The top voted question/comment digs right into the heart of the DRM issue: What will  20 Nov 2016 A console player who wanted to show off how well he could play Lucio on the Overwatch sub-reddit has hit back at commenters saying he'd never get away with it on PC by getting away with it on PC. What has been seeing a decline in sales is prebuilt gaming  [–]ApoY2k 4 points5 points6 points 6 months ago (2 children). And while  4 Apr 2017 After reports of dead pixels, now Nintendo Switch users are claiming yet another issue with their devices; bent consoles. We talk about video games every day on this channel, with news coverage, review round-ups, talking points and our own opinions. With Microsoft and Sony planning to end all support for the Xbox 360 and Ps3, the most successful consoles in history, it seems that they are Sorry if the mods object to this post at all, I read the rules and I'm attempting my first post here after liking all the content. It is important to direct them then to /r/buildapc on Reddit. After that, I got the DS1 and 2 to PS3, the first time I bought a game for a console that I already played on PC, 3 comic books (one my custom office confiscated, I don't  4 Apr 2017 There have been several reports of bending mobile devices, but for a console, this is probably a first. The bad news is that Nintendo itself says on its support site that  @NexusBen · 25 Comments · Facebook · Twitter · Google · Pinterest · LinkedIn · Reddit. Play Download 11 Nov 2017 Tera, a Korean MMO that debuted in the US . Reason One: Lack of genre diversity. can friend on pc with other consoles but this may not be possible due to Sony and Microsoft hating each other and never allowing people on one platform to add and  8 Mar 2017 And now there are numerous reports of dead pixels on users' screens. I don't know how old you are or when you got into gaming, but this was a huge problem before the Playstation One. I would like to see if there's a common link such as  1 Dec 2017 The end of traditional living room gaming has been foretold for years. Août 10 4 Aug 2016 Here is a copy of the survey invite as posted on Reddit: TERA_SURVEY. In diagnosing the issues, users swapped cords  Last year, a A Reddit channel is dedicated to hacking and modding the console and may be able to provide additional context. In October, DSPStanky  6 Jan 2017 In May of 2016, Chinese conglom The9, which by then effectively owned Red 5 Studios and has injected it with the cash to launch, traded part of its stake in the studio to a Cayman Islands cashmere manufacturer and announced mobile and console ports for Firefall, but that company's stock crashed soon  6 Mar 2017 For example, one Reddit user said their Switch has bricked with a blue screen, and Nintendo has encouraged them to seek a replacement unit from the Nintendo has supplied some troubleshooting steps, and anecdotally, having the controllers actually plugged into the console during system update may  18 Oct 2017 So after reading a lot of these threads popping up on reddit and now here it seems like the reasons why people think the game is dying are. So no, PC gaming isn't dead. 28 Dec 2017 Headline This lucky Reddit user got a rather generous director of Xbox Live as his Secret Santa. Tons of former PC developers jumped to console development in the coming years. gamespot. "I know this has 0. 3 Oct 2017 "Reddit, League Players, Tyler," Rutledge wrote in his apology post. Just as you compared the  and interesting gaming content and discussions. Consoles are dying. Innovation has moved from conso… 1 Apr 2014 In fact, you can build a PC right now that will outperform "next-gen" consoles for pretty much the exact same price. Why is console gaming dying? There was this whole idea back then that PC gaming was dying, and of course back then you had to blame Microsoft and Sony for that. “I was shocked when I opened the package,” Vu told the Press  10 May 2016 Hi everyone, This is the first COD I recently bought on PC (last one was CoD4), I did it to play mainly zombies with my GF, eventually had to get the 7 Dec 2016 The GameCube's story is, in some sense, a tragedy. "I displayed a gross error in judgement last night and whole-heartedly apologize for my comments. They try keeping alive with exclusives but that's about their only selling point if you're serious about gaming. That, right there, it's the apogee of fan-boyism. The misinformation about PC "dying" is typically spewed by angry people that want to recruit others into the ecosystem that they decided was best (probably just because they were already  7 Nov 2017 I want to get out of the way that there is currently no evidence of a widespread issue, but that some members here and on reddit have reported the same problem. Console gaming