McDonald's No-Lead Brass alloy shall contain not more than one fifth of one percent (0. < 0. Brass is a metal alloy with copper and zinc as the main content. C90700 Tin Bronze, 65. C23000 Red Brass chemical composition. Alloy C89833 is a lead-free solution option for C83600 Red Brass that  Alloy C35330 Brass is a copper-zinc-lead alloy with small proportions of arsenic, mainly having alpha phase structure in the as used heat treated condition, with fine dispersion of lead particles. 05% Iron (Fe) = max. 002 to 0. The tensile properties, hardness, density, and electrical resistivity of the sand-cast bars, in general  Red brass is a copper zinc alloy with nominal composition of 85 percent copper, 15 percent zinc, with some traces of iron and lead. 02. Alloy C83600, the most common red brass, is called 85 metal or 85-5-5-5. Other. These varying mixtures produce a wide range of properties and variation in color. Alloy Name: Red Brass. 19 Nov 2012 Red brass UNS C23000 has a copper content of not less than 85. Yield Strength, psi, 57,300. Effect of sulphur and iron on physical properties of cast red brass (85Cu 5Sn 5Zn 5Pb. Physical Properties  Nominal Composition. Some Metals and Alloys. 326. This download will use 0 of your credits. Red brass has good sliding and emergency running properties. Product Category, Product, Reason Category, Reason. Lead is used to improve machinability and bearing properties, at the cost of toxicity. Iron (Fe), 0. 3376 | E. Density; Tensile Strength, Ultimate; Elongation at Break, In 50 mm; Modulus of Elasticity; Poissons Ratio; Machinability, UNS C36000 (free-cutting brass) = 100%; Shear Modulus; Shear Strength; Electrical Resistivity; Electrical Resistivity, liquid phase; Magnetic Susceptibility, Approximately, cgs units  Among wrought copper alloys, the composition of C23000 brass is notable for containing comparatively high amounts of iron (Fe) and lead (Pb). Increased amounts of zinc provide the material with improved strength and ductility. Pb. Plumbing. 9888 ameritube. Nickel (Ni):, -. 318 u 20-300 68-570 18. 84. Rockwell Hardness, B77. Applications :. NOTE: The physical properties are average. C83600 Red Brass. Tube. The physical properties red brass (C2100) are as follows. Red Brass. Castings, SAE, J461, WROUGHT AND CAST COPPER ALLOYS. Etching Parts, Mechanical Properties, Moderate Strength. The pipe Standard applicable is ASTM B 43 - Seamless Red Brass Pipe Chemical Composition Copper (Cu) = 84. 0 u 20-300 68-570 18 d C83800, CA838, Hydraulic Bronze, 83-4-6-7, 83Cu-4Sn-6Pb-7Zn  Properties of. 4 955 1750 2 6 C85400 Leaded brass 1. C90500 Gun Metal. 0. ALLOYS • RESISTANCE information on properties and specifications are shown on page 85. Y. Quality delivers the following types of pipe: In-Stock for Immediate Delivery. (mass content in %). Leaded red brass alloys are most commonly used in plumbing applications. This is due to the high concentration of copper used to form the alloy. C86500 Manganese Bronze. The lead content ensures pressure tightness. Trim, Appearance, Appearance. It is therefore used for hydraulic systems, sliding bearings, gear wheels, worm gearing and diverse fittings. 06% min  1000 n. Tube,. Fixtures; Fittings; Flanges  Farmer's Copper Ltd. close. Al. Strip. why is red brass worth more than yellow brass? Red brass has more copper in its composition. Quality Pipe Products develops customer focused processes that are fast and adaptive, designed to provide the lowest cost piping possible from our total quality environment. Pipe. 318 u 20-200 68-390 18. Fasteners. Normally composed of brass pipe requirements. Specifications for C23000 Red Brass  C23000 brass is the most durable of all metals for commercial water pipe applications, costume jewelry, fire hose couplings, zippers, condenser and heat exchanger tubes. Metal Suppliers Online contains a wealth of metal properties as well as other reference tools. Table 1 Foundry properties of the principal copper alloys for sand casting rating (a) Fluidity rating (a) °C °F C83600 Leaded red brass 5. Tags. Impellers; Pump Fixtures; Levers; Valve Bodies; Bearings; Gears; Fittings; High Strength, Thin Walled Die Castings. maintains an inventory of C23000 red brass pipe and fittings and is the most durable of all metals for commercial water pipe. C85700 Leaded Yellow Brass. Finned. 15. 0 to 86. 0  Mechanical Properties* . 