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It's a Samezuka swim team rule. In which Momo is caught wearing his cop-boyfriend Rin's police hat and jacket and Rin cuffs and teases him  Rin x Momotarou/Momo, Momorin, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. '' ''Rin-senpai in a maid dress? I don't think that's cool. Nitori's determination and hardwork in swimming breaststroke in season two granted him a place in what would later be Rin's dream team. "Finally, I thought we were never gonna make it!" The sun-eyed backstrocker sang as the  26 Sep 2014 Momo-kun, I attend Iwatobi, I cannot be a manager for a different team. . 7 Oct 2014 Rin immediately checked the vicinity for a certain exuberant redhead, wary of an affectionate surprise tackle. Crunchyroll uses Funimation's English cast of Eternal Summer (season 2) to dub Iwatobi Swim Club (season 1) but they have the rights to stream the dub first on  27 Oct 2017 There were times in this short where Momotaro's energy could be a bit much, but it conveyed the respect that Aichiro has towards Rin and Sousuke in a truly While Haruka and Makoto were in Tokyo and the Samezuka team were off at the resort, the three remaining Iwatobi High swimming club members  19 May 2015 Over-Energetic || [Rin/Sousuke/Nitori/Momo] Summary: Mikoshiba Momotarou is a ball of energy and he's driving everyone on the Samezuka swim team up the wall. It's not that you didn't enjoy the date, quite the opposite actually. The shopping trio + Uninterested Rin. Iwatobi Swim Club, free!, iwatobi, sousuke, yamazaki, sousuke yamazaki, rin, rin matsuoka, matsuoka, nitori, aiichiro nitori, aiichiro, mikoshiba, momotaro, momotarou,  16 Jul 2014 - 2 min - Uploaded by AnimeFanForAnimeRin's Team meet "Haru's Team" and Gou Free Episode 2 Season 2. This is no meer . By giving luck and giving people “release. . Sousuke: Glad to be here. Read Momotarou x Reader from the story Free! Iwatobi swim club (various x reader) by Bishounenlover with 10247 reads. Free! Iwatobi swim club X reader). I looked at Sousuke. While I'm not as angry as most fans were about him taking the role I really didn't think he fit such a cool character we were all supposed to . Characters and tropes specific to the movie should go here. Butyou "But you said that you were dating Momotarou but then swim team captain, I mean Seijuro, said that you were dating him! 17 Jul 2014 Rin warned before he swam off to join some other members of the swim team. #free!#free! iwatobi swim club#free! eternal summer#momotarou mikoshiba#mikoshiba momotarou#my gifs#still too fast?#momo · 13,546 notes. A 25 Nov 2014 ''C-Calm down, Momo-kun. Rin went to grab Momotarou but he dodged his grip and ran off down the beach with Rin chasing him. However Momo was not on that side of the pool, and after a careful inspection of the area Rin realized the Momo wasn't in sight at all. " You said, returning to your  Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and later on, Rei, create the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club, working together to make it a success. But seeing as he looked exactly the same at the end of Eternal Summer don't think that's gonna happen. I really don't want to go swimming today. #free!#rin matsuoka#momotarou mikoshiba#rinmomo#*free#*freegif#*gif#*mine#this scene is everything to me#;W;#1k · 14,343 notes. All right then, first please introduce yourselves. So that's  18 May 2016 In tribute to Matsuoka Gou and the All-Out Perfect Body joke, we'd taken on the heavy chore of ranking the Free! boys for you. It premiered on July 3, 2013 and it is x Haruka; Harugisa: Haruka x Nagisa; MomoTori: Momotarou x Nitori; MakoHaruRin: Makoto x Haruka x Rin; SouMakoKisu: Sosuke x Makoto x Kisumi . Luckily He rubbed his temples; as talented as Momo was, it almost wasn't worth dealing with his constant antics and constant high energy. I mean Sousuke wasn't my guardian he had better things to do when he was at the beach. Summary. Rin: I'm Rin Matsuoka, a third year at Samezuka Academy and also captain of the swim team. When meeting Rin, Sosuke and Aiichiro for the first time, he stated that the swimmers he competed against used to call him The Sea of Japan's Sea Otter. 15 Feb 2018 (Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club) is a sports anime by Kyoto Animation surrounding the lives of High School swimmers. Names are in western order. With the sound of the buzzer they were off speeding down the length of the pool Momo was currently leading but there was another swimmer who was gaining  Momotaro Mikoshiba (御子柴 百太郎 Mikoshiba Momotarō) is one of the main supporting characters in the second season of anime Free!, Free! Eternal Summer. '' Momotarou mumbles. You pulled your phone out of your Iwatobi Swimming Club jacket and decided to film the charade, adding in your own race track commentary in the background, sending  Characters of Free!. He claims he  8 Aug 2015 After one year of dating both Momo and Seijuro, you started to see many differences between both of them. Seijuro, Momotarou/Momo, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Yumimia. Rin joins Samezuka Academy's swim team and finally wins an official race against Haruka, but finds it means nothing to him when he learns Haruka isn't in top, competitive shape. You honestly had to read between the lines next time. ES ~~ Team Samezuka frolicking on the beach :: Aiichiro, Rin, Momotarou and Sosuke. He looked so amazing in it last year. First kiss Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, haruka nanase, haru nanase, haru, nanase, haruka, makoto tachibana, makoto, tachibana, kisumi, shigino, kisumi shigino Iwatobi Swim Club - Haru Makoto, Nagisa, Rin, and Rei with their animal representative  Rin, Sousuke, Momo, and Nitori The Samezuka swim team. Rin: …. Wasn't that bit too brief…? Sousuke: Is there anything else I need to introduce? 9 Aug 2016 Rin looked up at you, not having noticed you in the room before and his grip on Momo loosened, a smirk curling up his lips at an idea. #Free#Free!#Free Eternal  11 Jul 2014 Momotarou exclaimed, giving you a grin that showed his pearly whites. ” His name isRin. It was going to be a long day. 1 - 20 of 30 Works in Matsuoka Rin/Mikoshiba Momotarou While he isn't on the swim team, he is helpful in other ways. And then there's Rin. Mikoshiba Momotarou Free! Eternal  whale shark & otter | Visa fler idéer om Naruto, Twitter och Vocaloid. (Rin Matsuoka Our swimming practice doesn't start till 5:30, and you get out of both practices practice at 5:15! . 17 Feb 2015 It all started this morning when you and Gou were asked by Rin to come with the Samezuka team to a swim meet against a rival private school. Butterflies can't swim Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, haruka nanase, haru nanase, haru, haruka, free!, iwatobi, makoto tachibana, makoto, tachibana, nanase, matsuoka, . You gave a sigh, to which he simply shrugged off. Spoilers for the events of Season 1 are … 23 Mar 2016 The (H/C)-haired female removed the wired device from her ears with a nervous giggle, apologizing to Momo instead of his maroon. chasescott. A few boys on the team gasped and started crying about the dibs rule, while Rin threatened them with hours of training. A reserve maid cafe! The first years and second years are maids and the third years butlers. ru-ii. I miss Rin-senpai's maid outfit now. free, iwatobiswimclubvarious, xreader. "I've already told you, Momo. Sousuke: I'm Sousuke Yamazaki, same as Rin, 3rd year, swim team. Curious, the captain went to the change rooms to see if he was  Sousuke x Momotarou/Momo, Soumomo, Free!