6wt fly rod shootout

Caples ). I used to fly fish for pike but I've gotten into trout fishing recently and the 8wt is a little overkill. I am in no way affiliated with Clutch, but I think it's seriously shitty when Yellowstone takes time to slam a company, a new American  20 Feb 2017 So, I took Friday off and tried out a new fly rod/reel. We take a look at some of the benefits of the Sage X Fly Rod vs Sage One Fly Rod. In recent decades, Hardy was the manufacturer you turned to if you smoked a pipe and spoke like Rex Harrison, but it's interesting to note that they - and the formerly tweed-friendly Orvis - both now offer cutting-edge fly rod technology (they'd suggest "industry-leading" technology), which is proof, I suppose, that you write off  8 Mar 2016 Most guys seem to like it with the 6 wt line, but to me the 5 wt is perfection. For this reason, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to match a fly rod's weight to a fly line's weight. Also, a great rod weight for Carp and bass. I would love this rod in a 6wt. A good six-weight rod is a perfect choice for many  Once in a while in our Shootouts we'll find a rod that feels and performs so much better than anything else, and this is why we gave the Sky a perfect score in the This rod will blast hoppers out there with authority, and we also love it for fishing two nymphs under and indicator, for both large river and stillwater situations. With that in mind, any suggestions on a new rod?. I think about 33 different rods were trialed. I am by no means an expert caster. 26. 6WT SPEY. I have personally casted all  Won “Best Overall Rod” in George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler 2016 6-WT Shootout; S6-12wt designed in faster saltwater actions; Specialty Euro style nymphing rods in 10-11' 2-4 WT; Reverse Western grip on 2-6wt models; Full wells grip on all 7-12wt models; Lifetime warranty on all Douglas SKY series rods  27 Mar 2015 Favorite All Around Five Weight – Since being introduced in 2014 the Accel has quickly become my go to all around trout rod, replacing my Hardy Zenith. 6 wt. Great rods which I would totally  13 Feb 2017 The fast action fly rod market has been completely redefined by three rods: the Scott Radian, Sage X and G. Bury- Winston BIIIX 9 ft. I have been fly fishing for a few years now using a 8wt rod. In many cases, anglers quickly reduce their choice to one of these three  $700 Fly Rod vs. Doesn't keep memory which is an absolute bonus for fishing lakes in winter. It also felt that way to others in the review. 27 Jun 2014 I want an all round rod and will be using it for a range of conditions ; throwing Simons Uglies on the Taupo Rivers in winter, dry fly/dropper rigs on the Central NI rivers in summer and dry fly on the SI rivers ( e. Rod manufacturers continue to innovate, constantly incorporating new materials and technologies, and dramatically improving rods across the price spectrum. They load each rod with the same reels, same  G Loomis Streamdance GLX - High Line Speed Fly Rod. SHOOTOUT. These guys really go into massive detail about the rods, testing each aspect. Loomis 1st (NRX LP) and 9th place (PRO4x LP) out of 30 rods 2016 Yellowstone 6 wt. I was and I am a big fan of Sage fly rod. . Johnny Mac- Winston  Hi all, don't mean to promote another website, but I was on the www. In almost any process of selecting a top quality trout rod, one or all of these enters the pool of consideration. I felt that the easiest and most . But there were a number of other standout rods and reels this  Had a chance to meet the guys at a fly fishing show in Somerset NJ, and cast their ruds. Even in a 5 weight, you can have a nymphing, dry fly, or do it all rod. Also a good bass, pike, or wiper rod. We get lots of requests for Shootouts on other weights of rods, like 4-weights, 6 and 7 weights, and then even 10 and 11-weights. Shootout - G. If you use an 8wt in Colorado, you are  I have been fly fishing for about two years. Loomis 2nd (NRX) and 3rd place (GLX), 1st (NRX PRO1) and 2nd (GLX) in one piece rods  10 Oct 2016 The Sage X Fly rod is the follow up to the successful Sage On Fly Rod. It would also be interesting to know what percentage of these customers walk out of the shop, cheerfully  10 Feb 2017 In this complete Fenwick Aetos fly rod review, we will cover the specs, looks, and performance of this quite popular fly rod. I initially thought this year's news would be a single story. Tight line methods made their way to the US via international fly fishing competitions in the 80's and 90's,  27 Feb 2017 What makes a 6wt rod the best 6wt fly rod? While the 5wt fly rod is often a good all around fly fishing rod, it does lack in several aspects of fly fishing that a 6wt rod will excel at. wicking rod sock and powder coated, lightweight aluminum tube; Won “Best Overall Rod” in George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler 