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com. Super Sap CLR is a clear laminating and coating epoxy resin partially derived from bio-based resources, with a dramatically lowered carbon footprint when compared to traditional epoxy resins. Entropy Super  Entropy high performance surf resin with a 33% carbon footprint savings. It is made of two pieces of 3/32" Macassar Eboney and one 3/32"balsa. 21 Apr 2017 - 5 minThe Underswell's Derek Sabori and Entropy Resin's Adam Fischer came up with the project 56 Items Entropy Resins flagship product Super Sap 100/1000 epoxy resin and hardener has a bio based carbon content of 37%. , is revolutionary for the surfing  Superior strength, excellent adhesion to many surfaces, and industry leading clarity and UV epoxy stability make Super Sap laminating resins the right choice for many projects. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Entropy Resins CLR/CLF product is a clear epoxy resin and  21 Jan 2015 Channel Islands feels so strongly that epoxy-based boards are a big part of the modern surfboard's future that they have recently completed construction of an all-epoxy glass shop on the grounds of their Carpinteria, California, factory. making one full wedge. Their recipe, developed by Entropy Sports of Santa Monica, Calif. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Comments are closed. 10 Jun 2014 I'm going to do my first glassing on a hollow wooden surfboard I made, and I'd like to order some of your Super Sap CLR for that, but I don't know how much I should order. . Because we use optically brightened epoxy resin, boards are whiter and they have longer lasting natural flex pattern. ) Professional Grade Surfboard Epoxy : Sports & Outdoors. Amazon. Entropy's bio-resins will be a big part of that operation. In the production of their resins, Entropy use raw materials which are co-products or waste products from other industial processes. The majority Simply put, a surfboard would not be a surfboard without resin and fiberglass—unless, of course, it was made from wood or plastic. ENTROPY CLR RESIN IS BEST SUITED TO TIMBER SURFBOARD LAMINATION – FOR FOAM SURFBOARDS USE ENTROPY BRT RESIN. All technical information is provided in good faith and is based on Entropy Resins, Inc. When this side is dry,  While we still offer traditional polyurethane glassing we are striving to implement zero volatile organic compound (VOC) resins. [64 ounces resin, 32 ounces hardener]DESCRIPTION: High performance surfboard bio resin for bright white (clear) laminations over EPS (polystyrene) or PU (polyurethane) surfboard foam. Laminating and Coating Tips using Entropy Resins - surfboard. The two-part epoxy system,  This board is a 5'7” x 20” x 2 1/2” EPS Marko recycled foam flax cloth with Entropy bio resin for a greener more environmentally friendly ride. 28 Feb 2017 Full-text (PDF) | A commercially available eco-friendly epoxy resin is proposed as the matrix for a flax fibre composite surfboard. Entropy Super Sap Epoxy Resin Optically brightened version of our CLR system, for white surfboard lamination and hot coating. Based on Entropy Resins classic C. petrochemical-source resins or inorganic fibres. ) Professioal Grade Surfboard Epoxy by Entropy Resins. The use of this resin results in a stronger, tougher, more durable board without any increase in weight. Super Sap BRT (Bright Epoxy) is a clear epoxy formula used with many different manufacturing purposes. 1 SuperSap resin production process sketch (courtesy of Entropy resins Inc. To use expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cores, the matrix must be epoxy as EPS dissolves in the UP resin system, so conventional surfboards are produced with The eco-friendly resin was the Super-Sap CLR/CLS epoxy system produced by Entropy resins Inc. The first side is glued in. best. The link to the full . Sustainable surfboards we often wonder if there will ever be one. 16 Mar 2015 It's glassed with natural hemp cloth from the awesome folk at The Hemporium right here in Cape Town, and glassed with Entropy Super Sap epoxy, a resin that uses a bio-based additive rather than a petroleum-based additive. These pieces were then mitered around a piece of African Zebrawood. During this time, Volcom was hosting the 2016 TCT Global  Any benefits other than the obvious enviromental ones? Cannot find entropy resin where I live. $80. Hardener. This is presented Fig. SUPER SAP CERTIFIED AS BIO_BASED! June 21, 2011; 0 Comment(s). Entropy Resins1735 plays. There is no such thing as a “100% green surfboard”, but using materials like  14 Aug 2008 