Please note: ROM Downloads are not available for Verizon Wireless Devices. HTCCN701. BM BM___001. HTC-Nor. So, you're the proud owner of the HTC One M9, but you want to change service providers or are planning to use a different SIM card while travelling internationally. Asia-HK-CHT HTC__622. . The 4. 08. 1? Here you can find the Nandroid Backups: http://forum. com/showthread. Check Out Available countries (carrier) for HTC phones. O2-UK. http://www. wonderhowto. DROIDER CID LIST Droider 1 of 3 Download the latest ROM for your carrier and device below. Please choose the necessary process:  Direct Unlock, SuperCID, S-OFF, S-ON, Reset Tamper Flag, Relock - HTC One SV 520 (K2_U, K2_UL, K2PLC_LC) SuperCID, S-OFF, Repair IMEI, Repair CID, Remove Red txt - HTC ONE S (Ville) Read Unlock Code, CID List, Repair IMEI (phone must be rooted, or is connected in recovery mode. ) Unlock bootrom: Unlocking the bootloader of your HTC smartphone will allow you to flash custom ROMs along with the recovery. HTC__M27. List of HTC One M8 CID and MID CID MID Carrier T-MOB010 0P6B13000 T-Mobile HTC__032 0P6B10000 Europe GOOGL001 0P6B17000 Google Play Edition BS_US002 0P6B12000 Developer edition HTC__023 0P6B11000  Hello there I have a HTC One 32GB international and unlocked. If you couldn't find your CID in the list of files on XDA, you can Google around to find it and follow this tutorial (just be very careful not to flash the wrong one). 21 Nov 2017 - 7 min - Uploaded by GSM HelpfulHow To Get Htc CID, Main-ver, bootloader etc | Hindi - हिंदी Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool : https Tips & Tricks HTC U11. July 14, 2015 | Nick Gray+. com/how-to/c s-0148068/ I even modified the android. You can use this tab as the first step while looking for appropriate software for your device. SuperCID 11111111. Flasea el firmware libre con base 401 os dejo link al hilo de firmwares http://www. 01. modelid: 2PQ910000. With an unlocked bootrom your phone will not be network unlocked. Not just any This CID is Universal / Global because it is not locked to a specifc carrier and compatible with all. Bouygues-Telecom BOUYG201 Brightstar-PTB BSTAR502 Brightstar-SPA BSTAR301 Chunghwa-Taiwan CHT__601 CA_Dave DAVE_001 CA_Videotron VIDEO001 CT HTCCN702 CU HTCCN703 CID LIST. Open-Channel. Alicante ,SPAIN. Haven't tried it myself as I try to stay far away as I can from Sense: http://forum. HIA_AERO_UHL. HTC Europe. If you are unsure what CID to use, here is a great reference list from XDA member MrKongeniality. txt does not match your phone's CID; 10 RU_MODELID_FAIL: MID in android-info. ATT CWS__001. Ich habe mich bei O2 beschwerd das ich die O2 Cid habe, obwohl man sogar per Email sagte das das One als eines der wenigen mit eine Open Market () 26 Dec 2017 A List of Common RUU Errors: 07 RU_CID_FAIL: CID in android-info. com: IR-Key Suit Irkey HTC ONE M7/J S-OFF Repair Flash for HTC Network Imei CID: Cell Phones & Accessories. T-Mobile: T-MOB010 Verizon: VZW__001. CID: ORANG309 / ORANGE-ES Backup CID: ______. sullenly, negative , realistic , #htc , #TeamHTC #HTC10 #HTCU11 , #ferrari , #FCBarcelona #lenovo. 29. 401 update last night,  Reverting back to the stock MID: PN0712000 and CID: BS_US001 is as easy as following the instructions in the first post. CT. 7 Dec 2014 Refer to this list and use the command below to change the CID as appropriate. First decide what is the CID number you want. 3) Una volta ottenute queste informazioni, possiamo procedere al download del materiale, ma prima tramite il CID verifichiamo il nostro operatore(se e' un brand o meno) e la regione di provenienza. S. 6. Download Links:. 401. txt file in  7 Apr 2016 Download HTC One A9 firmware MID: 2PQ911000 CID: HTC__J15. 0 Lollipop based  25 Apr 2015 CID and MID: Carrier ID and Model ID respectively, is what helps HTC to identify which particular carrier or region/country the device was made for. You were looking for 3. HTC-ELL. whiskey103. However select Verizon Wireless devices can be updated using the HTC Sync Manager software. We always receive updates the latest so I decided to make it a UK phone, with MID PN0710000 and CID HTC__001. cidnum: HTC__J15. Professional  16 Feb 2016 RUU files are exe files which are used to flash firmware to HTC phones. HUTCH001. nl/mirrors/TrickDroid_7. S (Ville) : Read Unlock Code, CID List HTC Sensation XL (Runnymade): Change CID, Change IMEI, SuperCID, CID List Soffbin3 Root CID List is Complete For all these things, phone must be rooted  Carrier/Region CustomerID SuperCID 11111111 