2016 6-WT Shootout  16 Aug 2012 I still like the old Winston Traditional taper in the 6wt with a Ross Cimarron reel. Does anyone know of a good comparison among the many different rods? I'm looking for a 6wt to blind cast streamers to tailwater stripers all day long. Czech nymphing, tight-line nymphing, French nymphing… What does it mean? Simply, it's just a different way of fishing a nymph. Fly Shop  5 Jan 2011 Yellowstone Angler has a brand new 5 weight fly rod shootoutand the results are pretty interesting. Today let's take at look the results. I think it is time to upgrade ha ha. What a great rod. N40's Annual Fly. The Sky won the Yellowstone Angler 2016 6wt Rod Shootout. It is the "go to" rod for several of our guides and is a true "feel good" rod with super light smooth feel, but has surprising power that comes out of nowhere! This rod features the finest components  22 Aug 2008 BUT – few people are willing to part with $1145 for a two-piece fly rod and then have to wait 6 months or more to get their hands on it. That makes me old and the young guides call my rods buggy whippy. ) I'll put it down if I need a long rod, or to throw really heavy stuff, but as an all around 5 wt it is the best I know, both as a casting tool and when playing  26 Sep 2016 Default Re: 2016 Yellowstone 6 Weight Shootout. 8 wt – Fangmouth. While I don't know much about the 5wt XLS, I do own a 6wt 4pce. tridentflyfishing. 6wt rods allow you to pick up more line and heavier flies and deliver it back into the strike zone much quicker than your typical 5wt. Why I prefer this rod series to others is that the  I was in need of a 6wt so today I purchased a TFO BVK 9" 6wt and was hoping someone may be able to suggest a line that suits it? Anglers rod shootout[/url:1bix8f7r] recommends the Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout line. Original films from North 40. I have a beginner setup I picked up from Gander Mountain. VIDEOS. If you were fishing a large western river, you do not dare hit the water without one. N40 reviews the Commando head and Lazar line. 5 foot and 9 foot 3wt - the shorter one is awesome, the longer one, well, a 9 foot 3wt is asking a lot. It's unique 27 Apr 2017 - 7 min - Uploaded by Red's Fly ShopI recently did some test casting with the Redington VICE. I mainly fish the tailwaters. I think it is a great rod, but just a tad bit too stiff and fast. We were anxious to see how the latest new rods would stack up against our top 2016 Shootout rods like the Scott Meridian and Loomis NRX. $300 Fly Rod - Distance Contest. Having had the opportunity  24 Jun 2014 The Scott Radian is also another one of those rods who has a great following. 1 Aug 2016 I'm just back from the International Fly Tackle Dealers show in Orlando and honestly still recovering. Reviews should pique your interest, maybe steer your decision a little, but they should never outright disqualify an option. Below we break down the best fly rods of 2017-2018, from high-end  22 Jan 2018 2018 European-Style Nymphing Fly Rod Shootout and Fly Rod Review. Read our reviews on 2-handed rods. On the other hand, you'll be . February 12, 2015. For lake fishing, unless I am casting a dry, I will never go lighter than a 6wt, and sometimes even bring my 8wt, just to ensure that I can deal with the wind. Landed a 32 inch bully with this. As I mentioned previously, I got an Allen Kraken reel and a Douglas Sky 9' 6wt rod. com. Shop Summit. Sage 9 foot 5 wt Z-axis - this is a stiff rod, you have to over line it to 6 wt and then it's fine. Sage Vantage 7. 32. 16 Mar 2017 Sage Xi3 vs Salt. I personally have an all-around 6wt and another  15 Feb 2017 - 6 min - Uploaded by hooked4lifecaRecently had the opportunity to cast the G. We hope to tackle some of these in the future, but we felt that a 6-weight shootout had more relevance as a great all around fly-fishing tool. I've read the rod reviews from the USA ( Yellow Stone anglers rod shootout reports)  28 Oct 2015 It would be interesting to know the number of customers we see come into the shop intent on doing something every one of us has done in the past-- otherwise known as purchase their first fly rod. TWISP. au website last night and was reading the results of the 6 weight fly rod shootout. So I'm kinda looking for a good 6wt rod, I'm not concerned about budget. So so stuff: St Croix Legend  STING. Do more expensive rods perform better? We get this question all time. Great for throwing meaty stuff to hungry trout. Besides, if you already have a 4wt rod, I would definitely get a different weight to round out your quiver. Which one is Sage's best heavy saltwater rod. com/fly- rods/winston 21 Apr 2015 - 1 min - Uploaded by WIFinlander Guide ServiceThis was the second (out of 10) steelhead for the day. I matched it for 9 Mar 2017 - 6 min - Uploaded by Trident Fly FishingFree Shipping - Shop Now: http://www. If anyone has  29 Jan 2016 As someone who has written more fly rod reviews than he can remember, I have some straight advice to offer: Don't ever NOT buy a fly rod based on anything you read. Species-wise, I'd suggest the most practical applications for the 6wt  14 Mar 2013 A 9 ½ 6 wt is a fantastic Stillwater rod to cast sinking lines. For example, if you have a light fly rod  20 Oct 2017 If you're in the market for a new fly rod, there's never been a better time. I have found what looks to be a good deal on some older rods (Scott STS 906/3 and Sage RPLXi 690-3). flylife. 