Lately, though, Dreiling has built a few boards that allow him to breathe easier, using far less toxic pine-oil-based epoxy resin. OUR MISSION With a firm belief that there is no better chemist than Mother  We have just had a huge shipment of Entropy Super Sap BRT epoxy landed in store and online at The Surfboard Studio. com : Entropy Resins Super Sap CLR Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon (128 oz. Recyclamine Demo. 02:18. Entropy Resins' Super Sap ECO resins are co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes. 2). These companies create their products using renewable plant and starch based resources and  4 May 2012 resin, with two hardener speeds, Super Sap® CLF (FAST) Hardener and Super Sap® CLS (SLOW). (Fig. SUPER SAP® BRT Epoxy System is an optically brightened, clear laminating system, designed specifically for ultra white cosmetic applications such as surfboard laminations over EPS (polystyrene) or PU (polyurethane) foam. Offering both epoxy and urethane resins from Entropy Resins, Resin Research and C3D Industries. This is a big step  Compatible with carbon, glass, aramid and natural fibres; Vacuum resin infusion / RTM; Hand-layup; Hot-coating (surfboard building). Shop Entropy Resins Super Sap CLR Epoxy Resin 1 Quart (32 oz. So will 3L be enough for the 3 layers of  18 Jul 2016 jordanmpalmer asked May 27, 2016. Products that not only perform, but also take a crucial step towards lowering Entropy's impact on the environment. Sustainable Resins for Greener Products. ​Laminates and coating have equivalent strength, durability and superior flex properties. Super Sap is optically brightened ensuring your board stays whiter for longer. Can get it shipped but it is about 3 times the cost. Brand Description, Entropy Resins makes thermoset epoxy systems for a new generation of products. Grain Surfboard Laminating Tutorial with Entropy Resins - Part 1 -- A video tutorial on · Measuring and  Surfboard nose block being glued on a "Wall Hanger" gun I built for the owner of Waterman's Guild glass shop. 00 – $854. A video tutorial on wood surfboard laminating using Entropy Resins' Super Sap CLR epoxy resin over a Grain Surfboard. 00. ) The glass/polyester samples were manufactured by hand-lamination (Fig. Product Overview SUPER SAP® BRT Epoxy System is an optically brightened, clear laminating system, designed specifically for ultra white cosmetic applications such as surfboard laminations  Volcom's Ryan Immegart and The Underswell's Derek Sabori create their own fully-customized and sustainable surfboards with Entropy Resins and Shaper Studios. Super Sap CLR is a clear laminating and coating epoxy resin partially derived from bio-based resources, with a dramatically lowered carbon  The #1 Entropy Resin distributor in Canada. To share solutions to combat ocean pollution, we built a surfboard out of 10,000 cigarette butts | Check out 'The Cigarette Surfboard Documentary' on Indiegogo. Glassed with entropy resins supersap bio based epoxy. I see phix. A LOOK INSIDE ENTROPY With a firm belief that there is no better chemist than Mother Nature, Entropy Resins strives to develop material solutions that strike a perfect balance between performance and environmental sustainability. Most surfboards have three resin layers that cover the foam core; the laminate coat, the hot coat, and lastly, the gloss coat. 22 Feb 2014 #SUPERbrand's Jason Koons said Entropy's Super Sap epoxy bioresin is now as good as any resin on the market, and he used it to glass a surfboard at the front of the auditorium. ENTROPY SUPER SAP LAMINATING EPOXY RESIN BRT. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. 27 Nov 2015 Brothers Desi and Rey Banatao started Entropy Resins (Hayward, CA, US), a fairly new entrant in the bio-resins arena, about 10 years ago to develop Earth-friendly materials for surfboards. 31 Aug 2011 Come to Surf Re-Evolution and Meet… Entropy Resins. Clear, strong, UV Stabalized its perfect for surfboard applications. 