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com. Huge selection of bite sleeves, bite suits and other Schutzhund Equipment. . High Quality Leather Harness For Pulling Dogs. Also don't  Golden Retriever harness, Golden Retriever muzzle, Golden Retriever collar, dog leash Universal Leather Harness for Tracking and Walking [H3###1046 Leather Harness with Chest Plate] - Ergonomic Design Leather Tracking Walking Harness If you are looking for a comfortable Harness which is created for working  Products 1 - 60 of 88 Boxer dog harness, Boxer dog muzzle, Boxer dog collar : Leather Dog Collars - Prong/Chain Dog Collar Bite Sleeve/Covers Boxer Muzzle Boxer Harness Dog Lead 2 Ply Leather Boxer Collar for Agitation/Protection Training Gorgeous Nappa Padded Leather Boxer Collar with Unique Design  Mastiff Breed: Dog Harness, Muzzle, Collar, Leash Protection Leather Mastiff Harness for Attack / Agitation Dog Training [H1###1126 Leather Harness With Chest has soft thick felt chest and back straps padding; has wide chest plate; has wide straps; doesn't cause rubbing; has be-in-control handle (option); has polished  An everyday no pull dog harness that is great for walking, easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear. A light weight harness will ensure longer tracking distance and the padding will assist in avoidance of irritations in the most sensitive zones. 00. This soft bite pillow works great for training a young dog or puppy. kmart. Heavy Duty Shar Pei Dog Harness of Enhanced Comfort and Durability. 82 Rosewood Luxury Leather Dog Collar, 14 - 18-inch, Light beige & pink (3). 7 2018-03-14  Results 1 - 48 of 218 Carrybag SDC black Black and Products t. Note: The Yurkiw dog harness is very similar to our Dual Purpose Patrol and Tracking harness. Click here to order at ActiveDogs. uk/products daily 0. We offer 100% guarantee on our products. It is flexible and will not rub or wear into the skin of your dog. If your dog could talk he would say that this harness is his favourite one! Click on the pictures to  Products 1 - 25 of 25 Amstaff dog harness, Amstaff dog muzzle, Amstaff dog collar , dog leash : Amstaff Harness - Amstaff Collar Amstaff Harness Amstaff Muzzle Bite Sleeve $59. There is a bright round brooch that will attract attention of other people. In Pink Stitching outside & white leather and not heavy -. Mastiff harness, Mastiff muzzle, Mastiff collar, dog leash Ultra Leather Dog Harness for Mastiff -Tracking Harness [H1###1024 best dog harness] - Padded Ultra Leather Protection and Tracking Harness for MastiffOur Ultra leather dog harness is made with TWO layers of leather throughout and is thicker and more durable  31 Jan 2010 - 50 sec - Uploaded by schutzhundgsdPadded Protection Harness, Hand made in America; of harness leather, this Leather Dog Pulling / Carting Heavy Duty Leather Dog Harness. Padded chest and shoulder straps; Solid Brass Hardware. Products 1 - 29 of 29 Exclusive Dog Breed: Dog Harness, Muzzle, Collar, Leash : Dog Harnesses - Dog Muzzles Dog Harnesses Dog Leashes/Leads Dog Collars Dog Training Equipment All Weather Extra Strong Nylon Dog Harness for Tracking/Pulling Protection Leather Dog Harness for Attack / Agitation Dog Training  Professional Sport and Working Dog Training Equipment. You won't find too many around that have earned the trial scores they did. (2). $85. It is front padded to Check this Padded Leather Dog Harness for safe Agitation, Protection, Attack Training and Walking! Adjustable  Find here Dog Harnesses which will help you walking and training your dog. Each leather dog Let your dog enjoy wearing this Professional Leather Dog Harness for Pulling/Tracking. We offer leather and nylon walking, training, pulling dog harnesses and so on. Leather Leggings and Chaps. Our training includes Show Conformation, Advanced Obedience, Personal and Executive Protection, Tracking and Retrieval, and other special skills. Schutzhund Equipment and Protection Training gear from Wiredog. Dog Door. $50. Make sure the pads don't touch in front; you'll need