7 wt – Muscle Arms. 8 Sep 2017 A 5-6wt rod is most popular, as it can be used for both small fish, trout, and some bass. Caught 1 Crappie at the first one, 1 Bluegill at the second one, skunked  1 Jan 2017 Hardy Zenith 9 foot 5 wt - excellent rod. This new fast action rod from Winston premiered at the 2012 Fly Fishing Retailer show this  25 Jul 2014 It is the only rod I know of that you can throw a size 20 dry fly on a ten foot 6x tippet and have a nice turn over and tippet protection then go and throw a streamer or double nymph rig with ease. Loomis Asquith. 24. g. I appreciate the work they put into these shootouts. I bought it back in 2011 for pike and it was a instant love. The Accel series get's its technology foundation from the now retired Z-Axis line of fly rods, which I loved. And the winner is… Best Beach Rod- Winston B3sx. Jake- Winston BIIIX 9 ft. This year Sage's MOD and Scott's Meridian earned top honors for best freshwater and saltwater fly rods and Nautilus' X reel took both best new fly reel honors. The scale measures the thickness and weight of fly line that the rod is able to handle. It was for some  The finest rods in fishing! This new range of versatile four piece fresh and saltwater rods is constructed with the next generation of nano carbon matrix materials. I'm new to fly  2016 Yellowstone 5 wt. for  5 Oct 2017 At traditional trout fishing distances, the Kairos does well at casting off the tip and presenting flies lightly enough to fool most fish. They are fast, but anything but "club like" and abysmal like they say in this review. Anyway, I fished 6 ponds on Friday. (I know Lugan throws streamers in small water, so that is a 6wt exception maybe. I cast this rod along several others and felt it was a bit too stiff for an all around rod for me. In casting the rod that we thought could challenge for the winner in this shootout, we were less enthusiastic. We will be posting our in-depth video coverage soon, but for now, here's an overview of the new fly rods coming in 2017. Loomis - Shimano Asquith 9' 6 wt. Hopefully, you will be 6wt 8wt 8wt 3wt 4wt 5wt 5/6wt 6/7wt 7/8wt 8/9wt 9/10wt 10/11wt. RHW RHW RHW RHW RHW RHW FW+EH FW+EH RHW+EH RHW+EH RHW+EH TPSF TPSF I'm researching 9' "saltwater" 6wts. Posted April 6, 2017. Larger rod and larger flies for larger fish. Since most manufacturers released the rods in mid-July at the ICAST show, we have gotten our hands on all the new ones, and have done a lot of casting and fishing with them. Here is a rod that has too soft a  6 Apr 2017 There was a time when 9 foot 6wt fly rods were the go-to piece of equipment when an angler was looking to toss heavy streamers with accuracy. Over time, advances in technology have resulted in many lighter 5wt fly rods  29 Mar 2017 Members; 242; 450 posts. So in keeping with the new fangled guides I have tried to grab a few of the rods from our clients at lunch and bend some graphite. This is the High Line Speed model and is the All Star of the GLX Lineup. TURNOUT. OPST. Loomis 2nd (Asquith) and 3rd place (NRX) out of 16 rods 2016 Yellowstone 8 wt. com/fly-rods/g-loomis-fly- rods/g 25 Apr 2014 - 4 min - Uploaded by Red's Fly ShopWe hosted a very competitive 9' 5 weight fly casting championship at our Red's Rendezvous 7 Sep 2016 - 8 min - Uploaded by Trident Fly FishingFree Shipping - Shop Now: Winston Nexus: http://www. The 6wt, though, is more a rod I'd use for streamers and driftboat fishing than small Rocky Mountain streams. The broomstick shootout!!! One statement ahead. If you notice a  10 Jan 2013 Yesterday I posted the first part of this report covering the Why, How and the Fly Lines used in our 6 weight beach rod shootout. Although this rod didn't win the shootout, keep in mind it is over $400 less money! Also, it made smooth casts with  8 Sep 2015 Rods and reels are usually the products that get more attention than everything else. James- Winston BIIIX 9 ft. I fish mostly on the bow and small hike in alpine lakes in k-country. Anyone considering a new factory 5wt, will be well advised to read the article. But in the higher line weights, you end up getting different actions for different purposes. . I finally decided to put this to rest. The Sage Xi3 #9 was my very first heavier fly rod. ALLENGE alvin on! 10. Neither of them is infallible]