0 feed. 04:56  This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 2:28 pm and is filed under Products, PureGlass, surfboards, WSL. Ideal for your surfboard fish and your wide tailed short, fat and flat twins. Chip Brushes are used in surfboard factories around the world. Super Sap Epoxy has a amber hue and is suitable for hand lamination of surfboards, wooden boats, and other wood working projects. Entropy Super Sap Clear Laminating Epoxy Resin is a clear, USDA Bio-Preferred SM and Certified environmentally friendly, laminating and coating epoxy Excellent adhesion to many substrates and superior mechanical performance makes Super Sap CLR an ideal epoxy resin for surfboards and surf craft as well as  Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Resins. low color, low yellowing epoxy resin, such as for surfboard lamination and coating. #Sustainable Surf cofounder Kevin Whilden pointed out that “we did not issue gas masks to everyone in this room because  All Treehouse custom surfboards are built using Entropy 'Super Sap' epoxy resin. The company's Super Sap line of thermoset epoxy systems feature bio-based content ranging from 20-40% as  speaking of epoxy resins, anyone try the super sap bio resin epoxy from Entropy Systems that's supposidly USDA certified as a bio product? In the coming months, we will be releasing a more Surfboard specific version of our CLR system, with faster cure times, lower color, and better UV resistance, on par  Entropy Super Sap Casting (CCR) Resin. It has an ideal . High Biocontent Epoxy Casting Resin. Entropy's Super Sap line of epoxy resin products cover a wide range of  24 Jul 2012 Entropy's “Super Sap” Epoxy Resin (as with other petroleum based epoxy resins) is non-toxic, makes a stronger, longer lasting surfboard, and it can be used to glass any kind of blank. Additionally, the “bio-based” content of the 'Super Sap' resin significantly cuts the carbon footprint of this resin, which can  Grain Surfboard Laminating Tutorial Entropy Resins - A video tutorial on wood surfboard laminating using Entropy Resins' Super Sap CLR epoxy resin over a Grain Surfboard. Most of our surfboards are manufactured using polyurethane foam and epoxy resin. As well as its unique formulation, SuperSap CLV also boasts all of the outstanding characteristics which have made Entropy Resins' SuperSap  SUPER SAP® CLR SYSTEM is composed of Super Sap® CLR Epoxy, a modified, clear liquid epoxy resin, with three hardener speeds, Super Sap® CLF (FAST) Hardener and Super Sap® CLS (SLOW) Hardener and our new surfboard specific laminating system Super Sap® CLX (EXTRA FAST) Hardener. As opposed to  Bio-based CLR Clear Resin is the base component of Entropy Super Sap Clear All Purpose Epoxy, a low viscosity, low color and UV stable liquid epoxy system for composites, coatings, and adhesive applications. Words by Entropy Resins' Adam FischerIDEAThe idea of creating Mindful Makings came about from The Underswell's Derek Sabori and me sitting down and talking about sustainability and how we can help spread the message, especially in the surf industry. I see the obvious one for white boards, but I'm not positive if I'm going to dye it or not so was just wondering what is the best resin to buy? Also wondering if there is a different resin for the “hot coat”? Any help would be appreciated as im attempting to shape my first board  With SuperSap (BRT, CLR, ONE) you can build modern high performance Surfboards. Surfers and Shapers are giving us extremely positive reports of how these materials perform when surfing and shaping (in the shaping process and  15 Mar 2012 - 10 min - Uploaded by EntropyResinsA video tutorial on wood surfboard laminating using Entropy Resins' Super Sap CLR epoxy 16 Feb 2013 - 7 min - Uploaded by EntropyResinsA video tutorial on wood surfboard laminating and hot coating using Entropy Resins' Super Website, entropyresins. Founder of Entropy Resin Shares Some Knowledge. CONTAINS: 96 ounces of epoxy bio-resin. The GoTo Keels are a well-rounded template designed to be your go-to performance keels. By combining, the used chip brush handles, excess resin used during board lamination, and scrap fiberglass cloth, beautiful, functional surfboard fins, are created. Entropy Resins is pleased to announce that its Super Sap® 100/1000 System has been certified as a USDA (United States Department of … SUPER SAP® BRT (BRIGHT) by ENTROPY RESINS. The board is a 6'3″ fish and I'm going to laminate with 6oz E-glass (2 on deck, 1 on bottom). Handling and Mixing Tutorial for Entropy Resins - epoxy. Versatile, low viscosity, liquid epoxy resin system for casting resin and coating and embedding applications. Obviously, using non-renewable, non-recycled or even non-recyclable materials gets you nowhere near it - even our choice to use sustainably harvested local woods doesn't get us  Entropy Resin. Your source for environmentally friendly epoxy resins for eco-friendly custom surfboards, art, jewelry, and more. Rarely reused, they end up in the trash. Handling and Mixing Tutorial for Entropy Resins · Entropy Resins2161 plays. Those new boards also substitute hemp cloth for some of the fiberglass in the shell


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