is not dying. Another thread, from user 313ctro, recounts how 200+ hours of Breath of the Wild progress was 8 Mar 2017 Several owners of the new console have taken to Reddit and other online forums to complain about their Switch screens being marred by 'dead pixels' For its part, Nintendo has downplayed the problem,  Find and save ideas about Reddit walking dead on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Walking dead start, The walking dad and Mr crab meme. I have been playing since season 1. Also there is this whole console parity thing, where pc gamers think pc games are deliberately held back visually so consoles could compete, which was an accusation with  Then, proceed to tell then about building a PC, tell them of how simple the process is, and how even for the price of a console they can build a superior PC. Even if its not, my PS4 and tv would run tera much better than my pc does but i dont want to go and buy download it if it will be dead. From then on they will receive the  14 Mar 2011 Console games are "dying". ". At that time there were no smurf accounts, there were closed groups playing and the number of trolls was minimal. The competitive really worked. Reports suggest the device starts to bend while in dock mode for 40 - 50  8 Jan 2018 Back in April last year, a map apparently showing the landscape of Red Dead Redemption 2 was leaked on Reddit and later reposted by TechRadar , who claimed to have had the map verified as 'the real deal'. As they say, roomies of its death have been greatly exaggerated. After playing online games, solo console games just feel lonely and very pre-determined. Calls for physical violence against any real people or groups can result in an immediate ban 29 Jul 2016 Absolutely nothing that was interesting or innovative game mechanic wise. One Reddit user, _NSR, provided photos of the console that he claims was left in docked mode. 6 Billion last year. flightsims, point&click adventures) essentially died out around 2000 and consoles started to dominate the gaming landscape. Pictures posted on both Twitter and Reddit by disgruntled customers show warped devices after heavy play. Share on Facebook Tweet Reddit This! ROCKVILLE, Md. Although it boasts one of Nintendo's most diverse and memorable libraries of exclusive games, the little lunchbox that could stands as one of the company's worst-selling consoles. SNES Classic owners Game Rating : 4/5 (1) Developer : FuSoYa's Niche Game Type : Platformer Release Date : 31 5 May 2017 The NES Classic is dead, long live the SNES Classic. 7 Nov 2017 Xbox One X Dead: Major Issues Owners are Having. They were out of line, and not what any of you deserve to hear, especially from a Rioter. The most frequently cited potential console murderer is mobile. it truly isn't that much of an issue as they make it. They turn it back on a while later and it's dead. I was disappointed, but as a stand alone game, it wasn't so bad. . That's the stark assessment of the maker of one of the most popular mobile games – Angry Birds. 16 Jun 2017 Traditional consoles are dying off, and the race to be the strongest, including the asinine PC-lite iterations that undermine the entire purpose of console gaming, is ultimately leading . If for any That was more than consoles (that ALL consoles) 6. DESTINY 2 PC bans “Players are responsible for their online account and console hardware, and any actions taken in the world of Destiny, and should be careful of who they allow to access their Destiny account. Most games that came out for the Super Nintendo  28 Jan 2018 You have PC elitists saying how amazing the PC masterrace is and how you should fuck off if you have consoles because only PC matters and you aren't a real gamer if you use PCs, then on the other side you have Console Peasants saying how the human eye can't see more than 30fps and how PC is  Anybody have any good insight? The Japanese always preferred consoles over PC, now it seems like they prefer smart phones over consoles. https://www. I don't think it's wort buying a console at all. Some have even suggested that the current generation of systems could be the last. Even with League, a big part of what keeps me involved is the reddit main communities and a couple players on my friend list that I have played with off and on for a couple years now. Any attempt to turn them back on has been met with failure. "I've seen several posts about people losing their Switch so I thought I'd give it a try," they wrote. Pundits have looked  As a console user who does not own a PC, I'm sick to death with console users complaining about K&M. And the supposed killing blows are coming from myriad directions. org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_game_consoles playstation sales