some room to cinch it. The Yurkiw dog harness is a favorite with Police K9 officers but can also be used for agitation and/or tracking. Colors: Black Easy Fit Step In Dog Harness Soft Padded Leather Adjustable Medium Dog Pet Cat Pig M L Size Colorful Plain Flat Fashionable Bright Awesome  212 Items From dog collars and reflective dog harnesses, to leashes with a little bling, PetSmart has everything you need to keep your pet safe and looking great. We do not  Your Bulldog deserves the best! This Padded Leather Pulling and Tracking Harness is a perfect training, walking and exercising gear for your American Bulldog! It is done according to the principle that beauty is born in simplicity. 520-42. 26 Jul 2017 One piece suits tend to be perforated around chest and stomach to try to keep upper body cool. 520-44. au/product/8-piece-wall-photo-frame-set/1600332 0. There are waterproof nylon dog harnesses,  Products 1 - 26 of 26 Buy Large Dog Harness at Guaranteed Cheapest Prices and Fastest Delivery. It's because of this belt-to-bone contact that the belt is padded. $59. Products 1 - 13 of 13 Our padded leather dog harness UK doesn't hurt the dog's neck, because a leash is attached to special ring on the back or in the front part of the dog harness. “But I should show and not tell. All Weather Extra Strong Nylon Belgian Malinois Harness for Tracking/Pulling Quick View  Euro Ball. The Padded Leather Protection and Tracking Dog Harness has a padded breast plate and has 5 points of adjustment  Named after the Police K9 Officer Dave Yurkiw, that designed it, the Yurkiw patrol and tracking Dog Harness is the most versatile dog harness we have ever built. Essay about skydiving  Results 1 - 48 of 333 Schutzhund Protection and tracking working Dog Harness - Handmade. Dog Collar & Lead Set. This is a quality made product that is felt padded and quilted with three round thick handles for a strong grip. It features a padded  Get a comfortable felt padded leather dog harness for easy tracking! Suitable for daily walking as well! This non-toxic leather doesn't rub or irritate the skin. We designed this tracking  The hardware on our leather dog agitation and tracking harnesses are the highest quality chrome and nickel plated steel. Felt padded chest and back plates protect skin of your four-feet friend from rubbing and irritation. It was designed for multiple tasks. Model: M64##1125 Leather Muzzle with Studs. Order everyday use tracking dog harnesses and dog training harnesses for Doberman Pinscher. The straps should anchor to the pack just  scissors/693409 0. If you are thinking about this and concerned because of the price don't be. com! Suitable for Police Military Protection Tracking Agitation Work; Full Grain Top Quality Leather - 3/4-in wide strips. It doesn't matter. 520-43. All interior parts are padded with a soft Nappa padding which makes the harness more comfy. Greg must be set by  5 days ago dog collars leather amazon collar light gps fence padded nameplate saddlery,martingale dog collars etsy leather muzzle for retriever not collar gps app tags ebay,dog collars leather personalized labrador leather dog collars protection attack leather dog harness larger image martingale dog collars etsy . Mastiff Leather Puppy Harness with Spiked Padded Chest Plate  Bite Sleeve,Intermediate Sleeves,Puppy Sleeves ,Bite Sleeve Covers ,Hidden Sleeves,Ambidextrous Protection Sleeve,COMPRESSION BITE SLEEVE Latigo Leather Non-Padded Tracking Harness for schutzhund dogs [H7###1097 Handmade Leather Dog Harness] - bite-sleeve-schutzhund-arm-store. leather dog  Dog harness,Leather dog harnesses, Nylon dog harness, Spiked dog harnesses, Padded dog harness, Custom dog harnesses. Made of finest quality soft and strong leather with solid Brass buckles and rings that won't rust for long life. Find this Pin and more on HEROES! by maiyling. Add to Cart with our leather hand protector. Dog Training. Collars , Police dog Harness, Leads, Tracking equipment, Bite Sleeves, Dog Physio - SchH / IPO. All of our It has a padded breast plate that absorbs the shock of a strong dog hitting the end of a line during bite work. This Awesome Leather Harness isn't meant for long police or search/rescue tracks as well as long distance tracking. This item is a jute training bite pillow. There are various designs depending on the type of use, whether it be for assistance to a person with a disability, hauling a cart or sled, or pulling a human being, such as in skijoring or pulka. 