AirTel-India ???????? HTC_Asia_TW HTC__621 Asia-HK-CHT HTC__622 ATT CWS__001 BM BM___001 Bouygues-Telecom BOUYG201 Brightstar-PTB BSTAR502 Brightstar-SPA BSTAR301 HTC Developer Edition BS_US002 HTC Unlocked Edition BS_US001  Three ways to SIM unlock the HTC One M9. txt file to include BM___001 but it never works. I am in the Middle East so the Model ID was PN0711000 and CID HTC__J15. HTCCN702. MID contains a codename of your device. I only received the 1. In this articles, we present the list of all available firmware categorized by countries, carriers and region codes (CID). Hutch-Australia. It should read "11111111". I was tinkering with it to try to get it working on VZW and got it to work, but I noticed a defect and need to return it to HTC. en niet onbelangrijk ben jij de eerste eigenaar of heb je hem tweedehands gekocht. 27. 0. Bouygues-Telecom BOUYG201 Brightstar-PTB BSTAR502 Comprehensive list of Tax Credit awards from Minnesota Housing. nabby, ссылки на посторонние ресурсы запрещены - устнный пред. O2___102. In that respect, check the list from below before doing anything else and complete all the tasks mentioned there. fastboot devices. xda-developers. ( In bootloader mode you will see your  Basically as the Title says. version of the HTC One M8. Use this forum to  18 Aug 2016 Regardless of the reasoning, unrooting the HTC 10 will get it back to stock and the way it was when it first came out of the box. ORANG001. у вас и так уже есть, для начала для установки кастом прошивок вам нужен Root и Custom recovery. 11 mag 2016 fastboot getvar cid. Does anyone know the MID and CID? Also, if this matters, its the New "Camilla Red" HTC 10. IMEI: 000000-00-000000-0. zoek even op google naar htc cid list en check even welk toestel jij hebt en pas daar de rom en stock recovery op aan. The first is by using fastboot command or via adb shell and a Terminal Emulator app can do. OPTUS001. Goto Bootloader Mode(Here How to). CU. 30 Apr 2016 All Models Supported; All in a Single click; hTC CID List; Reboot Download Mode For New Handsets Like M9,X9; Factory Reset In Fastboot Mode; Write Super CID For S-OFFed handsets; S-ON for S-OFFed Handsets; Read All Info via Fastboot Mode; Firmware Downloading Procedure; Flashing Tutorial  Made for B+W Clear Protection Filters, UV Haze Filters, Käsemann HTC Circular Polarizing Filters & ND Vario Filters; Thin design—ideal for wide-angle lenses down to 17mm with a full frame DSLR; Front thread for additional accessories, snap-in lens cap; Exclusive MRC nano coating for the highest demands. For a list of all the One S CID's see this thread on xda: [Info]HTC One S CID's. zip has 2 main attributes: modelid (MID) and cidnum (CID). Previous HTC Funding Award Recipients. 21-g8f75634 Check the tutorial on the XDA page to chance your CID, Jalil Ahmad Azizian on How to Root HTC One M8! Both HTC One M7 and M8 head over to the M8 threads on XDA find the RUU for the version of the software you Software; TIps & Guides; tried to find a list of it on xda etc but couldn't find one so far. Cambia tu mid fastboot oem writemid 2PS620000 13. Amazon. php?t=1188707 14. Sprint: SPCS_001 HTC Unlocked: BS_US001 HTC Developer Edition: BS_US002. ), Repair CID directly. php?t=1859714. succes. Since I am going from AT&T to T-Mobile, I will be using T-MOB010. ORANGE-SK. However, if you do choose to apply this guide, then note that it can be completed only in certain conditions. txt does not match your phone's MID; 12 SIGNATURE FAIL: phone expects an HTC signature and can't find one; or found a wrong one  just have to relock bootloader. You will need to  For the complete list of my articles on Android devices and software, including analysis of devices and system firmware, lists of external resources and tools, and . Download HTC One A9 RUU (HIA_AERO_TUHL,HIA_AERO_UHL,HIA_AERO_UL,HIA_AERO_W HL). O2___001. Connect your device to your computer and  kozerog вне форума. Bewerkt (27 augustus 2015 11:14) | info toegevoegt. 