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Here's my list (as usual, with audio clips included) for 2017. 7 Dec 2017 What Hi-Fi? write . What was  31 Dec 2017 You'll note that we're not calling this the Best Albums of 2017. YE-Electronic-1244 And in the psychedelic audio movies of Talaboman, Djrum, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, we're reminded of the power of electronic sound to take us beyond ourselves. The best audiophile metal/rock albums are the prog ones: Pink Floyd, Symphony X, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Crimson Glory, Genesis, Neal Morse, Subterranean Masquerade, Maudlin of the Well, Explosions in the Sky, The Gathering, Green  18 Jun 2017 The Hi-Fi News Analogue Test LP is a similar album and is very highly regarded as an entry level audiophile test LP. In the opening essay, Didion finds herself at a point in her life and time in our nation's history where the old narratives begin to fail her. At a time  12 Dec 2017 The Black Market unofficially began when the current contributors helped SG editor Michael Nelson assemble a Best Metal Albums post back in 2012, and five years seems like a nice round number to stop on. There Is No Love David Sylvian The landscape is constantly changing when it comes to the viability of jazz recordings in our world of free downloads and pervasive internet exposure. Genuine thanks to all of you guys for reading (and reading, and reading) these columns, and for  24 Dec 2017 It is starting to be a tradition now; this is a third time I´ll be writing about my top 5 classical albums of the year (see here for 2016, and here for 2015). Sample rate(s): 96kHz/24bit. Late-career albums by rock 'n' roll's pioneers have been spotty at best—consider the embarrassments of Bo Diddley and Carl Perkins—but two of the orn'riest of the lot, Jerry Lee Lewis and now Chuck Berry, have . Some are classics that never get old, others are records to throw on at a party, and others still  All About Jazz tracks how often an album review is read, and the reviews listed below represent the top 12 published in 2017. If this is your first visit to our community, please familiarize yourself with the all content in this sidebar - as it will make your stay more pleasant. S. And now, breakout artists such as SZA, Khalid, Kelela and Daniel Caesar are shape-shifting  15 Dec 2017 I've been picking the best jazz albums of the year in Slate since 2002. 21 Dec 2017 Here are the most important records of the year in electronic music. 28 Apr 2017 Chrislayeruk (Chris ) 2017-04-28 14:46:44 UTC #2. The TAS list is a good starting point to digg deeper into the best sounding vinyl records and on the internet there are dozens of lists with a collection of the best audiophile albums, like this list of 30 popular albums with audiophile quality, previously posted on our website. Check out your local used record stores – there are bargains to be  2 Dec 2017 Each week this year, we've happily listened to as much new music as possible to help ease a major burden of the modern listener — selecting the best new music from a seemingly infinite number of choices. It's a fun time for music lovers and reviewers. This is not a “Countdown to No. We can't help but see their point of  13 Dec 2017 Our critics and writers choose their favorite albums of the year, including a new “Rigoletto,” Philip Glass piano works, and free-jazz arrangements. Exquisitely written and performed 'old school ' sounding rock songs, by four extremely talented “new school” musicians. 7: PUP – The Dream Is Over. But here it is, nonetheless. I have material from some of the artists though. The live moment is one that can't be overlooked. These young artists churn out music that throws back to an earlier era;  1 Dec 2009 Lots of people have asked me for albums I think sound great – so, here are some that spring instantly to mind. In doing so, we have slowly assembled a list of the best albums of 2017. CD  Joined: Jan 17, 2017. Those early 60's albums are a recording masterclass. 964 posts. Likes: 11. 26 Jan 2017 Hundreds of other albums, none of which appear on these lists, have stood the test of time of 5-50 years for me, but most audiophiles have never heard of them because they only listen to 100 albums, over and over. Thanks. There hasn't been a better time to be alive and love the music industry than right now. Add to that a  9 Oct 2017 This List Is Focused On Good, Quality Music. Oct 25th, 2017. I haven't made it through yet, but while "Automatic for the People" is a very good lp, the sonics are not to audiophile standards on my 1st press lp. who gave the trio the raw, guttural sound they desired. What did we miss? After my Top 5 Classical Albums, here's my personal best of list for Jazz. If You Want To Read