90. Perfect Doberman Guide Dog Harness with Reflective Strips Quick View. The Padded Leather Protection and Tracking Dog Harness has a padded breast plate and has 5 points of adjustment  Everyone has there own preference when it comes to a Nylon or Leather dog harness. Harnesses are also commonly worn by  Need a harness? Check out this Reliable Padded Leather Bulldog Harness! This is the best product for such activities as walking and attack training! and riveted so it won't pull out. weekly 0. German Shepherd dog harness, German Shepherd dog muzzle, German Shepherd dog collar, Dog leash GERMAN SHEPHERD Padded Dog Harness H10 Our Padded Leather Dog harness is great for Schutzhund / Police K9 protection Work and can be used as a tracking harness for short tracks for big dogs Belgian Malinois harness, Belgian Malinois dog muzzle, Belgian Malinois dog collar, Dog leash Padded Adjustable Leather Malinois Harness for Tracking And Walking [H3###1065 Leather Harness With Chest Plate] - Elegant Training Leather Dog Harness for Belgian Malinois Are you ready to train your Malinois? Are you  American PitBull Terrier Harness, Collar, Leash, Muzzle, Pitbull Supplies Pitbull Leather Dog Harness for tracking, training, walking [H1###1072 Agitation dog harness] - Walking dog harness for Pitbull Heavy duty full leather Protection harness. 6 Jul 2011 Quick Release Padded Leather Protection and Tracking Harness This protection and tracking leather dog harness (handmade from Amish leather) is the number one choice for agitation work, post work and tracking. Electronic Identification Systems Used for Inventory and Tracking of Commodity Co Commodity Code Title. New. The harness features two leash attachment points: an aluminum V-ring centered on the dog's back for everyday walks, and reinforced webbing at the dog's chest for training or additional control. Cockerels, All Types, Starter. Products 1 - 26 of 26 Check the category Doberman Dog Harnesses and you will find leather dog harnesses, nylon dog harnesses for walking and training. Dog harness,Leather dog harnesses, nylon dog harness, spiked dog harnesses, padded dog harness, custom dog harnesses, Best dog harness : Tracking / Pulling / Walking Leather Dog Harness - Chain/Pinch/Prong Dog Collar Dog Muzzle/Leather Muzzles Dog Harness/Leather Harness Dog Leashes/Leather Leads Dog  Leather Dog harnesses for working dogs - leather tracking harness,leather agitation harness,leather protection harness,leather pulling harness,leather padded You can be police officer,federal agency agent,schutzhund enthusiast or just person who cares about his/her dog. With plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten . Products 1 - 15 of 15 Choose EMS-Express shipping and don't wait the chosen Staffie harnesses for too long. Pet Harness. Z. Made of finest quality soft and strong leather with solid nickel buckles and rings that won't rust for long life. au/product/sinful-colors-professional-15ml-jade-kat-nail-polish/1800818 0. It is a nice step up from the round jute tug toy. This soft chest dog harness is made of natural leather of high quality with felt padding and brass fittings. Due to its light weight your puppy doesn't feel restricted or tired during his activity. 95. Are you looking for a harness to be just right for pulling dogs and can't find it? We are glad to present to your attention all-purpose leather harness for pulling dogs. Products 1 - 23 of 23 Agitation/Attack/Protection Leather Dog Harness for Great Dane Dogs · All Weather Nylon Dog Harness-SAR Rottweiler Dog Harness Padded All Over · Tracking/Pulling/Agitation Leather Dog Harness for Cane Corso Breed. D ring is stitched and rivetted Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Dog Harness. 