0 . Other Named Elements. This listing and the . C230 Red Brass. Generally, the softer the material the warmer and darker the sound  zinc, tin and lead is known as 'red brass', but in the UK this alloy is classified as a leaded gunmetal with the EN optimum combination of properties of strength, ductility and minimal directionality which make it the alpha brasses, normally of 70/30 composition but often containing alloying additions which enhance  Description : Cartridge Brass also known as yellow brass has a nominal composition of 70% copper and 30% zinc. Zn. Brass is a metal made of copper and zinc, having a muted yellow color, somewhat similar to gold. 05. hwy 77 hillsboro, tx 76645 p 254. The most popular alloy in this family is C84400 Leaded Red Brass which is known for its reasonable cost, good machining and casting properties. 8 940 1725 4 3 C85800 Yellow brass 2. C84400 Semi-Red Brass. MAGNESIUM ALLOYS • TITANIUM. 1. Nipples. Iron is used to increase strength inexpensively. Fittings. Typical Uses Builders Hardware. Small Boat Propellers; Boat Parts. 6 Aug 2012 Brass is a term that refers to a wide range of copper-zinc alloys with different properties that include machinability, strength, hardness, wear-resistance, ductility, corrosion-resistance, antimicrobial, electrical and thermal conductivity and color. C87600 Copper Silicon. Tin (Sn):, -. UNS C23000 or 230 brass or Red brass or EN CW502L has good corrosion resistance against seawater. 580. For example: Red brass, not surprisingly, is warmer in color than other brasses. 05 . Lead (Pb), 0. C87500 Copper Silicon. 5–1. Specifications, Chemical Properties, Mechanical Properties. com. Phosphorus (P):, -. Please click the confirm button if you are sure you want to continue. MB15 is a red brass having fine gloss, good workability, drawability and corrosion resistance. It has a machinability rating of 30. C86300 Manganese Bronze. To complement our pipe inventory, ask about our brass threaded fittings, flanges and brass nipples. The Spec Sheet provides detailed information associated with the alloy such as the chemistry, phyical properties and typical uses. 05% min. Each type of brass has its own name, qualities, and uses. Zinc (Zn):  C89833. Architecture, Etching Parts, Appearance, Appearance. UNS Copper Alloy C89836 Mechanical properties and Chemical composition have been certified by A. 0% Lead (Pb) = max. Jordan Brookes | Northern & Southern California | C23000, Red Brass 85/15, Brass, C230, 230, CDA230, CA230, 23000, 85/15 Red Brass, C23000 is an alloy used in numerous decorative applications where a golden red hue is desirable. Zinc (Zn), 15%. Clamps; Hexagonal Nuts. Brass is a metallic alloy that is made of copper and zinc. The other metals incorporated along with the two main components of the brass makes the distinction for every variety of brass. Minimum Properties, Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi, 70,300. The values listed above represent reasonable approximations suitable for general engineering use. Bar. Balance. It is a substitutional alloy: atoms of the two constituents may replace each other within the same crystal structure. Introduction. ALLOYS AND METALS, COPPER, PROPERTIES, PHYSICAL, CU-PB-ZN. 0 980 1795 2 6 C84800 Leaded semired brass 1. Typical uses for red brass are for low-pressure valves, pump housings, impellers and fittings. 005. Fe. C87500 Red Brass Alloy. Chemistry, Copper (Cu), 84 - 86%. Fabrication Properties  21 Apr 2015 Brasses can have varying amounts of zinc or other elements added. 16 May 2017 Types of Brass. Your Engineered Metals Source | Call 800. Red Brass Pipe Alloy 230 otherwise known as alloy UNS No. 0%. Physical Properties  C83400, Red brass (C83400) 20 68 8800 u 0. Basic Pipe Threading Information. The proportions of zinc and copper can vary to create different types of brass alloys with varying mechanical and electrical properties. ALUMINUM AND ALLOYS •. Trim, Corrosion Resistance, Corrosion  We respond to every kind of demands with various kinds and shapes ranging from lead-containing free cutting brass to lead-free (leadless or lead free) cutting brass anticipating ELV and RoHS Physical properties. 20% or less) Independent testing agency Corrosion Behavior studies of Bismuth-Selenium and Bismuth red brass. It may come in bars, fittings, pipes, sheets, strips, tubes and wires and can be coined, etched, formed, pierced,  Properties of Copper Alloys Red Brass, C230 and other related metals. WHITE METALS AND ALLOYS •. 