have gone down drasticly since the playstation  Now, I know this petition will probably not be taken seriously by anybody, but listen We can all agree that there's something wrong with the subscriber of a sub-reddit that spend over 50% of their time talking about how ''inferior'' other platforms are. wikipedia. Considering it had to go up against Sony's behemoth, the PlayStation 2,  8 Nov 2017 As spotted Reddit and ResetEra, a number of Xbox One X users are facing issues with Microsoft's new hardware. If you want couch gaming, a small PC is still better than any console. As you can see here: https://en. Whether it just affects the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, or if all the initial models are affected is unknown, but each complaint we've seen so far is the same. Console powers on for a while, they turn it off. 3 Apr 2017 Multiple Switch owners have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns over the system's temperature woes. But, that's not the biggest  25 Oct 2017 Destiny 2 PC bans: Bungie release reason behind drops, different than Reddit concerns. When removed, the system appears to have a very noticeable bend: Other Switch owners in the same  24 Mar 2016 A picture of the controller for the upcoming Nintendo NX console may have been leaked. In a Reddit thread, a user named “_NSR,” posted a photo of his warped Switch. source: digital trends. . So from season 3 forward the number of players has been drastically  Technically the number disparity between American gamers and German gamers aren't too far off, but a few individuals on Reddit point to online functionality as being the main drawback to consoles, as well as higher prices for console games and the general inconvenience compared to maintaining a PC in today's  Not only that, but players' games are saved online, so if you lose the connection, not only will you be prevented from playing your purchased game, but you'll be back at whatever point you were at when your service died. g. If consoles died out or if the user base was dramatically lowered, the gaming industry would collapse. 20 Jun 2017 A lot of typical PC genres (e. com/forums/playstation-nation-1000002/why-is-console-gaming-dying-33347440/. We do our best to call out th 28 Dec 2017 A lucky Reddit user has shared the remarkable haul he received in the website's online gift exchange scheme, after he was paired with a director of Microsoft's The haul included Microsoft's latest console, the X Box One X, 20 games, a number of subscriptions and even a copy of the BBC's Planet Earth II. Players have stated via Reddit and ResetEra that they were using their console to play a  Why is console gaming dying? - PlayStation Nation - GameSpot. " The Nintendo Switch subreddit has  22 Jul 2017 I saw this on reddit and i think its cool repost here. I'll be taking time away from Reddit, discord and in  2 Dec 2017 That doesn't mean the console version won't be out next year, because the blog reads, "DayZ will be out of Early Access next year, and we'll also finally deliver it to console Twitter Reddit Email Facebook The newest DayZ update is more Game of Thrones than The Walking Dead - Brett Makedonski 29 Dec 2017 In their post, Pizzaboxmonster acknowledged that connecting with whoever found their console was a longshot. Several Nintendo Switch owners have voiced their concerns about the system's temperature and deformities on Reddit. Enjoy your EZ games by getting to grips with the best Overwatch characters. Images claiming to show the controller were posted on Reddit by a user named perkele37, who had made no previous posts before publishing the images. Finally, enlighten them by sending them to /r/PCMasterrace on reddit. The haul included Microsoft's latest console, the X Box One X, 20 games, a number of subscriptions and even a copy of the BBC's Planet Earth II. The classic PC game, that actually pushed the hardware to it's  24 Oct 2016 It's curious that people bring up numbers to say handhelds are dying (PSP 80 mil vs 3DS 60 mil) yet no one brings up numbers to say home consoles are dying (Xbox 360 80 mil vs PS4 40 mil). While in the middle of the game, players report their consoles randomly shutting off. I bought my PS3 after my PC died, just in time to get DS3 on the launch. Right now I'm game I play now. And was second only to mobile which was about 41 billion. Granted, the 7th gen was an anomaly given how long it lasted, but let's be real here. As with every handheld console that sports an LCD screen, the launch has been met with complaints on Reddit and Twitter that some Switch consoles have deal pixels. 000001% possibility to work, but here I go. It showed that the new game will have some crossover with Redemption, with the Great Plains  Tera console reddit