38 postage. Choose a dog supply you want. SUIT THY YOKE Some shoulder straps sprout from the harness in a Y, others in an H. Tracking dog harness leather design is made for multipurpose use on your four-legged friend and intended for middle and large dog breeds. 95 The RedLine K9 Patrol harness is suited for both Protection and tracking. interlining, filling or padding is the only textile portion of the product (with the outer part made of a non-textile material like rubber, vinyl, fur or leather), the  Items 1 - 24 of 87 I am an old Simpson made the company's first belt with scrap leather and a dog leash in his college dorm room. In order to handle such a dog strong and reliable  Get high quality Rottweiler dog training equipment like training dog harness,walking dog harness,tracking dog harness,dog muzzles,dog collars,dog leads and. Here you can find convenient padded leather muzzles, walking and training leashes, spiked and studded collars and different interactive dog toys. Our harness will make the  Dog harnesses for working dogs - tracking harness,agitation harness,protection harness,pulling harness etc. au/product/arrow-puppy-collar--lead-set/1578303 0. Great Dane harness, Great Dane dog muzzle, Great Dane dog collar, Dog leash Classic Design Genuine Leather Great Dane Harness [H3###1094 Tracking/walking dog harness] - Perfect Leather Harness for Great Dane Great Dane is a powerful and large breed. The main difference is the two additional 'D' rings on either side of the Yurkiw harness that can be used for pulling. The dogs have to be a minimum of twenty months old to qualify for LevelThree certification, and I spent an extra four months training them for advanced titles in protection and tracking. Padded using extra thick Mil Spec mesh on chest plate and back. KONG Rubber Dog Toys. $209. Ryan Newman attend Wallflower Jeans Fashion Night Out With This Pin was discovered by Lkm. Excellent for schutzhund trials and police dog protection training. Model: H2R##1011 Leather tracking/walking harness with decoration Amstaff Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Dog Harness  Rosewood Reflective Soft Protection Nylon Padded Dog Collar. So, your puppy will enjoy wearing this harness as  Products 1 - 26 of 26 Agitation/Protection Leather Cane Corso Harness · Comfortable Made for pulling and tracking harness is built for strength,comfort and safety for Cane New Price Natural leather is a guarantee of durability that won't surrender to the power of your pet and will help him to develop his natural qualities. 040-28. Products 1 - 35 of 35 Pitbull online store offers you a wide range of dog training equipment among which you can find nylon and leather harnesses for walking and training. Check out our holiday Pod Trackers GPS & WiFi Pet Tracker. AU $10. Pet Grooming. jpg https://www. Regular: $118. Products 1 - 29 of 29 A wide range of dog harnesses won't leave you indifferent. Multi-purpose harness: Constructed with Metal cobra buckle, mil-spec V ring and tubing reinforced handle Resin coated (to resist fraying) T-13 mil-spec webbing. . Genuine leather sole with "T" straps and CARRERA breathable leather like uppers 2. case is constructed to offer specifically fulltime protection your professional Mixer Sound Devices 688 T , made of Cordura® with the warranty certificate, well padded with  4 days ago 7 Apr 2017 This follows a choreographed video for album track “Into The White”, a 3D video for the single “Light”, and a cover of Weezer's “Say It Ain't So”. This training supply is strong and easily withstands excessive overloads. Unique Hand-Made Leather Black Russian Terrier Dog Harness. $56. If you prefer period of service and a warranty of quality – turn your attention to  Our staff has personally tested almost all of the products in the store and can answer any question about everything we carry. This heavy duty Protection leather dog harness is valuable tool for agitation work,designed to withstand the rigors of professional K9 duties. T Leather Dog Harness For Tracking , German Shepherd. Rolled Leather Handle. Some you can adjust to suit your neck and shoulders. 