23 Feb 2016 General utility alloys where reasonable strength and non-corrosive properties are demanded. C92200 Navy M  investigated ranging from the pure brass (red brass), 1-10% Al in brass and 1-10%Mn in brass respectively. C83600 - Leaded Red Brass is a member of the Bronze family. Because brass itself has a low melting point and has a greater capacity to 'flow' or act as a liquid when melted, brass is a very easy material to cast with. Sheet. PAGE 5. There are many different types of brass, each with a slightly different chemical composition. Castings, ASTM, B271/B271M, COPPER BASE ALLOY CENTRIFUGAL CASTINGS. Castings, SAE, J462, CAST  Typical uses. COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS •. C23000 is generally known as Red Brass. Unlike other brasses which are yellow in color, red brass has a warm, rich tone. Highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking C230 or Red Brass as it is commonly known is a choice for a wide range of applications. Marine. C230 pipe is used in hot water lines, especially circulating systems, Red Brass: PIPE :: TUBE. PAGE 4. Back to Technical Information : Main Page. ) Posted by: 30th Nov -0001. 05% No; “dirty” doesn't take into account the condition of the brass, it refers to the amount of other material is mixed into the brass and the amount of prep work necessary to ship it. It also creates the need for additional care  C83800 Leaded Red Brass is a member of the Bronze family. 0 u C83600, CA836, Leaded red brass, Ounce Metal, 85-5-5-5, composition metal, 85Cu-5Sn-5Pb-5Zn (C83600) 20 68 8830 u 0. The alloy possess excellent machining ability, good cold forming properties with high resistance to dezincification. Plate. + View Brass Pipe  C23000 Copper Alloys ,CZ102,Red Brass, C230property data includes chemistry,tradenames, specifications,mechanical properties,welding, machining,forming,& fabrication data covers sheet,plate,pipe,tube,bar,wire,round,hexagon,hollow bar,strip,foil,flat bar,forging,and billet. Condenser. Easily buffed or For more information contact Olin Brass Market Development Engineering at 618-258-5255, OlinBrass. Etching Parts, Corrosion Resistance, Corrosion Resistance. It is excellent for cold working, hot working and casting. C83600 (Leaded Red Brass) . It can be  Among cast copper alloys, the composition of C83400 brass is notable for containing comparatively high amounts of nickel (Ni) and lead (Pb). Temper: Annealed (Others Upon Request). C86200 Manganese Bronze. Width: Up to 12 in. - applicable specifications. It contains 85% copper and 5% each of tin, lead and zinc. BRASS ALLOYS. 7 1010 1850 2 6 C84400 Leaded semired brass 2. Available Properties. PAGE 2. Standard specimen preparation methods were employed and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact strength and hardness were carried out using Mosanto tensometer and Izod testing machines. Nickel is used to improve strength (particularly at elevated temperatures) and corrosion resistance. Aviva Metals is here to help with all of your red brass needs, contact us for a quote today! Moderate strength and good retention of spring properties. A study was made of the physical properties of red brass (Cu, 85; Sn, 5; Pb. Cu. Finish: Standard Finishes. About The Alloy. 5;. PAGE 6. Elongation, 5%. Sn. 0 – 86. It has excellent to good corrosion resistance in most environments, but is not suitable for use with certain materials, such as acetic acid, moist ammonia or ammonia compounds, hydrochloric acid and nitric . Cartridge brass  Red Brass Alloy 230. Red Brass Sand Casting. Brass Pipe. Zn, 5), melts of which had been made and poured in an atmosphere of hydrogen, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and air. It is also a particularly strong type of brass. PAGE 3. Seamless. C90300 Tin Bronze. Due to commercial variations in composition and to manufacturing limitations, they should not be used for specification purposes. net. Red brass is also used to produce low cost bearing  Cast bronze has high wear resistance and is used for highly stressed sliding and gear elements. Window Hardware. Ni. Are valves with handles considered dirty brass? 7 May 2014 Brass is used for manufacturing musical instruments as it is a malleable metal with excellent acoustic properties. Thickness: 0. 9888 f 254. Industrial. Copper (Cu):, 85%. Brass can be categorized according to its mechanical properties, crystal structures, chemical composition  Unlike yellow brass, red brass is a much tougher and sturdier alloy. 012 in. It has relatively good wear and cavitation resistance. com or email us at info@olinbrass. As Centrifugal Cast, Castings, AMS, 4855, LEADED RED BRASS CASTINGS, SAND AND CENTRIFUGAL, AS CAST. Among the Copper Zinc Alloys MB15  Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards. It is primarily made up of Copper and Zinc and the proportions in which these are used affects the type of brass alloy produced. Brass can range in color from red to yellow depending on the amount of  C23000 red brass 85% copper – 15% zinc – has very good resistance to corrosion and dezincification. CDA 844, ASTM B505, ASTM B271, Cu83 Sn3 Zn8 Pb6. ASTM B36. ASTM Standards: B-36. 2. Specifications; Mechanical Properties; Composition; Physical Properties; Applications