised voices: "Wow, it  7 Sep 2005 One of Dr. We can play with numbers using Math tricks and fascinate your friends and colleagues. This birthday math magic trick is so simple so that  1 Mar 2010 Recently we learnt a very impressive trick: tell us the date you were born and we will almost immediately tell you what day of the week that was. The suspension of disbelief is what captures our attention and helps the movie industry make billions of dollars. However, by tracing out the mathematical and  Here is explanation how it works: You pick number N, where 1 <= N <= 7; 50 x N; 50 x N + 44; 200 x (50 x N + 44) = 10,000 x N + 8,800; 10,000 x N = N0,000 (where N is the digit corresponding to your favorite day of the week); If it is 2009, most probably your birthday this year already passed. TO. The trick only works upto age of 99. Add 17. Learn this trick and play it with your friends and surprise them. Here is a simple math trick for your birthday date calculation. Instead of just  Maths is always fun and interesting. In probability theory, the birthday problem or birthday paradox concerns the probability that, in a set of n randomly chosen people, some pair of them will have the same birthday. The problem is: “ I can Guess your birthday”: Multiply the number of the month in which you were born by 5. Welcome to the world my niece, Edison Grace Berry! My brother's beautiful baby girl was born on his 36th birthday this past Saturday and of course this coincidence made me think of the Birthday Problem. Magical Calculator Birthday Math Trick · Guess My Birthday · Age Calculator at Math Cats · MathMagic Card Trick. The first term is the digit shifted two positions to the left (times 100 ); the other two terms compute your age. But it's An example is worth a thousand explanations. Now 2017 – (year born) = age if you have not had your birthday already, and 2018 – (year born) = age if you have had your birthday already. They have all been described elsewhere, but we shall also give the corresponding mathematical explanations. Add 109 to the number above. Ali was born on 17  Learn this amazing magic trick that lets you guess someone's age. I hope all my math was correct]