040-30. Select Options · Add to Wishlist; Add to Compare. 15 March, 2018 by Fidelia. There is a lightweight belly-plate that is not padded. When your dog doesn't behave himself calm while going for a walk, it is comfortable to use harnesses that allow holding your pet without pulling him on the leash. You will notice that there are not only different size lengths, but different widths of collars as well. 68. You should choose a dog harness of nylon if you are  Trusted by professional dog trainers, emergency services and pet owners across Europe, we provide high quality harnesses and other dog equipment. Expertly crafted to provide maximum strength and durability. 00 DOG LEATHER PADDED HARNESS PROTECTION AGITATION TRACKING SCHUTZHUND AMISH MADE . The Patrol, Multi Purpose and Protection and  The black latigo leather tracking harness is ideal for tracking and one of the best all-around leather harnesses available. Shar Pei Breed Exclusive Padded Leather Harness for Walking and Training with Brass Fittings. From China. High quality proteins, crisp vegetables, sauces prepared in-house and we never use MSG. The tracking harness is made of leather or nylon. 27 Sep 2017 The most popular ways to use such a dog harness are attack/protection training, sports competitions, Schutzhund training, French ring, training of police and military dogs. electronic shock collars for dogs how to use shock dog collars electric shock collars for  2 Jul 2014 Part of the FTC's consumer protection mission is to give businesses the information they need to comply with the rules and regulations the agency . Open Nose Studded Leather Belgian Malinois Muzzle With Nappa Padding. New  Products 1 - 29 of 29 Strong Agitation/Protection Leather Harness For German Shepherd Dog Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Dog Harness . 16034 - XL. Pet Bag. The leather is the finest you can buy. Check a wide range of harnesses for large and medium dog breeds. Does Not Restrict Dog's Movement; Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors; Extremely Strong Lightweight and Very Comfortable. electronic shock collars for dogs dog training collar vibration electric shock collars for dogs waterproof remote control dog device charging electric shock dog collars australia. harness for use of any MOLLE or MALICE-type pouches, attached with magazine pouches, water bottles, food snacks, etc. This best  Products 1 - 25 of 25 Choosing the right collar for your dog is very important; it needs to be comfortable, as well as being the right size and weight for them. com offer Latigo  The tracking harness is designed to fit almost any size working dog. ELITE K-9, CANINE, WORKING, DOG, MILITARY, POLICE, EQUIPMENT, OFFICER, TRAINING, PROFESSIONAL, PROTECTION, GUARD DOGS, GERMAN SHEPHERDS, SCHUTZHUNDK9, Canines, Police Dogs, Police Canines,Police K9, Narcotic Dogs, Narcotic Canines, Narcotic K9, K9 Training,Canine Training,  Products 1 - 22 of 22 Buy our handmade Dog Harnesses at Guaranteed Cheapest Prices for handcrafted leather dog harnesses, spiked dog harness and more kind of dog harnesses. uk. Because of the  Beauty and the Bold Leather Dog Collar Beauty and the Bold - Spiked Collar. It's an extremely low light, black & white camera that uses enhanced IR illumination to see in areas most can't. Leashes, Collars, Harnesses Simple Treasure - Leather Collar. Velcro panel down the back for any patch furniture. We feel that all dog supplies need to be effective and functional and if your ball, tracking harness or ear-wash doesn't perform like it should, bring it back! Products 1 - 29 of 29 Model: H6###1042 Pulling/Tracking Light Weight Nylon Dog Harness. Usually, it's then treated and colored to In 1953, Marlon Brando wore  2 days ago ALMOND SUEDE; BLACK LEATHER. 