10 May 2014 The first and most important step is to change your CID to match the carrier you are switching to. HTC Elevate member, HTC preview , tech fan , . ORANGE-UK. WARNING: If your Bootloader or device software has  20 Feb 2013 Once the bootloader screen comes up type [HIGH]fastboot oem readcid[/HIGH] and hit enter. Сообщение от nabby » телефон htc one x+ с s-off и сидом 11111111 (Super CID). Related  This guide is marked as "noob-friendly". The second step before  7. First up, this . Annotatevi queste informazioni. if your cid is =1111111 that's mean you have super cid you can write any rom on your phone,but main-ver should be higher. en ook het model-id moet overeen komen. Die CID ist außerdem das  How to change CID HTC M8. Febr. HTC__Y13. In order to Install OTA you need to change The CID to Super CID or to the CID of your mobile carrier's CID . info. Optus-Australia. Droider. HTC. 1. HTC CID List #list of cids * SuperCID 11111111 * AirTel-India ???????? * Asia-HK-CHT HTC__622 * ATT CWS__001 * BM BM___001 * Bouygues-Telecom BOUYG201 * Brightstar-PTB BSTAR502 * Brightstar-SPA BSTAR301 * Chunghwa-Taiwan CHT__601 * CT HTCCN702 * CU HTCCN703 TMUS T-MOB010 TMD T-MOB101 TMA T-MOB102 TMNL T-MOB003 TMCZ T-MOB004 TMUK T-MOB005 TMHR T-MOB006 TMH T-MOB007 TMSK T-MOB008 Era T-MOB009 TMMK T-MOBL11 VODA-UK VODAP001 VODA-Germany VODAP102 VODA-Italy VODAP405 VODA-SFR VODAP203 10 Nov 2013 HTC Model CID List. CID List. INFOplatform: HBOOT-7230 INFOmodelid: PC1011000 INFOcidnum: HTC__001 INFObattery-status: good INFObattery-voltage: 3825mV INFOpartition-layout:  14 Sep 2016 You can pick and choose the necessary CID from our list (5/A). 2. 3 RUU Zip supports the following MIDs and CIDs if your MID or CID is not in this list you will have to modify the android-info. If you have a One S that is not T-Mobile US, you will need to replace that specific CID instead of "T-MOB010". However, you must first change your CID from HTC__001 (or other European CID you used) to SuperCID: 11111111. AT&T: CWS__001. Any help would be appreciated. 32. You can find a  1 Feb 2015 Every firmware. ORANG006. 20. The next thing you'll need to do is change your cid as per this tutorial here. O2-DE. HTC Fuze from AT&T New Wildfire Orange Spain HTC Hero and Tatoo from Orange UK HTC HD2 from Orange Poland. CID is the carrier software codename. HTC 2018 Round 1 Awards - Board approved October 26, 2017. Thanks. If you purchased the Unlocked or Developer Edition, you're all set … Read More  9 May 2014 Here's how to identify HTC phone's CID and MID, including HTC One M8. 10 HTC 81 HTC Verizon HTC 10, HTC 10 How to identify CID and MID number on HTC phones, including HTC One M8. This should return the device serial number. Moreover, with the Developer Edition HTC One M9, you'll have a bootloader & SIM unlocked the device in  anota tu cid y mid 11. HERE is the list of Mobile carriers and their CID Numbers . Joined February 2010  11 Dec 2017 This CID Number is often printed on the label of every HTC Android devices however, in the case that the label is missing, has wrong CID Number printed due to a change in the phone's covers or faint prints, you can also verify the HTC device(s) CID Num using fastboot commands to be issued from  XDA Developers is the official This is a list of HTC HD2 Android™ Roms/Builds found on the HD2 XDA Developers Android Development and NAND Android Development threads. 12 May 2015 There is no significant difference between the hardware of the carrier locked HTC One M9 and the HTC One M9 Developer Edition apart from the fact that they both carry different CID and software. 2 of 3. 2013, 11:14. For example the "0P6B1000" is the international version of the HTC One M8, while the "0P6B13000" is the T-Mobile U. HTC 2017 Round 2 Awards · HTC 2017 Round 1 Awards · HTC 2016 Round 2 Awards · HTC 2016 Round 1 Awards · HTC 2015 Round 2 Awards. HTCCN703. php?t=1975140  http://htc-one. (6. zip الدمج الآلي للمشاركات المتعاقبة التي لم يكن بينها 24 ساعه --------- هذه المشاركة اضيفت في 11:51 AM ----------- المشاركة السابقة اضيفت في 11:34 AM --------- في ناس تسأل عن cid لجهاز htc oneهنا يوجد كل ماتودون معرفة لمعرفة جهازك لاي دولة. Gain S-Off on your HTC One branded device or else you won't be able to change or modify CID and MID  Hallo. This list is used everywhere and is valid for old BOOT Version: 1. The screenshot below shows a list of candidates for an RUU using the above phone model (m7_ul) as an example. Linux Kernel Version: 2. Flasea el recovery stock si  6 May 2016 BogdanP ☣ · @fixitspain. 0002. HTC__N34. HTC-Turkey. If you have hTC CID list : SuperCID 11111111. Download HTC Sync Manager. 2017 Die CustomerID (kurz CID) ist eine allgemeine Identifikationsnummer bei einem HTC Android Smartphone und gibt Auskunft über die Herkunft oder die "Bestimmung" des Smartphones, ob dieses bei einem Netzbetreiber vermarktet wird oder auf dem freien Markt zu kaufen ist. htcmania. I couldn't flash the zip file without using SuperCID. Cambia tu cid con este comando cmd fastboot oem writecid HTC__001 12. Per il Main-ver: Codice: fastboot getvar all