That Article Don't Read This One. People are going from memes to millionaires, and viral creators are appearing on Billboard charts for their  23 May 2017 If our Top 10 list is any indication of what's still left to come from jazz in 2017, we're in for one hell of a year. Good to see Frank Sinatra in there. My system  12 Mar 2018 Listening to these albums through high quality audio gear can be an horrific assault on the lugholes, which is why audiophiles seek out albums that have . By Anthony Kershaw on December 6, 2017. Genre: Electronic, Rock, Alternative, Classic 100 Rock, Rock Bestsellers, Top Best Sellers, Audiophile Picks, Best of the Best 2017, Engineers' Picks, Top 100 HDtracks Best Selling Titles. We are in Grammy/Juno nomination season and end of year 'Best Recordings of the Year' lists are appearing in my email thick and fast. Andrew Everard, Gramophone Audio Editor, writes: 'DF's review makes only "incidental" reference to the recording quality in his  18 Aug 2014 Why is that sounds hit so much harder when we're only a few hundred feet away? It's then that the color is live, that the music is coming out of our mouths as quickly as its entering our ears. 1. Cécile McLorin Salvant, Dreams and Daggers (Mack Avenue Records). On our annual year-end  Since this forum is mainly about sound,I thought it a good idea to list some of my best SOUNDING music in audiophile terms. There are others that you can find at The Needle Doctor . You are also encouraged to check the menu at the top of  Check out some of the best audiophile songs from Hi-Res music download sites — HDtracks and Blue Coast Records. It Has Nothing To Do With What Charted The Highest. I've only got 10 and I haven't played all 0f them. The crisp Cue Steve Albini, an advocate of aggressive, live sounding production. Davey, Apr 2, 2017. It wasn't a particularly impressive year for me in terms of new rele Hit the snooze button, wake up and press play on these really dope albums you might've slept-on for the year of our Lord, 2017. I'm firm on the order of the first four; the next six might be shuffled a bit, depending on my mood. 27 Apr 2017 Whether you're testing a system, pursuing a topic for musical snobbery or simply want something new to listen to, these are some of the best sounding albums of all time. A very high level of melodic and rhythmic sophistication on this album will keep you exploring it for a long time. And the big  27 Nov 2017 After last year's spate of surprise releases from the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Radiohead and Kanye West, 2017 has been more about anticipation. 30 Jun 2017 The year's essential new albums for your collection. The Best Electronic Albums of 2017. TORONTO AUDIOPHILE | 8 Essential Classical Albums To Own On Vinyl. Having rounded-up the 10 best reissues of 2017 so far, we turn our attention to new albums, rounding up the twenty titles that have been on rotation at VF HQ in the last six months. This 25th anniversary pressing will include the band's gorgeous cover of The Rolling Stones' “Wild Horses” which previously only appeared on the U. Unfortunately that means no Robert Johnson, Louis Armstrong's Hot Seven,Charlie Parker, Pablo Casals, Art Tatum, Heifetzsince the recording quality of these albums is not  A list of recordings produced with exceptional audiophile quality. black and white folks in America were reversed (Nas and Lupe have both given it a shot), few have been executed with as much wit, incisive observational skill, and approachability as the idyllic sounding, daydream-y “White Niggas. Posts: 17. It has put together a list of the 50 albums that its sound engineers, staff and hangers-on believe are the best sounding ever put down. Label: XL Recordings  5 Dec 2017 St Vincent tops our countdown of this year's most outstanding sounds, from complex rap to moody rock, alt-R&B, inventive grime and more. I should say upfront, this isn't intended to be some kind of “top 12 best sounding albums ever” list, just some from my own collection that I love the sound of, for whatever reason. These are in no particular order. scytheavatar said: ↑. They don't all cost a fortune, either, and they're not necessarily marketed as “audiophile” product; each and every one of them, though, is capable of rendering sonics that will please you for decades to come. While avoiding the many "audiophile test discs" typically promoting boring, obscure music, these CD's represent the height of mainstream musical production. The recordings span many years, proving its not always the newest releases, but the best  5 Aug 2016 Audiophiles are a strange breed: here are a bunch of men (always men) who'll happily fork out a week's wages for power cables that provide “clean electricity” to their CD player, but refuse to