7 2018-03-14 http://www. Leather, Shoe: Sole Bends, Split, and Upper. Exclusive handcrafted soft padded leather Doberman harness  Products 1 - 34 of 34 Our Mastiff Dog Supplies include Leather, Nylon, Studded, Spiked Harnesses for professional or everyday usage - training, walking, visiting a vet Leather Lightweight Dog Harness for Mastiff Tracking Work, Walking and Training . and their owners! Your four-legged friend deserves the best equipment, doesn't he? Superb leather harness for tracking/training/pulling  Saltwater can be harsh, so after a visit to the ocean, a good rinse in fresh water and proper conditioning will help preserve and protect your treasured leash or collar. With 4 points of adjustment this harness is extremely  The is a compact, lightweight camera that mounts to the hind quarters of dogs allowing handlers to accurately see what the dog sees. e. Your dog should be physically fit all the time. Handmade Leather Dog Collar. Although, Black Russian Terriers are not so sporty and athletic, they are devoted friends and are ready to protect their owner at any moment. Dogs, All Types. This Dog Harness is a favo. This Padded Harness for English Bulldog provides a comfortable and snug fit for your dog. The gear can be used for walking as well as for pulling according to your  Products 1 - 24 of 55 Need to get a top quality dog harness for walking and training? Nylon dog harness or leather dog harness will make any pet's activity pleasant and joyful. The bite pillow is not as intimidating as a sleeve for a beginner  This Puppy Harness is extremely strong and soft due to the full grain leather it is made of. Wide harness' parts do not cut into puppy's skin. In addition it has a padded shoulder straps to protect the dog in a long track. 99 21st Century™ Essential Pet™ Protective Inflatable Pet Collar. LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE – With its Peter Pan collar,  Whether you are ordering delivery, visiting one of our locations or catering your next get-together, every meal is made-to-order using fresh ingredients and we don't skimp on the details. See below for more specific information. 040-35. $8. Leather collars are reliable and strong, they fit for daily walks and  Leather Chest Protect Dog Harness Adjustable Tracking Working 5 colors Size Girth XS S M L XL Sturdy Black Blue Brown White Red Pitbull For all dog breeds. 040-37. Here's a dog training ball you won't have to replace every 2 weeks these new dog training. AFL Dog e Crochet. German Shepherd Equipment Canada-Here you can have Leathe Dog Harnesses,Nylon Dog Harnesses,Tracking Dog Harnesses,Pulling Harnesses,Wire Dog Muzzles,Cage Dog Muzzles,Leather Dog Collars,Prong Collars,Pinch Collars,Leather Dog Leashes/Leads. Padded Tracking Dog Harness UK - Perfect Variant for Dog Walking, Training and Sports What do you need a dog harness for? Do you need  Bullmastiff dog harness, Bullmastiff dog muzzle, Bullmastiff dog collar BULLMASTIFF Padded Dog Harness H10 [H10##1076 Exclusive Luxury Harrness] This Padded Leather Protection and Tracking Dog Harness has a padded breast plate which is designed in ergonomic "Y" shape to avoid cutting into dogs throat Agitation / Protection / Attack Leather Dog Harness · All Weather Nylon dog harness for tracking · Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Dog Harness · Luxury handcrafted leather dog harness · Resources · Royal Dog Harness · Spiked Walking dog harness · Studded Walking dog harness · Tracking / Pulling  Leather dog harnesses, service dog harnesses and nylon dog harnesses are sensual piece of equipment for your IPO or Schutzhund Dog Training. British style Plaid Dog Vest Winter Coat Warm Dog Apparel for Cold Weather Dog Jacket for Small Medium Large dogs with Furry Collar (XS - 3XL ),Beige S. But that does not mean you should not train or play with it. NOW HAS VELCRO ON FRONT CHEST STRAPS!! Adjustments  Leather Dog Harness with Chest Pad for Medium and Large Dogs. Electronic Shock Collars For Dogs. This product is more comfortable for a dog to wear when walking as he won't be choked by a collar. This is truly beautiful piece of hand made working dog equipment! One of the  The breast plate is made with our high quality latigo leather and padded with thick felt padding. EUR 111. We stock a wide selection for bothSchutzhund and Police K9 tracking dog and protection dog work, padded or unpadded Dog Harnesses , all are made with expert European craftsmanship. They are very strong and once on - won't be noticeable - They are very smart good quality collars. Dog Harness - Patrol Dog Harness - Tactical Insertion Sling, Yurkiw Dog Harness - RedLine K9 Hero Harness - RedLine K9 Ergo Harness - Padded Leather Quick Release  Products 1 - 21 of 21 Rottweiler dog harness, Rottweiler dog muzzle, Rottweiler dog collar, Dog leash : Leather Harnesses - Chain/Prong Dog Collars Bite Sleeve/Covers basket muzzle, leather dog muzzles, spiked dog collars, padded dog collars, bite sleeves, tracking dog harnesses, Schutzhund supplies, dog leads,  A dog harness is piece of equipment for dogs, generally similar to harness tack for horses. Pet links on Scoop Masters dog poop pick up service website. Leather, Harness. 28 to AU $14. Protection Dog Harness Bestseller for Stafford Attack Training . It has comfortable soft padding, so your dog won't feel any  Tracking Leather Harness for English Bulldog. Quickshop. 5 Sizes  Products 1 - 27 of 27 Luxury Handicraft Leather Dog Harness-Custom Multitasking Doberman Harness. ” He shrugged. L: 16" - 40" • W: 1½" • Black, Brown, Tan  10 Jun 2016 Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness (on Amazon) – Tracking & Leather Harness Embark Active Dog Harness – Padded, No Pull Harness PADDING: Something is has that most dog harnesses don't have is lightweight padding that makes wearing a harness extremely comfortable for your dog, and  The tracking harness should be with the light weight and be padded preferably. Dog Car Accessories. Made from strong sole leather with padding insid. This padded leather tracking harness features a handle for easy control and it runs lengthwise for minimal hang-ups, a thick padded breastplate perfect for tracking or as a protection training harness, stitched and riveted for over-the-top strength. EUR 3. L: 16" - 40" • W: 1½" • Black, Brown, Tan, Pink, White. Our Padded Leather Protection and tracking dog harness is hand made in America, this Leather Dog harness is great for Schutzhund / Police K9 protection Work and can be used for a tracking dog Harness. Strong Nylon Adjustable Padded Large Dog Harness For Labradors German Shepherd . Significant advantage of this harness is its decoration. We can offer you Amstaff leather harnesses, nylon harnesses, padded harnesses for walking, training, tracking, pulling, agitation/protection, dog  Buy this tracking leather harness for effective training and walking your Belgian Malinois! Soft padding on the chest and back plates provides your Belgian Malinois with maximum comfort and freedom. Padded Protection and Tracking Leather Dog Harness. Earthworms. Model: H7###1017 Leather tracking dog harness. Padded Protection and Tracking Leather Dog Harness for Protection and Schutzhund Training from Wiredog. Krush Kennel . Leather and Nylon Dog Products. It features a fleece-lined padded breastplate for all-day comfort, brass-plated hardware for strength and durability and a low-profile handle running lengthwise down the back for easy access and control  Our Padded Leather Protection and tracking dog harness is hand made in America, this Leather Dog harness is great for Schutzhund / Police K9 protection Work and can be used for a tracking dog Harness. This tool evenly distributes tension from pulling as opposed to a normal collar. Velcro on chest plate and back. Results 1 - 48 of 85 Intermediate Dog Bite Sleeve Training Schutzhund Police K9 Rottweiler Guard Dog. The most important thing to avoid is chewing: please don't leave your dog unsupervised, because leather is a pretty  Our Padded Leather Dog Harness is made with durable latigo leather, ideal for agitation, tracking, & schutzhund work



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