part with a penny for any album they consider to be mastered in a sub-par way. The focus of this What HiFi article (12 Best Vinyl Test Records) is to explore music albums that can be used to test equipment that  13 Dec 2017 The 10 Best Classical New Releases of 2017: Every year I publish a 'Best of the Year' list. Taken from our weekly recommended releases lists or from artists  28 Nov 2016 Bowers and Wilkins, the premium hi-fi brand that, if you're as old as me, you'll still think of as B&W, has done something interesting to celebrate its 50th birthday. But what are  14 Feb 2014 26 Albums With The Most Incredible Production. If you take a listen,  The Sundays' second album Blind was the London group's highest-charting album in the United States and is only now getting its first vinyl pressing here for RSD 2017. Here at Paste, we thought we'd take some time to remember and  /r/headphones is a community for discussion around all topics related to headphones and personal audio. Artist: Radiohead. There are plenty of those lists out there, and they are pretty much dominated by this year's critical darlings with some heavily promoted mainstream names thrown in. By Emily Barker Feb 14, Dr Dre: '2001': The work of one of modern music's greatest producers at the top of his game. 11 Jun 2017 “We tell ourselves stories in order to live,” begins The White Album, journalist Joan Didion's mosaic essay collection about the late American '60s and early '70s. The year was ushered in by audiophiles obsessed with the 1990s New Jack Swing sound fathered by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley and Babyface. 10-28-2017 1:52am. . From the build-up to Kendrick Lamar dropping DAMN. Most of the albums on this list would be equally at home on a best albums of all-time list, however we paid special attention to the qualities and characteristics that gorgeous album art, combined with a much-improved remastering means you'll get one of the best hip hop albums ever made, looking and sounding its best. 20 Apr 2017 The familiar is rendered striking in these performances of some of the best-known works in the solo piano repertoire; a disc that confirms Sunwook Kim as a very fine artist indeed. They are generally looking for the records that make their systems sound better. Instead of repeating that, Part-Time Audiophile asked its writers to share their  27 Dec 2016 So, perhaps this offering is a bit of a surprise for some: a bunch of audiophiles sharing their favorite albums of 2016. OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017. Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the music lover in your life? You can't go wrong with one of 2017's best albums. 19 Jan 2018 It's finally here! The very best and worst sounding albums of 2017, brought to you by the audio nerds at Metal-Fi. In its combination of sounding much better than Rozhdestvensky's recording (Alto; that being the touchstone for a wild, riveting interpretation) and having more kick (despite the tempo) than either of Pletnev's  24 Nov 2015 The act of collecting records is an extremely personal one, but there are some records that belong in every collection, regardless of your preferences as an audiophile, and we've done our best to gather them here. 6 Jun 2017 Read on to find out our picks for the best hip-hop albums so far in 2017. It´s been a busy year both professionally (completely unrelated to this blog) and musically, with a lot of excellent recordings being published,… 6 Dec 2017 Top 10 Blues and Rock Albums of 2017: Rock and Blues Muse, a music site for blues, blues-rock, rock and more. and the frenzy ahead of Taylor Swift's long-awaited sixth album reputation, to a wealth of long-awaited  Here are our 10 starter audiophile vinyl albums. 1” list; the albums listed here merely reflect the personal composition of several music lovers who  Props to What Hi-Fi for compiling the list and linking it to a stream. Well, if you're an audiophile of the analog persuasion, you may conclude that these six . 1 Apr 2017 I was wondering if you can name some recordings that are good sounding audiophile grade but that are lesser known? violin, bass and occasional searing electric guitar. 8 Jul 2016 I can say that I can't remember a year where so many great albums came out within a short six month period! I can't wait for what surprises we may have in store leading up to 2017 but for now, here's my personal Top Seven of 2016! – Aaron Cooper (Aaron The Audiophile). is just as well, because Call the Police and Tonite are probably the best two songs on the record) but for LCD Soundsystem 2017 isn't much of a party. willemj · Details · Discussions · Posts · This discussion. 28 May 2016 Our reference albums. 22 Dec 2017 2017 signifies the genesis of a true R&B resurgence